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Best 10 Music Websites That Are Unblocked

unblocked music sitesMusic has been part of our daily activities. Whether you are working or commuting to work, it is most likely you will put your headset on to kill time while waiting on the bus. And these days, streaming is accessible over the web for free. Indeed there are tons of music streaming sites you can utilize lately. However, not all provide legitimate service. Some are falsely advertised and worse will infect your computer with malware. Thereupon, it is recommended to visit sites that will guarantee the service and your computer's security. Subsequently, we have written some of the best unblocked music sites that you can visit.

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GrooveShark is the first recommended unblocked music site, where you can quickly search your favorite songs and discover a new playlist. The site is very straight forward, and it has a clean interface. You will not see any pieces displayed on the webpage. To see the list of songs, you have to directly search for the name of the song using the search bar located at the upper right side of the webpage. Enter the title and click the magnifying glass. From there, you will see a list of albums related to the keyword you have written. Since this site is open-source, you can import your own playlist for the community to see it and use it also.

grooveshark main interface


Playlistsound is a music website unblocked for you to stream thousands of songs. Whether you are looking for songs that can be used professionally, academically, or for personally, this site is really recommended. From the main interface, you have to search for a song to see the player and see the actual page where you see playlists similar to the keyword entered. You can also create your playlist to share it with the community. The player interface is similar to Spotify. It is classy and organized. The songs are aligned by numbers from Top results to albums to list of songs. On the other hand, there are also such categories on the left side of the interface. You will find the most popular albums, Genre, Popular tracks, New released, Plans, and pricing. Although streaming is free, you can also sign-up for a premium account.

the playlistsound interface


Jamendo is also another free music site unblocked and home to over 500,00 songs from thousands of artists all over the Globe. This community promotes equality for aspiring and professional singers and songwriters. You just have to sign-up to be able to share your masterpiece and get listened to by your international audience. Aside from being able to stream, listen, and download music, there is also a publication of each song organized in the tile when you scroll down. If you are just going to stream songs, you do not need to register nor pay. Just visit the official website and click "To start" under "Jamendo Music". From there it will lead you to the suggested songs to listen to. On the other hand, Playlistsounds player is better than Jamendo.

jamendo site


Compared to the first three sites reviewed, that depends on the algorithm, (that's why you can't skip songs within a playlist) AccuRadio made it easier for you to stream music, listen to radio and stream podcast. You will see a list of Genres arranged alphabetically located on the web page's left side on a positive note. Aside from that, Today's feature section will bring you the latest Podcast and Radio channels and a list of five-star radio channels. However, you might find the webpage a little overwhelming because there are many ads on the screen. Well, this is pretty normal to free websites.



Tune in to your favorite music, podcast, and news with this site. Stay informed where ever you are and whatever you do. Just plug your headset on and stay tuned with CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Radio BBC, and NPR stations. Also, you can find yourself having fun listening to exclusive music from all over the world. You can get the full list of music, channels when you visit the official website. Aside from that, this is also an app that works on Windows, Android, and iPhone. If you choose to use the webpage to listen to, just click on "Listen now" to stat streaming and seeing playlist created by others.


Soundzabound a little different from the sites mentioned above. Instead of listing the songs on the page, you have to click the screen drop-down menu. Complete the category, the speed, and type the title of the song the hit on search. Also, they are selling songs per volume. Depending on the Genre, music files are compiled per volume. Each work will cost you $99. Instead of signing up for a premium account and pay your monthly dues, you have the option to buy Volume 1-10. Each volume contains a compilation of songs per category. Example: Volume 1 is for Background, Animation themes, New Age, etc. So you have to choose which one is suitable for you.



Giving a little diversity to the list of unblocked music sites for school and others, we are giving you Saavn. This site is a compilation of Indian songs in cooperation with MI. As soon as you landed on the web-page, you will see tiles of a song with a photo of the single and basic information when it was released. Also, as you click the tile, you will see the player, and what even better? The lyrics are written along with the information about the singers and the album release information



If you need to appreciate the tune in your leisure time, then go for Hulkshare music. This site is an excellent unblocked music streaming site. This site allows you to get the music you can save on your phone without paying for anything. Last yet not least, Hulkshare permits you to share your number one music records with your companions. You can enlighten your amigos concerning the most recent hits. There is a likelihood that Hulkshare's information base doesn't have a few melodies while you have.


Google Play Music

This is probably the most familiar site for you. As we all know, Google services in infused in every Android device. So you must have seen this app on your phone. it is a built-in music player you can use anytime as long as you have an internet connection with you. Also, this app compiled songs that are in your storage. Google music organizes them and serves as a player for them. Do you also know you can access it online? Oh yes! There is no limit to using it and no sign-up needs.



Finally, we have Soundcloud as one of the freest sites and guaranteed to have unblocked songs sites. This is not only a music archive but a home for aspiring singers, composers, music and podcast lovers. Although it is a site that requires log-in, it is worth the hassle. It was very easy to log-in and register, so it won't take you long to register anyway. There's so much you can do on this site; you can listen to music without being limited, listen to the podcast to many channels available, and upload your music! yes, you can share your music and be heard by millions around the world.


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