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Top 5 SoundCloud Downloader Chrome Extension

soundcloud downloader chromeSoundCloud is a platform that allows you to listen to free music. It is an audio streaming and distribution platform that allows users to publish, stream, promote, and share music and podcasts. This platform was established in the year 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. SoundCloud's interactive nature enables producers, from musicians to podcasters, to engage with listeners and followers via its different sharing tools. SoundCloud features songs from rising musicians worldwide. So, if you are into music discovery, it is worth a look. Besides, streaming music on SoundCloud is completely free, and you do not even need to create an account. Nevertheless, to enjoy unlimited tracks for offline listening and free from ads, you must have subscribed to its premium version SoundCloud Go, which starts at $4.99 monthly. However, not all tracks are downloadable. For that reason, we made this post possible for you. Here, we gathered the best SoundCloud music downloader Chrome extensions that can help you grab your favorite music from the platform. So, let us start to know them by reading below.

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Best 5 SoundCloud to MP3 Chrome Extension

1. AddonCrop

User Friendliness: This tool provides several video quality parameters, formats, and conversion bitrates to choose from.
Compatible Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and UC Browser.
Available Language: English.

A new plugin made by AddonCrop enables users to download and save SoundCloud songs instantly. While browsing, you can download a whole playlist from Soundcloud. If you wish to download numerous tracks simultaneously, AddonCrop is the most significant web browser extension you can have aside from that. Also, it lets you manage download queues so that you do not have to wait for one track to finish downloading before starting another. All the downloads are saved as an MP3 file and contain a High Bit-rate, like 320 kbps. Moreover, AddonCrop automatically downloads songs with ID3 tags, which can be time-saving in organizing your playlist as it includes the song information such as the title of the song, artist, album, and more information.

soundcloud downloader chrome addoncrop interface

2. SoundCloud Download

User Friendliness: It takes only a few seconds to start the downloading process from SoundCloud.
Compatible Browsers: Google Chrome only.
Available Language: English.

SoundCloud Download is an extension dedicated to listen to free music online for everyone. It adds the functionality from the browser to download music tracks from SoundCloud. Like other extensions available on the internet, this one is also embedded in the music player interface. Aside from that, it allows users to download songs at reasonable quality, ranging from medium quality bitrate up to the highest level bitrate supported by the MP3 standard. Interestingly, this SoundCloud downloader Chrome extension allows users to download music from the SoundCloud website online for free. Users can download those music tracks that are allowed by publishers. Other features include downloading music tracks in a playlist, saving song cover art images, and allowing users to add metadata such as song title and art cover.

soundcloud downloader chrome sc download interface

3. SoundCloud to MP3

User Friendliness: It takes a while for the plugin to initialize a download link. But, can download audio tracks at a reasonable speed.
Compatible Browsers: This plugin is compatible with most web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more.
Available Language: English and Deutsch.

SoundCloud to Mp3 is another web browser extension that provides a service to download SoundCloud audio tracks. The cool thing about this simple SoundCloud to MP3 Chrome extension is that it allows saving SoundCloud playlists at once. Aside from that, it enables you to convert audio files to MP3 in 128kbps quality format. To use this web extension, you do not need to be a SoundCloud subscriber. You can discover any downloadable track or playlist, then use this extension to get it downloaded all for free. It does not contain any annoying advertisements and does not even ask users to sign up just to be able to access the extension. Moreover, it has a preview option that you can use before downloading the audio track on your computer.

soundcloud downloader chrome sctomp3 interface

4. SoundCloud Downloader

User Friendliness: This add-on prevents reposts/playlists in your 'Stream' feed, ensuring that you do not miss out on authentic new music from artists you follow!
Compatible Browsers: It can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers.
Available Language: English.

Another chrome extension that is worth including in the list is SoundCloud Downloader that has over 10,000+ users. This plugin provides the user with the quickest way of downloading music from SoundCloud. With the click of a button, you can effortlessly download tunes from SoundCloud. Like the other add-ons, this one does not also use any third-party services to execute the download. It relies only on SoundCloud's APIs. When you click the generated "Download" button, it will complete the following metadata fields: Title, Artists, Album, and Artwork. Furthermore, if the song is downloaded as part of an album, the plugin will also assign a tracking number.

soundcloud downloader chrome sc downloader interface

5. Soundloud

User Friendliness: It will redirect you to its official web-based app to download the audio track from SoundCloud.
Compatible Browsers: Google chrome only.
Available Language: English, Italiano, Deutsch, and more.

Want more SoundCloud to MP3 Chrome extension? You can have Soundloud. This web chrome extension is a simple SoundCloud downloader that allows you to save Soundcloud tracks and playlists to your computer, mobile, or tablet. It permits users to search, convert, and download audio tracks in high-quality MP3 format. Like the other extensions listed here, Soundloud can also download multiple tracks or playlists at once. According to the developer, the tool was designed as simple as possible so that users do not have to face any trouble while downloading music from SoundCloud tracks. Moreover, no subscription nor registration is needed just to be able to use this extension. It is all for free! You can download audio tracks from SoundCloud as many as you want without limitations.

soundcloud downloader chrome soundloud interface

Comparison Chart of the SoundCloud Downloader

Tools Batch Download Ease of Use File Size
AddonCrop Available 8/10 168KiB
SoundCloud Download Not Available 7/10 1.15MiB
SoundCloud to MP3 Not Available 7/10 88.96KiB
SoundCloud Downloader Not Available 8/10 62.93KiB
Soundloud Available 8/10 197KiB

Bonus Tip: Professional SoundCloud Downloader

User Friendliness: This program has a built-in player that users can use to play the music directly without any third-party audio player.
System Compatibility: Windows and Mac.
Available Language: English, Italiano, Deutsch, Portugues, and more.

If you do not want to rely on Chrome extensions, you should switch to a desktop program to unlock more download features. That being said, we present one of the best SoundCloud downloaders, which is AceThinker Music Keeper. This tool is a top-rated desktop software that will meet all your music preferences and demands. With this tool, you can save audio tracks from thousands of music-streaming sites, including SoundCloud, VEVO, Bandcamp, and Jamendo. Are you concerned about the download speed? Worry no more! Music Keeper has effectively used multi-threading technology to boost downloading performance 3x faster than any other tool. Given that, you can download music in minutes and listen to it offline. To know how to use this tool, we provided you with steps below that you can follow.

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Step 1 Install the SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

First of all, hit one of the download buttons right above. The tool is available on both Windows and Mac, so make sure to download the correct version according to your computer system. Proceed with the installation process after you have got the installer, which will take a few minutes. Once installed successfully, run it, and you will see the tool's interface as below.

soundcloud downloader chrome mk step1

Step 2 Stream on SoundCloud Using the Built-in Browser

From the main tool interface, you are able to see all of its supported music-streaming sites. Click the SoundCloud icon to navigate to its respective webpage. Once on the site, please search for the music you want to download and play it. While the audio track is playing, click the download icon that will appear right beside the audio player.

soundcloud downloader chrome mk step2

Step 3 Choose Preferred Quality to Download the Music

Once you have clicked the download icon, the tool will give you a list of quality formats for the SoundCloud music. Select the download quality format that you prefer by toggling the radio button next to it. Then, hit the blue "Download" button to start downloading the music from SoundCloud. You can check the download progress by navigating on the "Downloading" panel.

soundcloud downloader chrome mk step3

Step 4 Play the Downloaded SoundCloud Music

Once the download progress reaches 100%, the audio will automatically fall into the "Downloaded" panel. So, to see the downloaded music, go from "Music" under the "Downloaded" panel. Finally, play the music. You can either right-click the file name and select "Play Music" or simply double-click on the file's name. The music will play immediately from the program's built-in audio player.

soundcloud downloader chrome mk step4

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