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Best Musical Key Finders to Find the Key of a Song Online

key finders feature Suppose you are an audiophile who likes making songs mixing multiple sounds into one. In that case, you should find a specific key and apply it to your music. You don't want you to be out of tune when mixing songs. Those music pieces must be on the same key and blend seamlessly to produce pleasant sound output. In fact, assessing a music's key is challenging, especially for beginners. That is why they need to use reliable song key recognition software to find the key of a song finder they want. That said, we have looked all over the net for the best song key finder online and software that can help music producers, DJs, and songwriters that we listed below.

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Review of the Most Excellent Song Key Finder Tools

1. Mixed in Key

Price: $58 for its Studio Edition.
Trial limit: It has no trial version.
System OS: Windows and Mac.

Mixed in key website is a famous software that most DJ and music producers use to quickly find the song. This tool would help you clean your recorded files if they captured unwanted sounds when recording. This tool can also help you get the best part of a song and mix them with other pieces to create mashup music. You can open the music that you want to find the key on this website. By clicking the "Start" button, it will automatically analyze the music.

key finders mixed

2. GetSongkey

Price: Free
limit: None
System OS: Windows, Mac, All web browser.

GetSongkey helps musicians, DJs, songwriters, and producers to find the key of a song quickly. It can identify millions of song keys from different mainstream artists around the world. You can also find on its website the most analyzed pieces from other users. Also, you can link your Spotify account on this tool to find the key to your playlist. Besides, it has a list of the best hits where most searched songs are shown.

key finders getsongkey

3. Traktor DJ software

Price: $99 for its Tracktor 3 full version.
Trial limit: You can only use the Tracktor DJ 2 version.
System OS: Windows and iPad.

Traktor DJ software is an app from Native Instruments that can help you get a song's key. It can not only find the key of a song, but you can also use this video for making your first mix music. It can merge multiple pieces of sound and create a new one. As you open this app, you will see its interface as a combination of audio and equalizer. You can tweak the volume or the tempo of that song that you are playing.

key finders tracktor

4. Audio Keychain

Price: Free
Trial limit: None
System OS: Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Firefox.

Audio Keychain is a simple and yet robust song key finder online. You can drag and drop a track to analyze to upload it on the online song key finder. In fact, Audio Keychain has a list of the latest keyed tracks on its homepage. They are making it easier for users to look for the song that they want to trace. Besides, this website is an excellent database for DJ and songwriters that want to find a song's key for free.

key finders audiokeychain

5. Tunebat

Price: Free
Trial limit: No free trial limit
System OS: Windows, Mac, All web browsers.

Tunebat is a perfect resource for songwriters and DJs who need to trace a key from a song they want to play. It has a database of 40million + songs to discover each of their note. Also, it has a list of the top 100 songs that people most frequently searched and analyzed. Another good thing about this website is you can play the songs and connect your Spotify account to find key to song.

key finders tunebat

6. Beatport

Price: $29.99 for its PRO version.
Trial limit: You can only use this tool for only 30 days.
System OS: Windows and Mac

Beatport is a website that consists of much electronic music and beat that be a useful tool for DJ. It is an excellent resource for music producers because they can already find the key of the month's recently released songs. It also has a vast community of DJs that talk about the music they are using when mixing a song. That is why this online tool is listed as one of the best song key finder tools online. You can also use variety of tools to download Beatport music.

key finders beatport

7. Music Theory Site

Price: $2.99 for its full version.
Trial limit: No free trial version.
System OS: iPhone and iPad

You can find the key of a song by using the ShowScale. You can easily select the notes of the piano, and it will identify the key automatically. This website will show you the possible scale that a song can have as you choose a note. It feels like you are playing piano when you are identifying the key of a song. You can also download its MIDI Packs software on Windows PC to produce music by merging multiple-piece into one song track.

key finders music

8. Scale Finder

Price: Free
Trial limit: None
System OS: Windows, Mac, and web browsers.

This music Scale Finder can help you find the key of a song online easily. You can enter the notes or chord, and it will find the compatible key automatically. It allows you to put three keys and notes altogether to find the correct one for the song. This tool is made to listen to the song and find its matching key and scales based on a song's notes. Along with a better knowledge of music theory, you can compose many songs in no time with this tool.

key finders scale

Comparison of each tool

Product Number of supported DJ Number of supported songs Can you play a song with this tool?
Mixed in Key Estimated over 100,000 artists 4,000,000+ Yes, you can listen to the song you are trying to analyze
GetSongkey 227,239 6,729,551 Yes, since it can connect to Spotify
Traktor DJ software 50,000 1,000,000+ Yes, it can act as a DJ mixer
Audio Key Chain None None No, it only focuses on finding the key of a song
Product Number of supported DJ Number of supported songs Can you play a song with this tool?
Tunebat 200,000+ 40,000,000+ Yes, it can play a song
BeatPort 465,000 11,000,000+ Yes, it has an audio playback
Music Theory Site None None Yes, you can play its virtual piano
Scale Finder None None No, it can only find you the scale of a song
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