The Best 6 Sites to Download Foreign Music Online for Free

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feature sites to download foreign musicIn the year 1990 when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. Since then people have started exploring and utilizing the net. It eases the workflow of people around the world. Because they find it helpful in many ways. That is why artists used it as a marketplace where they can sell their masterpieces such as videos, images, books, music like foreign songs to download sites. We listed 6 sites from the best of the best sites where it allows you to download music any time and anywhere you want. Listening to music without using the internet feels like heaven to all music lovers especially if the song is performed or sung by their favorite artists.

Best 6 Sites to Download Latest Foreign Music

1. MP3 Juice Downloader

Trial Limit:Downloads 128kbps MP3
User Friendly:Comprehensive, copy the URL and paste it to analyze the file quickly.

MP3 Juice Downloader isn't just a simple 320kbps songs download site but it has a straightforward interface where you can download songs from many popular websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Tiktok, Jamendo and etc. You can get your music all done and completely downloaded with just a few clicks. Most importantly MP3 Juice Downloader is totally free with no viruses.

Step 1 Open Tool

Firstly, visit the online music downloader website to download foreign music. It is a free tool no registration is needed to save your music on your device. You can see its’ straightforward interface right away. MP3 Juice Downloader is the best site to download foreign music.

mp3juice downloader interface

Step 2 Copy and Paste Link

Copy the URL of the music or song you want to download on your device and paste it to the input field or you can also enter the title of the song, artist name, etc. to find the link. It is as easy as you can have your music downloaded.

websites to keep foreign music mjd step2

Step 3 Download

Lastly, tick on the download button, select the song you want to download in the queue. After that, you can listen to your song any time and anywhere you want. Use MP3Juice Downloader whenever you want to download foreign and local music.

websites to save foreign music mjd step3

We also prepared a downloadable tool Acethinker Aqua Tune, is the advance solution to MP3Juice Downloader, where you can also enjoy its' features including downloading, converting videos and music in high quality. Because of its' wide range of sources such as popular websites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, DailyMotion, Tiktok, and more users are really happy because it helps them make amazing content that can be shared on their social media.

Try it for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

2. LoudTronix

Trial Limit:None
User Friendly:You can download right after logging in.

LoudTronix is also one of the top places to download foreign music that allows YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter music downloaded into MP3 format. Register before downloading is required to download international music that just with the 3 websites mentioned above but also with: Adfty, Adifni, and many more. It can be used on both computers and mobile phones.

websites to download foreign music loudtronix


  • Lets’ you stream on your browser.
  • When converting videos the CPU will support you with conversion.

  • At first use, it is confusing because its’ interface is complicated.


Trial Limit:None
User Friendly:With just a few easy clicks you can begin to download music. is also one of the websites to download foreign songs. This site is popular with music lovers because of its fast and easy downloading process. This website has a wide range of sources including PromoDj, VK, Soundcloud, Yandex, 4shared, and more. You can download songs without logging in to a 100% free site. It supports producing high-quality audio where you can use them for any kind of situation like relaxing while listening to your downloaded songs without limit.

websites to download foreign songs mp3juices


  • Shows you the list of similar songs on the query.
  • Fast and straightforward interface.

  • It only has 7 sources for searching music.

4. Free MP3/MP4 Downloads

Trial Limit:None
User Friendly:Straightforward interface, fast and easy downloading.

Free MP3/MP4 Downloads will let you download music for free and unlimited not just for downloading but also for conversions. You can never go wrong with this site that supported almost all top sites to save foreign songs. Just copying the URL of the music or video will convert it and download it for you. Lets’ you save it to the folder you want on your device.

sites to download foreign-music freemp3downloads


  • You can easily find your music by entering the artist’s name or the title of the song.
  • Has a wide range of sources from popular websites.

  • Doesn’t have the preview of the song before downloading.

5. BeeMP3

Trial Limit:None
User Friendly:You can utilize every privilege the website has without paying anything, including saving all the songs that you like.

Also, one of the top sites to save foreign music online is the BeeMP3 where you can listen, download music for free with just a few simple clicks. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can access this site to any kind of browsers you have on your device like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and other latest web browsers.

platform to download foreign music beemp3


  • You can view the artists’ biography.
  • It allows you to share your comment on the page of the artist.

  • Doesn’t have an appealing interface.

6. Jamendo

Trial Limit:It is not advisable to use it for commercial purposes.
User Friendly:Clicking the “Download” button to the right to download it easily.

Jamendo isn’t just for streaming music but it also has foreign songs to download. With its’ organized interface music lovers consider Jamendo as one of the most amazing sites to download foreign songs that you can always share with your friends with the same interest in music choice or genre. You can access and stream its’ free songs by logging in to their site for more music option.

sites to save foreign music jamendo


  • You can share music on social media platforms including; Facebook, Twitter, or Vk.
  • It has lots of underrated songs from artists internationally.

  • A license is needed to get a high-quality audio file.

Comparisons of Platforms to Download Foreign Music

Product Is it really a free and safe MP3 downloader? Does it require the user to register before downloading? Supported Audio Formats
MP3Juice Downloader 100% free and safe downloading. No MP3
LoudTronix Yes, you can download MP3 files as you like. Yes MP3, MP4 It is safe to use and download MP3 with no limit. No MP3
Free MP3/MP4 Downloader This site allows you to save MP3 files and is safe to use. No MP3, MP4
BeeMP3 Yes, it is free and safe to utilize. No MP3
Jamendo This site is totally free to use. Yes MP3

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