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Best 5 Similar Music Finder to Find Similar Songs

Find Similar SongsThere are times wherein while we are walking to the park, mall, salon, or even markets, we suddenly realize that we are humming along to the music playing through the speakers. With that, we take out our small devices to find the song using various similar song finders. However, there are instances where our software or website is unable to recognize the song, leaving us to wonder what song it was for the rest of our lives. To figure out what song it is, we'll need the best music recognition app or website to find similar songs available. In only a few seconds of listening to a song, the five best similar song finders in this article will provide you songs that sound alike finder.

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Best 5 Similar Song Finders to Find Similar Songs

1. Spotalike

Price: Free
OS Supported: Windows and Mobile Devices

Spotalike is a similar music finder app that can find similar songs to a given favorite song track. Users can enter their music song desire, then wait a few moments, and it will serve up a Spotify playlist of similar songs that they can enjoy. The software does great service at identifying related songs; the only issue is that the album you enter must be well-known for it to be found.

similar song finder spotalike

Extra Tip: You can directly add the song to your Spotify playlist by clicking “Add to Spotify” on its homepage.

2. Shazam

Price: It has free trial but also has subscription for $3
OS Supported: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices

One of the most widely used music recognition apps is Shazam. It's jam-packed with tools to help you recognize music you hear and find new bands you may not have heard of otherwise. The Country & City Charts make finding music from all over the world easy. You can also ask Shazam to start playing music and then just groove out to the mix it makes. Shazam has two modes for naming songs. The first is perhaps the most recognizable to you: tap to name the song. The other mode, Auto-Shazam, is even more intriguing. It allows users to capture songs automatically. To activate Auto-Shazam, you long-press the button rather than tapping it.

similar song finder shazam

Extra Tip: Shazam will also create a playlist for you based on the songs you've previously found.

3. Tunebat

Price: Free
OS Supported: Windows, iOS, Mobile Devices

Tunebat is another song finder you can try. DJs, producers, and music fans can use the site to look up song information such as key and BPM. It can also be used to identify songs that are similar to each other. Users can type the name of their favorite songs, album, or even artists to locate songs. Then, select the song from the list of results. Users can then access information such as main, length, and BPM. The provided results are some music suggestions that are close to the one you're listening to.

similar song finder tunebat

Extra Tip: Tunebat also provides 100 tracks for the users to listen to.

4. Samethattune

Price: Free
OS Supported: Windows, iOS, Mobile Devices

Samethattune can find similar songs based on sound as the URL suggests. On the homepage, there is a list of songs that are close to each other. You can also make your music comparisons by browsing and searching through thousands of side-by-side song comparisons. To find a similar song, type your favorite song into the blank search area, and it will show you the results. Upon clicking the song, this website will show you its genre and song similarities.

similar song finder samethattune

Extra Tip: Users can also click the second URL to see the similar song.


Price: Free
OS Supported: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices offers excellent listening, viewing, and sharing features in addition to allowing you to download your favorite songs for free. What sets different from other platforms is that it tries to figure out what you want by listening to songs. Long before other platforms appeared, the website was a common social network for music fans. After signing up, you can make your own user profile and chat with friends or listen to your weekly musical "neighbors." More so, fans of adore the functionality of the chart. There are also several various lists to choose from, including Top Tracks, Top Artists, Top Albums, Weekly Top Artists, and Weekly Top Tracks, which you can access at any time.

similar song finder

Extra Tip: Each week, produces comprehensive charts and stats based on customer preferences.

Tips to Download Online Songs to MP3

Price: Free to install and use but it also offers premium plans: Personal - Lifetime for $35.95, Personal - 1 Year for $25.95, Personal - 1 Month for $9.95, and Family License - Lifetime for $71.90.

AceThinker Music Keeper is an MP3 downloader that provides access to a wide range of musical choices. Users can stream songs in 320k, 192k, and 128k audio resolution. AceThinker Music Keeper allows users to locate music free to download by entering the song title, artist, and album in the search bar. They can also copy the song URL and paste it to the search bar; Music Keeper will then locate the song. Users can also stream MP4-formatted music videos with video resolution ranging from 240p to 1080p.

Key Features:

  • Provide audio quality for up to 320kbps.
  • Provide video quality for up to 1080p.
  • Multiple songs/files can be downloaded.
  • Clean and well-organized interface.

Step 1 Install the Music Downloader

First, download and install AceThinker Music Keeper on your computer. If the program has been downloaded, run it by following the on-screen instructions to install the software. After that, open it and examine the user interface.

Try it for Free

mk interface step1

Step 2 Copy the Song URL or Enter the Song Title

After that, go to YouTube and choose the song you want to download. Then copy the song URL from the site's address bar. When you're done, go to Music Keeper and paste it into the search bar to find the song. You can also type the title of the song then enter it to locate it.

mk interface step2

Step 3 Choose the Audio Format

If you want to choose the song’s audio format, hit the “more” button. Once done, download the song by clicking the download button below.

mk interface step3

Step 4 Play the Song

At last, find the downloaded album in the “downloaded” column in the left corner of the Music Keeper home page. Then, to play the music you downloaded.

mk interface step4

Comparison Chart

Tools Ads? Song Genres Available Downloadable? Has Top Tracks Available?
Spotalike None Jazz, Classical, Hip-hop, Indie, Rap, RNB, etc. No N/A
Shazam Tolerable RNB, Classical, Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk, Acoustic, 80’s, etc. Yes Yes
Tunebat Tolerable Indie, Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc. No Yes
Samethattune None Blues, Country, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Classical, Rock, Rap, etc. No N/A Tolerable Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz, Reggae, Punk, 80’s, Hardcore, etc. No Yes
AceThinker Music Keeper None All Yes N/A
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Last updated on October 29, 2021

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