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Top 7 Best Torrent Sites for Music That You Will Love

best torrent site for musicWhen you are looking for new music, music torrent sites can provide you with whatever songs you need. Especially nowadays, singers and songwriters are continually releasing new albums and digital singles. Every music enthusiast needs to keep up with them. Free music torrenting websites enable users to do so. These websites are a central hub where any user can find the music he needs. No matter the genre and style of his preference, the MP3 torrenting sites can provide him with every new song in the charts. Furthermore, these sites are not limited to just one country, making it easy to find international music. For this reason, more and more users prefer to download their music from these sources. This article will find a list of the best music torrent sites to find and download music for free.

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The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular and most used free music torrenting sites. On this website, you can find both the new and old music you were looking for. Moreover, there are torrent files that let you download full discographies. Also, even bootlegs so that you can listen to everything that your favorite singer has put out. The only thing you need to do to download the songs you want is to type the title and the artist's name on the search bar. However, if you are not looking for something specific, you can also browse the Top 100 torrents and discover new artists. Because The Pirate Bay is easy to use and it has a great library of songs, for many, it is the best torrent site for music.



1337x is among the best music torrenting websites for a good reason. This website provides you with new torrents every day for all of the latest tracks on the charts with many users. Another benefit of the vast number of users is that your floods will always have enough seeds, a thing that guarantees quick downloading. 1337x is a torrenting website where you can find music and movies, applications, television series, and even Japanese anime. For this reason, people from all around the world are visiting it daily to get every new release that becomes available. When it comes to music, you will find the latest releases in every genre.



Torlock is yet another website well-known as the best place to torrent music. Like most of these websites, you can find a great range of songs and genres and tracks from countries worldwide. On Torlock, you can browse all of the latest torrents, read some torrenting news, and even browse the Top 100 torrents for every category. This website features a great selection of music, movies, games, software, televisions series, anime, e-books, and audiobooks. Thus, you can get what you want in a matter of minutes since every torrent has plenty of seeds. In addition to these features, you can also create an account on Torlock that enables you to upload your library and leave comments.



Soundpark is probably the best torrent site for music in MP3 and FLAC formats. This website is dedicated only to downloading music. For this reason, the selection of tracks is the greatest compared to the rest of the similar websites. Furthermore, Soundpark offers you music both in MP3 and on lossless audio formats, like FLAC. Therefore, if you are a music lover, you can listen to your favorite tracks at the highest quality. Another great advantage of Soundpark is that it is updated daily with all of the latest releases, no matter the genre or country. You can also find some music videos and concerts on this website, making it the best place for every user to expand his music knowledge.



Torrent9 is the best place to torrent music from France. This website is dedicated to music to find French movies, tv-series, games, applications, software, and even e-books. Therefore, if you are a French native speaker or trying to perfect this language, you can find plenty of resources on Torrent9 to listen to it. To search this website, you only need to type the title of the song or name of the artist you are looking for. Moreover, you can click on the Music tab that will show you the latest audio uploads. However, Torrent9 doesn't offer you registration, so you can't log in and leave comments. Moreover, the menu is in French, and you might find it challenging to navigate it if you don't know the language.



LimeTorrents is one of the oldest and most well-known MP3 torrenting sites. It features a massive library of digital assets that expands with every passing day. Its millions of users upload and download many albums and singles daily, making it one of the largest and quickest websites for music. Apart from browsing the latest uploads, you can also look at the monthly Top 100 torrents for each category. As is common among these websites, on LimeTorrents, you can also find movies, games, applications, tv series, and anime. Registration on this website also gives you access to private trackers that aren't available to every user.


EZTV Torrent

EZTV Torrent is another website that has been around for a long time. For this reason, many users prefer it over others. EZTV Torrents specializes in television series and shows. The website offers a great range of torrents where users can either search via the search bar or browse on the home screen. The website provides a countdown list and a calendar that shows when the upcoming seasons. EZTV Torrents is an excellent website for everyone looking for television content, even though it doesn't feature a great music selection. All of the above are the best music torrenting websites. Visit them to gain access to songs and artists worldwide and expand your music library.


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Last updated on October 9, 2021

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