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6 Extraordinary Mobile and Web Music Identification Apps

music recognition app feature Imagine listening to the radio; then the disc jockey plays catchy and soothing music that you happened to like. However, you couldn't remember the title, lyrics, or even the artist of the song. It is somehow frustrating, right? We've all been there. It's hard to bear the curious feeling of wanting to know a song. Fortunately, there are excellent music recognition apps available on mobile devices and the web. These apps will help you identify a song by humming into your microphone. A music recognition app commonly uses advanced algorithms and compares the song's tune into a vast online music database. In this article, we reviewed and tested the six best apps for finding a song using the tune. Read through this article and answer the question "what song is this?" using these apps and finding out which one suits you best!

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Best Mobile And Web Music Identifier

1. Shazam

Price: Free and with in-app purchases.

Availability: Web and Mobile Devices.

If you are looking for a music identifier app that will quickly recognize a song and provide accurate results, Shazam is the best app for you! It is a cross-platform application with a web-based version and is also available on both Android and iOS. Shazam songs by just searching it using the lyrics or singing the song on your mobile device's built-in microphone; the app will then do all the work and recognize it within just a few seconds. Apart from that, you can tap on the Spotify or Apple Music icon to download and listen to the entire song; it will automatically create a playlist of your Shazam tracks. Furthermore, this music recognition app also provides a chart of the top 200 most Shazam songs and artists weekly, which may also help you find the songs you like.

find music shazam

2. SoundHound

Price: Free, ad-supported, and with in-app purchases.

Availability: Web and Mobile Devices.

Aside from being an excellent music streaming platform, SoundHound is also known as one of the best music identification app. To help you quickly find a song, SoundHound has a Siri-like feature that will activate by just saying "Ok Hound," It will allow you to look for song artists and play music. Moreover, what makes SoundHound stand out among other song identifier app is that it can identify a song by just humming its tune; even the online version of this app has this feature. On top of that, this app also provides song lyrics and grants users to stream music across different streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

music recognition app soundhound

3. Musixmatch

Price: Free, ad-supported, and with in-app purchases.

Availability: Web and Mobile Devices.

Powered by ACRCloud, Musixmatch is an app that can help you find songs playing around you; it is also a music player with supported in-line lyrics that bolds out while the song is currently playing so that you can sing along to it. One of the unique features of Musixmatch is that it allows its users to become content makers and create or edit lyrics. Moreover, this music recognition app offers different translations of song lyrics from multiple local and global languages.

music recognition app musixmatch

4. Genius

Price: Free, ad-supported, and with in-app purchases.

Availability: Web and Mobile Devices.

Using 3Genius is another great way to find a song. By simply tapping on the music recognition button and whistling the song's tune, you can easily find the music you are looking for. If you happened to know the lyrics, title, or even the song artist, you could search them right away, and the app will give you a list of top related results. Once the app recognizes the song, you can choose to download the lyrics to view them even if you are offline. Although it doesn't work as smoothly as Musixmatch, the app also offers real-time song lyrics.

music recognition app genius

5. Beatfind

Price: Free and with in-app purchases.

Availability: Mobile Devices.

Beatfind Beatfind is a simple yet efficient music identification app. Aside from the ability to search and find songs, the beat of the music will sync into your mobile phone's flashlight and give incredible lighting effects that bring listening to your music to another level. To identify music using Beatfind, click on the search icon located at the bottom part of your screen. Like any other music recognition app, BeatFind also provides a history of recognized songs and allows you to stream videos from YouTube or listen to Spotify.

music recognition app beatfind

6. AHA Music

Price: Free and ad-supported.

Availability: Web browser.

Last on the list of music recognition app is AHA Music. It is an online tool that can identify songs in different ways. How? Click the microphone icon, play the recordings, and wait for the tool to identify the song within just a few seconds. The other way is by humming the tune of the song or singing it. If you sing the song in 10 seconds, it will help the tool provide a more accurate result. Moreover, It has a google chrome extension that makes it more convenient for users to find songs without even bothering to visit the official site every time.

music recognition app ahamusic

Wrap Up and Comparison Chart

Above are the web and mobile apps that made it to our list of best music recognition app. Try using them, and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Features Supported Platforms File Size
Shazam Android, iOS, Chrome, Apple Watch, Apple TV 47MB
SoundHound Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari 52MB
Musixmatch Android, iOS, Chrome 103MB
Genius Android, iOS, Chrome 69.5MB
BeatFind Android only 5.2MB
AHA Music Android only 338KiB
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Last updated on October 29, 2021

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