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How to Equalize MP3 Volume with Various Tools

feature mp3 volume normalizerVarious studies claim that music can have a profound influence on both emotions and the body. It is a fantastic way to unwind and is beneficial for our health. However, nothing is more annoying than having your eardrums suddenly penetrated by a strident MP3. Not all MP3 files have the same loudness, and music that is too loud or too low cannot give a decent listening experience. When we play a playlist of our favorite music tracks, most of us have a similar difficulty. Some are very loud, while others are hardly heard. Since our music collection is always obtained from various sources, such as ripping from CDs, purchasing, sharing with others, downloading from the internet, and so on, it is usually challenging to be at the same volume level. As a result, we need to modify the volume level from time to time, which is inconvenient. The most simplistic approach to prevent such scenarios is to seek an excellent MP3 audio normalizer, which can make all of your music sounds at a comparable level. These tools are handy, so you do not have to change the volume of your audio player frequently. To know about these tools, continue reading below.

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The Best 3 MP3 Sound Normalizers

1. MP3Gain

Best Feature: This program can work with several files simultaneously for succeeding adjustments.
Compatibility: Compatible with Windows OS. However, for Mac users, it has a dedicated program called MP3Gain Express.
Target Audience: Basic and Prosumer.

Reasonably, some people choose free MP3 normalizers since they can obtain what they want without spending money. MP3Gain is one example. It is free and open-source software accountable for analyzing and modifying MP3 files to ensure they all have the same volume level. Interestingly, MP3Gain does not just do peak normalization, as many audio normalizers do. Instead, it does some statistical analysis to determine how loud the file sounds to the human ear. You can scan and normalize files on the same volume in this manner, and most significantly, without quality loss. It can sustain the original quality of the MP3 file because the program directly modifies it, reducing the need to decode or re-encode the MP3 file. Though, the software seems outdated with regards to the interface. It is still relatively straightforward to use for practically all users once they become acquainted with the various elements that comprise the tool.

User guide:

  • To begin with, hit on this link to get the program's set-up file. Once you have saved the set-up file, begin to install the program and launch it afterward. From the tool's top main interface, click the "Add File" or "Add Folder" menu to import all the MP3 files that you want to normalize.
  • Next, in the "Target Normal Volume" box, select a suitable value. By default, the number is set at 89dB, but you can modify it. Then, on the top ribbon, select the "Album Analysis" option to examine the volume of each MP3 file. The initialization may take some time, depending on how many songs are processed.
  • Once the analysis results show up, click the "Album Gain" button to normalize your MP3 files immediately. Please wait for the procedure to complete, and the MP3 normalizer will inform you what changes were implemented, and there you have it! You can also perform "Undo Gain" changes in the "Modify Gain" menu if you are not satisfied with the result.

mp3 volume normalizer mp3gain interface

2. Audacity

Best Feature: Audacity supports a wide range of audio file formats.
Compatibility: It can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
Target Audience: Basic, Prosumer, and Professional.

Audacity is a famous free audio recording and editing software that is widely used around the world. This program helps the user normalise MP3, which is one of its best functions. Apart from that, it is very user-friendly as it has made recording and editing very simple so that anyone can try it without any extensive training. From its main interface, you can record, mix audio samples, apply filters and equalizers, and of course, normalize. You can also rely on this program when you want to extract audio from MP4 since it supports a feature that can extract audio from a video. Audacity also supports several plug-ins and libraries that can expand its functionality. Lastly, it ensures that all of the frequencies in the audio clip are boosted to a specified decibel level. As a result, all files will have a consistent volume level, with no spikes or decreases in loudness.

User guide:

  • First, grab Audacity's installer by clicking on this link. Make sure to download the correct version based on your computer OS. Then, start installing the program and open it once done. Be acquainted with its main interface and buttons for a better user experience.
  • From the file menu, select "Open" and hold the "CTRL" button on your keyboard to pick the audio tracks you want to import or just drag and drop all of the audio files to the main interface. Forthwith, press "CTRL+A" on your keyboard to select all the imported audio files. Then, pick "Effect" in the menu bar, and select "Normalize" from here.
  • Check the box for "Normalize maximum amplitude to," and then enter the desired volume level into the "dB" box. To begin normalizing audio, click "OK." Once done, go back to "File" and select "Export Multiple." Finally, select the export format and location and click the "Export" button to begin saving all the modified audios.

mp3 volume normalizer audacity interface

3. iTunes

Best Feature: iTunes has an iCloud integration that allows file synchronization across multiple devices.
Compatibility: This tool is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
Target Audience: Basic, Prosumer, and Professional.

iTunes is famously known as an internet radio broadcaster, media player and library, mobile device management utility, and the client app for the iTunes Store, developed by Apple Inc. iTunes is used to purchase, stream, download, and even organize digital multimedia files on various devices. It also allows users to rip songs from CDs and play content using dynamic, smart playlists. However, that is not all. Options for sound optimizations also exist on iTunes, which many users are not aware of. This option is used to equalize MP3 volume or automatically adjust the playback volume of the audio to the same level. A user must create a username and password registered with Apple to access the iTunes Store, the iTunes App Store, and iCloud. Also, to be able to enjoy all of its other features. To know how to use iTunes built-in MP3 normalizer, refer to the guide below.

User guide:

  • First, add all the MP3 audio files that you wish to equalize the volume to your iTunes Music Library. To do so, launch iTunes, go to "File," and click "Add Fill to Library." From here, import all the MP3 files you want.
  • For Windows users, go to "Edit," then "Preferences and for Mac users, go to "iTunes," and then "Preferences." This selection will open the "Preferences" window. So after that, navigate to the "Playback" tab from the top of the window.
  • Now, tick the box next to the "Sound Check" option, and the built-in normalizer will start working automatically. Click the "OK" button to proceed and switch back to the home interface. Meanwhile, right-click on the music whose volume you wish to modify, and choose "Get Info." Then, tick the "Level Adjustment" box on the "Options" tab and adjust the slider to get the desired volume. To confirm, press "OK."

mp3 volume normalizer itunes interface

Comparison Chart of MP3 Normalizers

MP3 Normalizers Concerns and Limitations File Size Supported Audio Formats
MP3Gain The file conversion process is quite slow. 1.08 MB MP3 only.
Audacity The program does not offer a multi-band compression. 33.5 MB WAV, AIFF, MP3, AU, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files, and more.
iTunes With every update, the software appears to use more disk space. 400 MB AIFF, AAC, Apple Lossless, MP3, and WAV audio file formats.

Bonus Tip: How to Download MP3 Offline

Best Feature: This tool has integrated a powerful search engine to search for related keywords for quick music download.
Compatibility: This tool is available on both Windows and Mac OS.
Target Audience: Basic, Prosumer, and Professional.

AceThinker Music Keeper is a top-rated desktop program that can acquire multiple songs in one go or download an entire music playlist, and save it to MP3 format. Besides, you can use this program to download music quickly and hassle-free. Then, you can use the tools above to help you to normalize MP3 audio files if needed. This excellent desktop program can acquire music from various music-streaming sites, such as YouTube, Jamendo, Pandora, SoundCloud, and more. With this tool, you can download high-quality MP3 song ranging from 128K to 320K for a better listening experience. Furthermore, this tool can also act as an MP4 audio normalizer and save 720P HD up to 8K UHD MP4 music videos.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the MP3 Music Downloader

First, grab the tool by clicking one of the download buttons provided above. Make sure to save the correct set-up file based on what OS of your computer. Once saved, install the program and launch it afterward. Please familiarize yourself with its interface and buttons.

mp3 volume normalizer mk install step1

Step 2 Start Downloading the MP3 File

Next, launch a web browser and visit any music-streaming site supported by the tool—for instance, SoundCloud. Please search for the song you wish to download from the respective site and copy the link from the browser's address bar. After that, switch back into the tool and hit the "Paste URL" button. Once the link has been parsed, hit "MP3" from the list of options, and the song will start downloading.

mp3 volume normalizer mk download step2

Step 3 Play the Downloaded MP3 Music

Once the download progress reaches 100 percent, go to the "Downloaded" panel. From here, right-click on the file name of the downloaded MP3 song. You will be prompted to various options to play the song immediately, locate the output folder, and do other actions.

mp3 volume normalizer mk play step3

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best dB level for an MP3 file?

The most considered or safest volume level when listening to MP3 music depends on how long you listen. To prevent harm to your ears, experts recommend maintaining sound levels between 60 and 85 decibels. If you are listening to music at about 100 decibels, limit your usage to 15 minutes.

2. What does an MP3 volume normalizer do?

MP3 sound normalizers allow a constant amount of gain to an audio recording or in an MP3 audio file to increase the amplitude to a predetermined level. In a more straightforward explanation, volume equalizers allow the user to modify audio on its overall volume by a fixed amount to reach a target level.

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