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10 Best Websites to Listen to Music Free on Internet

listen to free music onlineMusic has become an integral part of our daily lives and we use it regularly to have a great time. You cannot buy every album you like so sometimes you need a free resource to listen to music on the go. We have compiled a list of ten free platforms using which you can listen to free music online. Online songs listening will double in fun with these platforms and you will have a great time using these. So without further adieu, let's take a look at our free internet music stations.

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Top 10 Websites to Listen to Music Online

1. Soundcloud

There is hardly any music lover who doesn’t know about SoundCloud. If you are looking to listen to music for free on the internet, you can do so using Soundcloud. It is both an online version that you can access using the SoundCloud website or you can download the mobile app for both iOS and Android. As far as websites to listen to music for free are considered, Soundcloud has the biggest library and it works very smoothly. There are original tracks as well as covers available on SoundCloud. As it gain its popularity there are a lot of sites like SoundCloud have been developed.


2. Spotify Music

Spotify is the king of audio music and it has been widely popular for years now. Spotify Music is a great platform that offers both paid and free streaming services and you can use it to listen to a wide genre of music. Spotify's free music radio station has songs as well as podcasts so it is not just for music lovers. Spotify has millions of tracks available to enjoy and it is among the best music services you can find in today’s world.

Spotify Music


You can both listen and download the tunes you love using It has a great feature where it recommends artists and titles based on your likes and helps you discover new music. Music on the platform is sourced from platforms like YouTube and Spotify which means it has a very impressive library.

4. Pandora

Pandora is not a platform just for listening to music but you can also discover your music using this platform. You just need to enter a song title or artist name and Pandora will generate an entire playlist around your search which will be based on your music preferences. If you are a person who constantly likes to discover new music, Pandora can be an excellent choice for you.


5. DashRadio

DashRadio is an excellent internet radio website that offers a ton of different genres across various satisfactions. On DashRadio you can almost certainly find something according to your taste and liking. You just need to choose genres that you like and simply add them to your profile for future suggestions. DashRadio will make recommendations based on your likes and help you find new music. You also have the ability to share your favorite stations with your friends and family on social media platforms using DashRadio.


6. Mixcloud

Mixcloud is an excellent place for long-form audio such as podcasts, radio shows, DJ’s music. It is an amazing platform that offers great features and you have the ability to download and listen to a never-ending list of excellent soundtracks and playlists on Mixcloud. If you are a person who likes to listen to long podcasts, Mixcloud is the platform for you. You can even create your own playlists on Mixcloud as well.


7. TuneIn

You can stream music for free using TuneIn. You can find a lot of global and local radio stations on TuneIn. Radio stations can be searched by sports, songs, talk genres, and news and you will get results from a wide array of genres. If you are open to new listening experiences, TuneIn is an excellent choice for you.


8. Deezer

Deezer works on the same principle as Spotify and On Deezer, you can listen to over 3.5 million tracks with some small ads in between a few tracks. Simply sign in and choose the artists you like and then Deezer will help you find music based on that. You also have the ability to listen to playlists that are created by other Deezer users. Another unique thing about Deezer is finding the music playing in your surroundings. Just open the Deezer app and let it listen to the music that is playing in the surrounding area and it will search the database to let you know the track. In addition to that, you can also download music from Deezer with the help of different tools available online.


9. Musicovery

Musicovery is a great website that is fun to use and helps you find the music that you love based on your mood. There is even a mood chart on the website that lets you pick the music based on the mood you are in. Once you get registered on the Musicovery platform, you can shuffle songs and even ban songs that you don’t like.


10. LivexLive

LivexLive is a website based on the radio-style but unlike other radio-based websites, you are not restricted to only listening to radio stations. You can listen to different playlists created by LivexLive users and make your personal library of stations that you like.



So this was our list of top ten free music listening websites. Each one of these websites is time-based and offers excellent results. You cannot go wrong with using any one of these websites to have a great listening experience. Some of these websites also offer premium versions that come with additional features and take your listening experience to the next level. Whether you want to pay for the premium version or not is entirely up to you. Overall, these platforms even in the free version are excellent choices for any music lover

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Last updated on October 29, 2021

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