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Top 7 Websites to Listen to Free Music Online Without Downloading

feature listen to free music online without downloading Who doesn't love listening to music? Everyone loves listening to music for sure. However, most people keep their music on their mobile devices and smartwatches. Keeping music in offline storage has become a thing of the past for many because it saves time and storage space. However, it comes with many issues, with PC music playing being the biggest one. Androids and iPhones have different music streaming apps and options. When it comes to PC, we do not have many tools that we can rely on. There are built-in options that usually need music on your offline storage. So, finding an online streaming option that works for free has become necessary. Do not worry, as here we have the best options for you to listen to free music online without downloading any app or MP3 file.

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Top 7 websites to listen to free music online without downloading

The following are our top picks for you to listen to songs online free without downloading anything. You may come across some paid ones, but no need to worry because they all have a free version for you.

1. Spotify

Your first free music online to listen to without downloading option is Spotify. It is a popular application across mobile devices for its wide range of content in the vest quality. Its reason for being on the top of our list is the same high-quality content directly from the creators. It allows you to stream music directly from the website on your computer, which is very convenient. Do not worry, as it will also work as a website on your mobile devices and tablets. As you log in, your libraries are synchronized, making things very easy for you. One of the most significant benefits of this feature is that you can make your playlists on your account and quickly find that on all your device. Sharing playlists with friends is another fantastic option that you will love using.

listen to free music online without downloading with spotify

2. SoundCloud

Next up on the list is SoundCloud, as it is also one very famous application across mobile devices. When it comes to using SoundCloud on a browser, there is no stopping the entertainment as it brings everything to you. You do not even need to signup or login to play music. However, if you have some playlists here that you want to listen to, then you can log in with your account. One interesting thing about SoundCloud is that anyone can share their music files here, which makes it full of different remixes. However, it sometimes degrades the quality experience because everyone is not uploading the best quality songs here.

listen to free music online without downloading with soundcloud

3. Jango

Jango is an online music streaming website that can help you explore many different types of songs and let you listen songs online free without downloading. There are all sorts of artists here, including different categories of songs and genres. What makes it an even better choice is that it comes with many customization options. Unlike many other options, Jango brings a better experience for the listeners with its rating feature. So, listeners can rate songs which will give different songs different ratings. In this way, any new listener will know how good a song is without listening to the whole song.

listen to free music online without downloading with janga

4. Gaana

The name of this website comes from Indian Language, where Gaana means Song or To sing. In terms of online music streaming services, it brings fantastic services for both the creators and the listeners. Although it focuses more on the songs from the Indian region, it is not limited to those songs only. It brings songs for you from various artists worldwide with a top-notch experience. If the best thing about this website is its interface, that will make your experience even better. There are different tabs to show you the new and trending songs. Similarly, you can play playlists according to your mode. If you want to listen to a song you listened to a while ago, you can quickly head to the recently played section.

listen to free music online without downloading with gaana

5. Bandcamp

Bandcamp believes that listening to songs must not only be about listening to the music. That is why it provides a lot of information about every song and album, and this feature makes it unique from all of its competitors. Loving old artists is typical, but if you like to explore new artists with quality music every day, going to the Bandcamp website is necessary. Every artist gets to create their profile and web page to promote their content. In this way, you will also learn which artists are bringing better value for you.

listen to free music online without downloading with bandcamp

6. YouTube Music

YouTube is no doubt the biggest treasure for music lovers. Here you can find our music from all eras. However, the only issue of not including it here and including YouTube music is the video streaming difference. YouTube music solves that issue, so you get a tailored interface with a simplistic experience only for streaming your favorite songs. There will be no distracting things like videos from the YouTubers you have subscribed to. So, you will only be streaming songs here. You can choose songs from recommendations according to your listening habits in terms of the interface. Additionally, some genes and playlists will make the selection even easier for you. And if you want to convert your Youtube Playlist to MP3, just Click Here.

listen to free music online without downloading with youtube music

7. Deezer

Deezer is another world-leading platform for streaming music, mainly known for its paid services. However, it provides its free services like its competitors, but you may have to deal with repetitive ads between the songs. But the experience is good for listening to premium quality music. Deezer also allows you to listen songs online without downloading and filtering songs according to artists, genres, and other options, which will make the overall listening experience more simplified.

listen to free music online without downloading with deezer

Tips:Knowledge about MP3

What is MP3?

An MP3 is a digital audio file that can contain music, narrations, or other kinds of audio recordings. It compresses a sound sequence into a small file to capacitate digital storage and transmission. Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) developed this compressed audio file format, and the term ‘MP3’ is short for ‘MPEG Audio Layer III.’


The internet is a vast place, but when you go for online music free listen without downloading options, you do not find a lot of websites. Most of them want you to download their apps on your smartphones or PCs. However, we researched and found these seven websites that you can use to listen to songs online without downloading anything. So, all you need to do is head to any of these websites, play your songs, and enjoy listening to them for free. If ever you want to download music, you might need to check these best high-resolution music download sites.

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