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Top 8 Hip Hop Download Sites You Can Try

feature hip hop download sites When you want to download music online, there are no options for downloading something wrong. You cannot go for low-quality tracks or files containing any virus or malware with them. It is only possible if you know about top hip hop download sites online. Today, there are many options on music streaming websites and ones that allow you to download music on your device. So, here we will take the top 8 among the available options that allow you to download your favorite hip hop songs easily. So, please stick with us till the end to learn about your top 8 options to stream and download hip hop and rap music.

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Top 8 Hip Hop Music Download Sites

Today there are tons of free hip hop r&b MP3 download sites with download and streaming functionality. So, here are our top picks for the best sites you can use for the availability of tracks and reliability of the platform.

1. Audiomack

The best website to download hip hop music is Audiomack, with the long list of features it packs. It has a vast library of hip hop music where all the tracks are legal and safe to stream and download. It brings you tracks in the MP3 file format that is feasible for most devices, including computers and car media players. At Audiomack, you can search for a track, genre, or search for artist to get your desired results. It provides content from the genres, including hip hop, r&b, reggae, pop, instrumental, etc., offering a complete package to satisfy your hip hop music needs.

audiomack as a hip hop download sites

2. Soundcloud

If you are looking for the best mixtape download sites, you must look at Soundcloud. It is a fantastic website to meet your hip hop downloading requirements and has an application available across different platforms, making it extremely easy. While it has a rich library of tracks, you cannot download all of them with the same experience. It is because some tracks may need you to do some task like liking a Facebook page, etc. Considering the rich library of tracks, it is one of the best sites to download hip hop music on your device.

soundcloud as a hip hop download sites

3. Free music archive

No need to worry about those fake remixes and versions you usually get online because free music archive provides open licensed music and original tracks. It is because it gets contributions directly from music artists around the world. One of the best things about Free music archive is that you do not even need to sign up or pay to use the platform to download music. It is because in such a case, the platform will use your private data and let you explore your favorite songs for free.

free music archive as a hip hop download sites

4. Datpiff

Datpiff is one of those rap music download websites that bring fans and artists on the same platform. Here artists can provide their music for free, and fans can also upload their remixes and mixtapes for free, but not everything on the platform is free. One of the best things here is the way of sorting songs with search filters as most listened, downloaded, rated, and hot tracks during the week. This way, it gets easier to find the best ones quickly.

datpiff as a hip hop download sites

5. Beatstars

Beatstars not only provides you with a rich library of hip hop music but searching for the best ones here is also made more accessible than ever. Here you can search a song according to different search filters like mood, genre, instrument in the music, duration, etc. Beatstars has a good range of MP3 tracks available for you to download but to download them, you need to submit your email address to the platform.

beatstars as a hip hop download sites

6. Bandcamp

Bandcamp brings a unique idea of getting paid stuff. It allows you to download hip hop songs from your favorite artists with a "name your price" pricing option. It lets you download your favorite song for the price you want most of the time. Whenever you want to download a song, you will need to set a price in the payment box, which will let you download the music of your choice. Remember that some artists also set their music for $1. While downloading is a paid feature on this platform, streaming is unlimited free if you have the Bandcamp application. It not only has songs in MP3 format but also brings FLAC and other file formats.

bandcamp as a hip hop download sites

7. YouTube

YouTube is one of the platforms in the world that might have the most extensive library of hip hop from artists and fans that anyone can access for free. Streaming that library and searching for your favorite tracks is fun with YouTube, and if you have a YouTube app on your device, you can also download videos for offline usage within the app. However, if you want to get some songs on your device's offline storage, the experience may be a little tricky and time-consuming. It is because you will need to use different third-party tools and services to download the track of your choice. If you’re interested in downloading a YouTube playlist to MP3, you can visit this page.

youtube as a hip hop download sites

8. ReverbNation

The last option here is ReverbNation, which has more than 3.5 million artists on it, and it is among those websites that will help you find out about the best upcoming hip hop artists in the world. It allows you to download the best hip hop music of your choice, and on top of that, there are many other things on this platform like asking artists, videos, photos, and events. Sharing your discoveries on this platform with your friends is accessible on different social networks. Remember that this website may not allow you to download every song, but there are various ways to download songs from Reverbnation and you can still stream that on your device.

reverbnation as a hip hop download sites


Streaming your favorite songs online might seem a great option instead of looking for sites to download hip hop music. However, sometimes you do not have an internet connection, which makes streaming difficult, and, in such a situation, your offline music library helps the most. Knowing about the best rap music download sites will help you always to have a collection of your top liked songs in your offline storage, so you are always ready to go with the music you like. You can always choose one of these as your best hip hop music download websites.

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