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7 Best Sites to Find Royalty Free Music for Video Editing

free music for video editingAs many of you may know, finding good background music for videos can be a tough challenge. A video that is greatly enhanced by the background music will surely catch the attention of the viewers. Adding music to your video will surely make it more entertaining to watch. Interesting scripts, eye-catching cinematography, vibrant animations, and extensive editing tools are the things we should prepare to make a fantastic video. Thus, if you know where to look, you can get free movie background music on various online sites. And each website has its own set of search features, licensing choices, and music-listening experience. Upon doing research, we have bumped into the seven best free music clips for video editing. Continue to scroll down below to learn more about these.

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7 Websites to Find Free Background Music for Video Editing

1. SoundCloud

OS Supported: Windows, iOS 13.0 or Android 6 or later
Distinctive Feature: You can look for music by searching for tracks, people, albums, or playlists, or you may create your own and upload it.

SoundCloud is one of the world's biggest open audio platforms, driven by a global community of producers, listeners, and curators who are always on the lookout for what's new, now, and next in culture. It offers free songs for video editing. With over 190 million recordings from 20 million producers in 190 countries worldwide, there is plenty of music in this vast audio library. However, not all of the tracks on SoundCloud are available for download. You won't always see a download file option; instead, the tracks will be available to listen to and stream. If you're looking for free background music for your video, type in the exact name of the song and double-check the license before utilizing it.

free music for video editing soundcloud

Extra Tip: Take a peek at the left navigation pane to see how you may filter your search results using a list of tags.

2. Incompetech

OS Supported: Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux
Distinctive Feature: Incompetech offers “Mood” search with 32 various modes to choose from, allowing you to locate the appropriate music for your project.

Incompetech, a website run by American composer Kevin MacLeod, offers a huge selection of free audio files for video editing for your films. With Incompetech's user-friendly interface, finding a tune, listening to it, downloading it, and confirming its licensing is a breeze. The music on the site is free to use as long as the musician and the site are credited. Click the download icon if you enjoy any of the songs. You can copy and paste the exact credits from the websites into your video description. For these reasons, Incompetech is a great place to go if you're looking for free background music.

free music for video editing incompetech

Extra Tip: We can also search for music based on duration, pace, genres, themes, and artists on this site.

3. Mixkit

OS Supported: Computers for Chrome OS and Android Linux Operating System, Computer
Distinctive Feature: This website has over 1,000 free songs that are ready to utilize in your next project.

Mixkit offers users copyright-free music for video editing. You can only search by genre, mood, and tag, unlike other free background music services. However, there is a vast range of options in each option that will not disappoint you. Furthermore, each music track is simple to listen to, download, and use without the need for attribution or registration. It is important to note that utilizing Mixkit's music on CDs, DVDs, video games, television or radio broadcasts, remixing them, claiming them as your own, or registering them with any rights management service are prohibited. You can download, copy, edit, distribute, and publicly perform the Music Items on any online or social media platform, including internet-based video-on-demand services, podcasts, and advertisements using Mixkit. So, don't be hesitant to try Mixkit!

free music for video editing mixkit

Extra Tip: You can choose a type of song as it comes with different genres such as Ambient, Children, Classical, and more.

4. Bensound

OS Supported: Windows Vista, Chrome 44.0.2403.157, Flash 18.0
Distinctive Feature: Bensound's tracks can be remixed and used to create new songs.

Without mentioning Bensound, the list of free background music sites will be incomplete. Its gorgeous site immediately draws users' attention with the first click of the mouse. Each track's name, title, and eye-catching thumbnail are presented. Bensound offers diverse background music in acoustic, cinematic, pop, electronica, urban, jazz, rock, and other genres. There are roughly 80 tracks accessible for free download without purchase among more than 300 tracks. Then, as long as you credit, you may use them on YouTube, Facebook, and other websites.

free music for video editing bensound

Extra Tip: You must purchase the license if you are unable to credit Bensound.

5. YouTube Audio Library

OS Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile Devices
Distinctive Feature: It has a feature where it adds new releases to the Audio Library twice a month.

If you ask someone where they will go to view a video, they will almost certainly say YouTube. YouTube is a site that is most popular globally, with billions of videos being seen each day. Furthermore, YouTube Audio Library offers a large selection of free background music and sound effects. Songs are divided into categories based on their genre, mood, instrument, duration, and attribution requirements. All of the songs may be found in your YouTube Studio, or you can open a new tab and select Audio Library Classic in the upper right corner to see more sound effects. In reality, the library permits unrestricted listening and downloading with only a few easy clicks.

free music for video editing youtube audio library

Extra Tip: Filters will make your search process go as quickly and efficiently as feasible.

6. Jamendo

OS Supported: OS and Windows 8.1
Distinctive Feature: It offers independent music for personal projects like animations, speeches, or short films.

There are two primary areas on the Jamendo homepage: music and licensing. Jamendo Music is a library of songs released under the Creative Commons license, whereas Jamendo Licensing provides royalty-free music for commercial use. If you're a newcomer, you could find it difficult to get used to looking for music and utilizing the websites. Explore these playlists by Jamendo music professionals by clicking "Hot Selections." Jamendo allows you to upload and share your music as an artist because it is an open community. Register and follow the on-screen instructions.

free music for video editing jamendo

Extra Tip: Almost all of the tracks in the Music section are for personal use only. As a result, always double-check each song's licensing before downloading and using it.

7. Free Stock Music

OS Supported: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices
Distinctive Feature: Users can download music in both.mp3 and.wav formats from Free Stock Music.

Lastly, Free Stock Music is worth considering if you're looking for the right soundtrack for your video. Overall, the music on the site is free to download and use for any purpose, including commercial ones. They ask that the attribution must be included in the credits. Click on the track name to receive detailed instructions and requests. Then, when you upload your video, copy the track's available information and put it in the description box.

free music for video editing free stock music

Extra Tip: This library allows you to search for music based on license options.

Comparison Chart

Sites Ads Licenses Available Language
SoundCloud None All Creative Common types Deutsch, English (US), Spanish, Français, Italian, etc.
Incompetech Tolerating CC BY Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, etc.
Mixkit None Public domain English only
Bensound None CC BY-ND and Royalty-free French, German, Italian, English
YouTube Audio Library Yes Public domain & CC BY English, French, German, Italian, etc.
Jamendo None All Creative Commons types & Royalty-free English, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, etc.
Free Stock Music Tolerable CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-ND English only
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Last updated on October 29, 2021

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