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10 Best Sites for Free Music Downloads Legally

free music downloads legallyImagine a life without music. I know everyone will raise their brows with that idea because we all know how essential it is in our daily lives. It helps us in so many ways - lifts our moods, kills our time, brings back memories, and more. As such, music makes everything picturesque. No wonder, many people are now subscribing to different music hubs like Spotify. However, before you can fully enjoy its exclusive features, it requires monthly fees. And that's another cut in our budget. Luckily, we can now download music online. But the thing is, are those sites you are using are legal? Are they safe? So, it's essential that you only download songs from free legal music download sites. With that, we are giving you a list of where to get free music downloads legally.

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10 Best 10 Legal and Free Music Sites

1.Amazon Music

If you think Amazon is just about buying things you need at home, well, you can also find thousands of free songs here that you can download legally. This store lets you have music in all genres available - from indie to classical pieces that you can enjoy online or offline. You can play music on any of your devices, whether using a smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo.

Moreover, this site has a million songs from thousands of stations collaborating on this platform. Additionally, this music hub offers unlimited music streaming on your playlist without ads interrupting you. Thus, with Amazon music, you'll get to enjoy playing music online anywhere, anytime, and whatever you're doing.

amazon music interface

2. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is one of the music platforms that you must try. FMA is a site under Tribe of Noise, which provides various music genres online for free and inspired by a non-commercial radio station's service. Here, you can listen to the compilation of more than thousands of songs accessible through 190 countries worldwide. And if you are experimental in music, this is the right site for you since they have a list of songs - classical music, novelty, or RnB from independent artists worldwide.

More so, Free Music Archive is one of the free and legal music download sites that lets you grab music as easy as 1-2-3. Here. you have choices to download either one song or download all the music in batches. Also, you can play the audio of your choice before downloading. Additionally, it has plenty of curators to give you a diversified music streaming experience ensuring that all of their song contributions are legitimate. For the past years, this site has been the perfect source of good music for different purposes, like in films and school projects. Interestingly, if you are a songwriter, you can connect with your fellow artists here.

fma interface

3. SoundCloud

For a unique music streaming experience, listen with SoundCloud. On this site, you can discover different music from various artists worldwide. This platform is a fan-and-singer-based app that allows fans and artists to connect and share their music interests. Also, this offers a wide range of genres that will surely satisfy your cravings for good music. You can instantly be in party mode, chill mode, sleep mode, and more using this site. Interestingly, this site's community is undeniably large.

Moreover, SoundCloud is one of the legal websites to download music for free. The set of music you can find here is practically sorted in ways and time you wish to play it. Also, you can make a playlist of your favorite songs for easier access, and amazingly, you may allow or not allow them to download your songs. That's the reason why, unfortunately, some music is not downloadable. Meanwhile, if you are an amateur artist and want to share your masterpiece, you can upload your music here and let more people discover your talent. This website lets you share the music you love on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more via link sharing.

soundcloud interface

4. Jamendo

Jamendo is a pioneer in terms of legal music download. This free legal MP3 download site is for music creators and music lovers all over the world. Their philosophy also drives this website that any artist must be heard by sharing their works with the world. With over 500,000 tracks from over 40,000 artists from 150 countries, this site is indeed the best source of good music for everyone.

Furthermore, aside from its elegant interface, Jamendo also has a well-organized playlist for convenient music browsing. Besides downloading, you can also share the songs on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Additionally, you can find various music genres here as well. If you enjoy listening to music that gives your heart warmth, you may choose to stream indie songs. And if you want to bring the summer vibes in your room, you may want to sing along with the set of Indie-pop songs here. Meanwhile, if you're going to uplift your mood, the Happy playlist is the best for you. As such, those music choices will speak your language. Moreover, you can also upload your songs here and decide to monetize it.

jamendo interface

5. YouTube Audio Library

If you think YouTube is only for video streaming, maybe you haven't explored its audio library features yet. This fantastic YouTube function lets you download legal music free and quickly. The free legal music set is downloadable and best used for different background music and sound effects in your videos.

Additionally, you can quickly look for music here by their genre, mood, and artist's name. Hip-hop and Rap, RnB & Soul, Dance and Electronic, or Pop, name it because YouTube Audio Library has it. You can download tracks or sound effects here. Interestingly, the music found here is intended for video creators who want to monetize their videos on YouTube. In this way, you no longer have to visit sites that demand payment to use and download their sounds or music to set moods to your videos. This site ensures your songs' legibility, especially if you will use it for video blogging - no attribution needed.

youtube audio library

6. ReverbNation

Another site that offers free legal MP3 download is ReverbNation. Its million users tag this music site as a game-changer in the digital music industry. This music site's mission is to let every artist have a spotlight in the industry. Here, you can find different genres, including indie, rock, alternative, and even gospel songs that will surely vibe with your mood.

Here, you can find different genres, including indie, rock, alternative, and even gospel songs that will surely vibe with your mood. And the good news is that those songs are up for download. On the other hand, you may wonder why some videos are not downloadable it's because some content creators possibly turned off the download button for their songs. Continuously, this online music hub is a home for some of our days' known artists, like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons. They gained thousands of loyal fans from this website, which are still on support until now that they have released their songs in the mainstream

reverbnation interface

7. NoiseTrade

Looking for a site to download both legal and free digital music? NoiseTrade is the perfect online audio distributor for you. It covers 300,000 music ready for download from Indie artists globally. From here, you can download music without worrying about its digital rights management.

Moreover, what makes this site best, among others, is its amazing features aside from music streaming and downloading. To popularize newbies in the music industry, it distributes originally-created song pieces worldwide. Besides exposure, this site's founder also lets the artist monetize their songs by its "Tip Jar" features. If the listeners love your music, they may give money from 1$ to 100$ as a tip for you. Furthermore, this also allows writers to publish their works online. Indeed, NoiseTrade opens great opportunities for music lovers and creators all over the world.

noise trade interface

8. MusOpen

MusOpen is a non-profit music streaming app that allows free and legal music downloading online. Its main goal is to expose underrated artists through this platform. Also, you can use the music you download here for educational purposes without copyright restriction.

Besides digital music to stream, you can also download music sheets here to print. Fascinatingly, you can also learn how to play particular instruments like piano, guitar, flute, and clarinet from here because it provides music tutorials and training. Knowing if you are learning the skills correctly? It offers a mobile app to track your progress. And if you are a music teacher, you can now connect with your students using this app by using its Studio feature.

musopen interface

9. DatPiff

Datpiff's interface will already give you the vibes of rock music instantly. Here, you can find huge collections of hip-hop and urban music you can listen to in a loop. And if you're a fan of Kanye West, Jay Z, and other more rap artists, you can find their latest songs here before your friends even discover it. So, visiting this site will keep your music list up to date.

Additionally, this is a free music downloading site wherein you can stream self-produced mixtapes from amateurs to popular artists. Also, once you play the song you selected, you can already do downloading from there as the "Play" and "Download" buttons are just in one place. Furthermore, this music site allows you to upload your mixtape and share it with the DatPiff community giving you exposure. Here, you can leave a comment while listening to the songs. That's how interactive this site can be. Plus, it has a pop-up player wherein you can listen to the songs before downloading them.

datpiff interface

10. BeatStars

BeatStars is not just a free music hub online but also a marketplace that connects music lovers all over the world. This site allows you to download music unlimitedly, free, and legally. Also, this platform is for aspiring songwriters who want exposure and acknowledgment in the music industry. And if you love discovering new songs from unknown artists, this site is the right place for you.

One more thing to get excited about this music streaming site is that you can express yourself to the world while earning from the songs you created - yes, it's not just about downloading music, but you can upload your own as well. This website helps amateurs to promote their songs as you can collaborate with thousands of artists worldwide. And besides those perks, BeatStars also supports you in terms of your career development.

beatstars interface

Use Acethinker Music Keeper to Download Music on Any Site

If you can't trust using a website to download audio, you must use a third-party app like AceThinker Music Keeper. This tool is excellent for downloading audio from any music streaming site, like Jamendo, SoundCloud, and even on YouTube. What's enjoyable with this app is that it allows you to choose the audio quality you want to stream in the best sound it can be. Also, you can find music from Music Keeper itself and play it with its own media player. Besides, you can also download the video here and extract their subtitles as well. And it's also a time-saver app since you can do a batch download on this app. Hereto, are the step-by-step guide on how to download music with this app:

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download And Set-up Acethinker Music Keeper

Click the download button provided above to start using this app. After that, please save the file and run the program until it sets up. Finally, launch the app and let yourself be familiar with this tool.

main interface

Step 2 Search for Music to Download

When the tool is ready, leave the app first. Then, go to the music site where you want to download your audio. Next, copy the URL of the music and go back to the tool to paste the link on the URL field.

mk 2 step 2

Step 3 Select Format and Download the Audio

The next thing to do is to wait for the tool to analyze the audio. Next, click "More" to choose the audio quality you want. Finally, click "Download" to start the downloading progress. The video will automatically move to the "Downloaded" tab once completed.

mk 2 step 3

Step 4 Listen to Your Downloaded Music

To check if your downloaded file is working, go to the Music tab under the Downloaded one, and look for the audio you want to listen to. After that, double click the file to play it or right-click, then select "Play Music." You can also enjoy streaming all the music you download by clicking the "Play All" button.

mk 2 step 4

You can download music by copying and pasting the URL, searching for keywords, or looking for the name of the entire playlist or album.

Comparison Chart for Legal Websites to Download Music

Amazon Music Free Music Archive SoundCloud Jamendo YouTube Audio Library
Registration Yes Yes, but you can download some music without registration Yes Yes No need, if you already have YouTube account
Premium Account Prime member $7.99/month
Non-Prime customers pay $9.99/month
Not available $12/month From $798.70 - $4,873.70, but you can download limited music for free No
Mobile App Available Not Available Available Available Not Available
ReverbNation NoiseTrade MusOpen DatPiff BeatStar
Registration Yes Yes Yes Yes No need, if you are to download. But if you want to upload registration is needed
Premium Account From $12.95 to $19.95 Not available $55 annually but you can still download limited music for free Not Available From $9.99 to $19.99 for unli access
Mobile App Available, but app is exclusive only for artists Not Available Not Available Not Available Available
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