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[2022] Top 10 Best Free Music Downloaders for Windows 10

feature free music downloader for Windows 10 The problems that you face when you are enjoying your playlists could be caused by various problems such as issues with your internet connection, glitches at the music site, or even any fault with your device itself. To avoid uncomfortable circumstances, the best option would be to download music Windows 1downloaders so that you can listen to your favorite music offline without interruptions. If you'd like to enjoy listening to music anytime, anywhere, you can download music to your computer with no-cost music downloading software. Here is the most popular free music download software for Windows 10 that you can use in 2022 to get an unlimited amount of your favorite music.

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Best Free Music Downloader for Windows 10

The AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader is the best MP3 music downloader for Windows 10 PC for many reasons. This downloader is top on our list due to the fact that it allows free music downloads through YouTube and 1000+ websites. No matter if the music you are looking for is the most recent single track of a well-renowned pop star or the background music from some 80's movie, AceThinker Music Downloader can download the highest-quality MP3 at 320kbps to your local folders, and that too with three times faster-downloading speed than any other online tool. Additionally, it is compatible with all the famous browsers and can be used on almost all types of devices.

Step 1 Copy the URL of the MP3

First, you will need to get the URL of the particular song you wish to download. To do that, search for your favorite MP3 song and copy its URL from your browser's address bar.

copy the music link

Step 2 Paste the URL into the Input Box

Next, go to AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader and paste the song's URL into the search box of the downloader. After that, click the Download button to initiate the search process for the actual MP3.

paste the music link

Step 3 Free Download MP3

Now, you will be provided with different available options to download MP3. Click Download from the most suitable option, and the MP3 file will instantly start downloading on your device.

download the music

Other Free Music Downloaders for Windows 10 (Desktop-Based & Online)

Now, we will share some more options to download free music on Windows 10. This list includes online and desktop-based services so that you can choose whichever is more suitable for you.

1. MP3jam

MP3jam allows its users to access an endless collection of old and brand-new music from all over the globe. It's free, and it only offers MP3 files that are top-quality, with 320 kbps or higher, to be exact. It provides a gallery with 20 million tracks of audio that is easy to locate because of its user-friendly search engine. It is possible to find your preferred music files each time you search for the track's title, album title, playlist, or artist's name. The search is nearly 100 percent exact. It also allows users to discover new artists and songs that you may eventually be the lover of. It also allows you to upload your most loved music to social networks. You can also check other MP3jam alternatives.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with mp3jam


  • High-Quality MP3s
  • Fast search for music and download
  • Discover artists and tracks by the genre
  • Music sharing on social platforms

  • It offers limited offer per day
  • Batch download are not free

2. Ares

It is another free MP3 downloader for PC Windows 10. The interface is a bit like its counterpart, Windows Media Player. So, the procedure should be simple to comprehend for the majority of Windows 10 users. After installation, it is possible to type words in the search box and search for songs and select "Search" to display the results available to you. You can play the music in preview to determine the quality. Once the download task is complete, the MP3 files will then be instantly downloaded to the local directory. Additionally, you can create your music player using this program.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with ares


  • Fast download speed
  • Friendly interface for users
  • Absolutely no cost

  • A paid subscription is available
  • Glitches occur sometimes

3. iMusic

iMusic can download music for free from over 3,000 sites. Instead of listening to music via music streaming apps like Spotify and iTunes, iMusic will help you download the MP3 file directly to your local library to play whenever you want. Besides being a Music downloader on PC, iMusic is a great music organizer that lets you restore, backup, rebuild, export, and even back up your music download to iTunes. Furthermore, iMusic can burn music to CD and play it with its built-in player.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with imusic


  • Music downloads from various websites
  • Also works as a music organizer

  • URL parsing can take time
  • iMusic manager is only available to Mac users

4. Freemake

Freemake is considered one of the best MP3 download software for Windows 10. It can access any YouTube video and convert it to high-quality MP3 audio files. So well-known has it become that, at present, it has an audience of more than 85 million dedicated music enthusiasts. In addition, the tool is also highly intuitive because it gives you the chance to explore many new music files all in one location. You can browse for albums, tracks and artists through the Freemake platform instead of YouTube. You also have the option of previewing the audio file before downloading it. The software can also search for the best high-quality YouTube videos that can be converted. It only recognizes YouTube videos with the highest bit rates and takes the audio source from them. This guarantees that there's no quality loss when the conversion is made.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with freemake


  • YouTube converts to MP3
  • Automatic detection of high-quality MP3 files
  • Song discovery and batch conversion feature
  • Preview the file prior to conversion

  • Paid membership

5. Jamendo

Jamendo is a great platform to stream and download tracks on the internet. It's also a great way to meet new artists on the independent scene and become acquainted with their work. Jamendo has expanded to include more than 6 million tracks of music that include established and new artists. It allows new artists to shine in the highly intensely competitive music business. Jamendo also offers its users the opportunity to buy music to be used for commercial use and as well for use in commercial settings. You can pick from various songs that can be played in the background at any place.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with jamendo


  • It has over 300 000 tracks
  • The songs are legal to stream and download

  • You might not find your favorite songs

6. Vuze

Vuze is a highly efficient torrent client and will ensure that you'll find the content you are looking for in its meta-search engine. The RSS subscription can automatically download the latest torrents as they are added to your feed. This is very convenient, particularly when downloading content that updates regularly. Vuze lets users control music collections from various devices. It is possible to organize music downloaded from your computer or tablet and your mobile. But, it takes some time to become acquainted with Vuze for people new to torrenting clients.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with vuze


  • Collection of rich music resources
  • Fast download speed
  • Remote management

  • Not a good choice for torrent user novice
  • The absence of options for subscriptions

7. SoundClick

SoundClick is an excellent instrument for artists to discover their fans and begin their careers. Of course, it's the home of a massive collection of new and old songs to listen to. But its most significant benefit is that it's an exceptional instrument that allows an artist struggling with their voice.SoundClick provides the chance to design your playlist. You will also be able to quickly locate the music you're searching for due to its ability to categorize music according to distinct genres.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with soundclick


  • A wide range of music download discounts
  • Signups or registration are not necessary
  • A wide variety of genres of music to pick from

  • Not all songs are free
  • Free music can be mixed with music purchased
  • Some songs only allow streaming

8. Audiomack

Audiomack is a great free application for musicians, record labels, and music studios to broadcast music to many people who listen online. This makes it an ideal platform for budding musicians to begin their careers. It is straightforward to use and provides a comprehensive method for uploading or downloading files. In addition, it offers one of the top user interfaces of any music social platform available online.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with audiomack


  • It is a completely free platform that allows artists and labels, tastemakers, and even fans can upload their music in any format they want
  • There is no need to worry about malware or SPAM

  • You need to pay for premium subscription fee

9. MP3Juices

MP3Juices is one of those sites that allow users to download MP3 files but also to play online. All you have to do is find your MP3 music file in the search bar and then download the music file you'd like to download.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with mp3juices


  • It can also convert YouTube videos into MP3 format
  • It allows you to save your files to cloud

  • It has ads

10. LoudTronix

Lastly, you can also download MP3 music files from the LoudTronix website. It lets you download the music file by searching text or copying your YouTube URL. You can create playlists or download the top 100 songs through this site.

free music downloader for Windows 10 with loudtronix


  • It's got a simple user interface
  • This software can convert YouTube videos into MP3 format

  • It can be a bit slow when searching for documents
  • To create a playlist, you must sign up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). Is it actually legal to use a music downloader on Windows 10?
That's the case, as it's music that isn't copyrighted. The music that's not copyrighted requires permission before downloading; however, asking permission from major music labels might be a bit of a hassle. If you can discover music that isn't copyrighted that you like, you're legally in your right to download it for enjoyment.
2). What is the best free music downloader available for Windows 10 in 2022?
AceThinker is the top free music downloader for PC Windows 10. The downloader comes with an extensive music collection and can support music downloads from more than 1,000 sites. You can download top-quality MP3 and the fast download speed simultaneously, and batch downloads can assist you in downloading the entire album quickly.
3). How you can download unlimited free music on Windows 10?
Utilizing the music downloader on Windows 10 is the best method. AceThinker downloader, all you have to simply copy-paste the music URL or search for the keyword. When you click on the "Download" button then the MP3 music file will be downloaded on your computer in just a few minutes.

In Summary

Ultimately, we can conclude that MP3 downloaders are helpful as they allow you to download your favorite songs, and the MP3 downloader helps you save your favorite tack directly on your PC. We recommend using AceThinker as it lets you find any artist, track, or album and then download just one song or an entire playlist on your Windows 10 computer effortlessly. And If you also want to listen to free music online without downloading, Click Here.

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