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feature free music downloader for macMusic has become part of our daily lives since then. With this, the way people listen to music has evolved dramatically over the years, and today you can play hundreds of songs in your pockets, unlike before when you still have to buy cassettes. Well, streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify made these things possible. They have made it incredibly easy for users to add new songs to their music collections as long as they have internet access or data connection. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, the internet does not always travel with you to listen to your favorite songs online, not unless you pay for a monthly subscription to acquire offline access. While this is usually a reasonable monthly charge for unlimited music access, not everyone can afford to pay it month after month. With that given state, this is where an MP3 downloader for Mac comes in handy. If you are one of those users who cannot afford to purchase, you do not have to worry anymore. In this post, we gathered all the best tools that offer free MP3 music downloads for Mac. Let us take a glance at each one of them and see what suits your download needs.

List of the popular music streaming platform for Mac

While numerous online platforms offer free music downloads, caution is needed as some may host copyrighted or illegally shared content. To ensure legal compliance and ethical consumption, prioritize sources authorized to distribute music freely. Find reputable platforms that uphold copyright laws and obtain proper permissions for sharing music. Furthermore, below are a few legitimate sources to legally download free music, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable music discovery experience.

  • Bensound. Bensound is a renowned platform offering a vast library of royalty-free music for various creative projects. With diverse genres, like rock, blues, jazz, hiphop, and more, and high-quality compositions, Bensound is a go-to destination for legal music downloads.
  • Jamendo. Artists on Jamendo offer their music under Creative Commons licenses, granting permission for free downloads while retaining their rights. Explore a plethora of tracks across genres, all legally available for download to your Mac.
  • Known for its extensive music discovery and sharing features, also offers the opportunity to legally save music tracks for free. Discover new favorites while respecting copyright laws on this popular platform when you download music.
  • Soundcloud. A favorite among amateur and professional musicians, Soundcloud hosts a diverse array of music. While not all tracks are downloadable for free, signing up allows access to an array of captivating compositions, including works from well-known artists.

Top 10 List of Free YT Song Downloader for Mac

1. Free Music Downloader Online

Best Feature: It allows you to search the music you want to save by its URL or through related keywords.
Supported Sites: YouTube, Audiomack, Mixcloud, Jamendo, and other popular video and music-streaming sites.

When acquiring online videos on a Mac, there are typically two approaches. One involves installing a comprehensive application, while the other utilizes an internet video downloader like Free Music Downloader Online. This web-based tool facilitates free MP3 music downloads for Mac, supporting various quality levels from 128K to 320K HQ. Compatible with major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, it eliminates the need for third-party app installations. Moreover, it's entirely free, requiring no registration. With this user-friendly tool, you can seamlessly obtain MP3 songs from any website with minimal effort. Furthermore, here is a quick guide on using this software to download free music on your Mac computer.

free music downloader interface

Step 1 Launch the Music Downloader

First, click the anchor text above to launch the official website of the tool on your Safari browser. Then, take your time to familiarize its user interface. Once done, pick whether you want to save the music by its URL or keyword.

free online music downloader interface

Step 2 Copy the URL of the MP3 Music

To begin with, launch a web browser and visit any of the music-streaming sites supported by the tool. On that respective site, please search for the music you wish to grab and play it. While streaming the music, copy its URL from the address bar.

free music downloader for mac amd step1

Step 3 Acces the Tool and Paste the MP3 Link

After that, head back to the online tool. Here, paste the copied MP3 link into the input bar and hit the download icon beside. Once the link has been parsed, you will be prompted with different "Audio" options. Click on the quality and format you prefer and select the option beside it to start downloading.

select music and hit download icon


  • It offers a fast and very accessible download process all you want.
  • Aside from MP3, it can also download your favorite music video in MP4 file format.

  • It can only download videos or music clips for no more than 15 minutes.
You can use the downloaded music as a ringtone on your mobile device, like iPhone or Android to maximize its usage.

2. MediaDrug

Best Feature: It has a full-featured MP3 playlist organizer that can sort music according to their names, file size, and more.
Supported Sites: YouTube, Pandora, SoundCloud, TED TV, and more.

MediaDrug is a popular best SoundCloud converter for Mac available on the market. With this tool, you can browse the music collections and instantly download them in MP3 audio files. When you search the internet for music downloader apps, you will notice that very few apps can download whole song collections and media files. Interestingly, Media Drug is capable. Besides the capability to download music, MediaDrug also works as a robust music player with features like playing and creating playlists, equalizer, randomizer, and the option to repeat tracks. Moreover, the tab structure in MediaDrug is similar to that seen in conventional web browsers. It is possible to save history from previous searches, a helpful feature as it allows you to return to your previous search results at any moment. You can also utilize the tabs to create new playlists. If you want to enjoy a new experience listening to music, you can download this MediaDrug downloader for Mac.

free music downloader for mac mediadrug interface


  • It has a friendly interface with drag and drop support.
  • It lets you save music in various quality formats, like 320kb bitrate quality.

  • There is no tutorial guide for first-time users.

3. Jaksta

Best Feature: The program has a “monitoring” mode feature that can display the information about the music and create a downloadable MP3 link.
Supported Sites: Spotify, YouTube,, Jango, and other 1000+ sites.

Jaksta is a unique free music download app for Mac. It can download music, as well as tag and identify tunes. The navigations and buttons are easy to operate and quite effective for downloading music on your Mac. When you open a song or a video, it will appear in the Jaksta Music Downloader. The program will display various details about the song, such as the title and the artist's name, and will make the music available to download. The more impressive feature about this program is that it can replicate the song you are about to download to your Mac's iTunes collection as a tagged MP3 file. Apart from that, this music downloader can even convert a video file into an MP3 file while downloading. The downloader preserves the best digital reproductions of the music that you hear while downloading. While Jaksta provides a free version of their software, there is also an option to purchase an upgraded version to gain more access to additional features.

free music downloader for mac jaksta interface


  • The program can recognize over 3 million songs using an ever-growing database and powerful music fingerprinting technology.
  • It provides a high-quality recording and download process up to 10x times the playback speed.

  • It is not capable of doing a batch of download tasks.

4. MP3Jam

Best Feature: It has a smart music search feature. This feature allows users to find free MP3 songs with 99% accuracy.
Supported Sites: It is dedicated to the YouTube site only.

MP3Jam is a free YT Song downloader for Mac that can access more than 20 million songs. It uses music videos on YouTube as the source of digital audio. This tool enables you to search, listen, and download a complete music album with just a click of a button. Users can save any track or album to local storage because the software is intended for quick YouTube music search and download. The program's developer team works hard to identify the best quality version of the music you are looking for. In this way, you can be sure that it will be high quality, up to 320kbps, unlike other music downloaders that may not give such high-quality content. Other features of this free music software include multi-threaded download support, a downloads history tab, and a social media sharing option through Facebook and Twitter.

free music downloader for mac mp3jam interface


  • There is no need to engage in a specific online music streaming service to listen to the latest tracks.
  • There are no advertisements when streaming audio.

  • It is not possible to construct playlists for streaming music from the cloud or playing downloaded content.

5. Vuze

Best Feature: This program includes a Vuze Remote app, which allows users to operate their desktop torrent client from a mobile device while on the go.
Supported Sites: It supports almost all popular streaming sites that contain media files.

Vuze may not have the most user-friendly interface among torrent clients, but it is one of the most feature-rich torrent clients and works well as a free song downloader for Mac. The app's creator ensured that all of the features you would expect from a torrent client were included, such as magnet link support, bandwidth limits, and IP filtering. You can also expose or conceal complex features like proxy usage and per-file peer screening by selecting beginner, intermediate, and advanced interfaces. Vuze also has a variety of distinguishing characteristics that make it stand distinct. For starters, it supports RSS subscriptions and will download new torrents as they are added to a feed. The Vuze Remote web app, on the other hand, allows you to manage your downloads from any computer or smartphone.

free music downloader for mac vuze interface


  • The paid version of the tool includes a built-in antivirus solution.
  • It maintains a lightweight size and does not slow down your computer.

  • The application's overall speed is slightly slower compared to other torrent clients.

6. Soundcloud Downloader

Best Feature: This tool is equipped with "Growl" notifications to inform users when a download has finished or just automatically has begun.
Supported Sites: This tool is dedicated to downloading music from the official Soundcloud website.

Another free music converter for Mac that you should not miss is Soundcloud Downloader. It is a modest but efficient application for downloading your favorite songs from the online cloud service This tool makes your downloading experience more fun as you can queue multiple songs. It can download five songs at a time and place successfully downloaded music either from the desktop folder of your choice or directly into your iTunes playlist. With this program, you can enhance the capacity of your music library. With over 20 million songs from the world's most outstanding musicians hosted on the app, you can be confident that you will always be able to discover new marvelous music from thousands of famous and growing artists. So, get the download link of the music and use this tool to save it!

free music downloader for mac scd interface


  • It has an integrated browser to find music, manage the Soundcloud collection, and download MP3 files quickly.
  • The app can automatically download all the songs that are marked as favorites from your Soundcloud account.

  • Not available on other platforms like Windows computers and mobile devices.

7. Any Video Converter

Best Feature: The program can burn video or audio files within CDs or DVDs.
Supported Sites: It supports over 100 sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, MetaCafe, and more.

Several programs let you download music from various streaming sites. However, very few of them support as many different sources as Any Video Converter. This program allows you to quickly download content to your computer by pasting a link from many prominent videos, music, and social networking sites. You will like this tool because it has an MP3 tag editor that allows you to change native ID3 tags and organize your audio files by artist, album, and genre. Nevertheless, there is more than that. Any Video Converter can download high-definition videos of up to 4K quality and contains a simple editor for cutting and combining audio and video files. Unlike any other free music converter for Mac, this tool can save audio from various formats, such as MP3, AC3, OGC, WMA, M4A, and many more formats, giving you the freedom to pick. This program will surely help you keep your music collection growing and fresh.

free music downloader for mac avc interface


  • It is an all-in-one app that can work as a DVD converter & burner, video & music downloader, and an excellent recorder and editor.
  • Any Video Converter supports different languages and top-tier output quality and file formats at all times.

  • Not all the features are available to users when using the free trial version.

8. MacX YT Downloader

Best Feature: It detects online videos that are open in the browser. This feature eliminates the need to copy and paste the URL manually.
Supported Sites: It can save music and video from Audiomack, YouTube, Instagram, and 1000+ other sites.

MacX YT Downloader is a free music download app for Mac. It is an excellent downloader allowing users to grab music and videos from over 300 online video sources. As a powerful free video downloader, it enables downloading videos in any format or resolution, including MP4, MP3, WebM, FLV, and even 4K HD video. When you open this music downloader for Mac, you face a minimalist yet clean interface that lacks frills. There are also no intrusive commercial advertisements. Apart from that, this program can perform batch downloads. This way, you can download multiple music and videos at once with a single click. Furthermore, it provides help and tech support from users and guarantees a hundred percent safe download experience.

free music downloader for mac myd interface


  • It lets you download media content in extensive quality and output file formats.
  • It supports an advanced multi-threading technology to boost the download speed 5X in real time faster than other tools.

  • The program is incapable of converting downloaded YT music and videos into other formats.


Best Feature: It allows you to alter the URL of the YouTube video and insert "fl" before the word "youtube" to download video files from YouTube quickly.
Supported Sites: Vevo, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other popular sites.

Similar to the first tool on the list, FLVTO is another web-based application that offers free MP3 music downloads for Mac. Users can use this tool to convert files not only in MP3 format but also in MP4, AVI, FLV, AAC, MOV, WMV, and WMA. Aside from that, FLVTO allows you to extract audio files from video content before converting it to the format of your choice. When possible, it also employs HD-quality copies of the videos to provide the highest possible sound quality throughout the conversion. The tool also has a very straightforward interface as it allows you to download music and videos within just a few clicks. There are no complicated methods, and you can perform the conversion without difficulty. As an addition, this online tool is versatile on different browsers. FLVTO works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Opera Safari, and more browsers. You can easily convert your music regardless of the browser you are using.

free song downloader for mac flvto interface


  • The website supports 24 different languages to make the working process even more accessible.
  • Even for a beginner, the user interface is straightforward. It provides a complete experience for both conversions and downloads.

  • There are minimal ads that will appear when you start interacting with the FLVTO website.

10. All2MP3 for Mac

Best Feature: This program permits users the ability to control the output quality with advanced preset settings.
Supported Sites: It supports almost any online music service, including Soundcloud, Pandora, YouTube Music, and more.

All2MP3 is a free music converter for Mac with a simple UI that does one thing: it converts audio files to MP3 files. It does not need a help file because All2MP3 is ready to use the moment you launch it. The application's interface is as straightforward as its setup. It has a simple drag-and-drop window and an Add button for browsing files. All2MP3 supports a broad range of audio formats, including MPC, APE, WV, Flac, OGG, WMA, AIFF, and WAV, and video formats such as Apple's native MOV. It excels at what it is designed to accomplish, and you will be surprised by how quickly it converts video clips and audio files to MP3. You can utilize a slider to set the final MP3 file's quality from "Less" to "Super," as well as the location to where the file is saved. When you peeked at the timer after putting the program to work in converting many audio files, you will surely be pleasantly impressed. With that given functionality, we can say that this program is worth a try!

free music downloader for mac all2mp3 interface


  • This program is entirely free. There is no need to register, no hidden fees, and free from malware.
  • All2MP3 has been designed specifically for Mac users and makes the entire conversion procedure as simple as you would imagine.

  • ALL2MP3 could not convert iTunes' M4A formats.

Comparison Chart of Best Free Music Converter for Mac

Tools Available on Other Platforms Available on Premium Version Built-in Media Player
Free Music Downloader Online Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Freeware Not Available
MediaDrug Windows and Linux Freeware Available
Jaksta Windows Yes, the price starts at $49.95. Not Available
MP3Jam Windows Freeware Available
Vuze Windows and Linux Yes, it costs $3.99 per month. Available
Tools Available on Other Platforms Available on Premium Version Built-in Media Player
SoundCloud Downloader Mac OS only Freeware Not Available
Any Video Converter Windows Yes, the pro version costs $49.95. Not Available
MacX YT Downloader Mac OS only Yes, it offers a 3-month subscription plan at $24.95. Not Available
FLVTO Windows, Android, and iOS. Freeware Not Available
All2MP3 for Mac Mac OS only Freeware Not Available


It has never been easier to listen, share, and download music than it is nowadays. The internet has flooded with free music downloaders for Mac, such as the ones discussed in this article, ensuring that music lovers get a suitable dosage of music regularly at no expense to themselves. These MP3 music downloaders are incredibly user-friendly and contain nearly every music known to all over the world, both old and new. As for our suggestions, if you want an online tool that offers free music saver for Mac that works best and has an extensive collection of old and current MP3 music, we propose Free Music Downloader Online. Meanwhile, if you wish to quickly convert a video to an MP3 file, we recommend using MacX YT Downloader.

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