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Best 4 Easiest Ways to Find Songs by Humming

find songs by humming Admit it or not, most of us have tried finding a song, at least for one, by searching its wrong lyrics. While in older days, it was not possible to find a song just by remembering the slightest details, today we can easily find a song by humming online. So, if you have a song stuck in your head and do not know its name or lyrics, then you can use its melody only. Several online tools find songs by humming, but the experience on all of them is not the same. Additionally, some people want a better solution and need a mobile application. So, here are some of the best tools you can try to find song by melody.

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Hum and find song using Google

Google search brings us many features, and one of those features is finding songs by their melody. While it is unavailable in the web version, you can try out the Google mobile app version, which will work like a charm. You only need to mimic the song's tone and probably find the correct result. This feature of Google has many functions and will also let you record audio on Google slides. However, the results may not always be accurate on the first try, so you sometimes need to be a little patient.


  • Open the Google app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Tap on the microphone icon present in the search bar. Google will show that it is listening.
  • There will be a “song search” button that you need to tap.
  • Now start humming, and shortly you will find the matches with matching percentages. If Google says that it could not find your song or the search results did not match what you wanted to search for, you can try the process over again. With these four steps, you can use google to recognize songs by humming.

find songs by humming with google

Find songs using Siri

If you use Apple devices and do not want to go for any third-party websites or apps, then Siri has your back. Searching that song stuck in your head is pretty easy with Siri, and the best part is that it provides quick results. If you are an Apple Music user, then Siri will also offer you a direct link to the Music app with that song so you can add it to your lists. Within a few seconds, you will get your search results, and it is that simple with Siri.


  • Activate Siri by saying "Hey Siri" or using buttons on your device.
  • Ask Siri to identify the song and wait for it to show that it is listening to you.
  • Now hum the melody and wait for Siri to search for it.

find songs using siri

Hum a tune to find a song using Shazam

If you could not use the Google method for finding that song, then you can use Shazam. It is an app that is specifically built for this feature. The good thing about Shazam is that it provides so many details about a song when you search it, including the artist's name and other information. Additionally, it makes the user experience better by providing:

  • Direct YouTube video link for easy preview
  • Option to add song directly to Apple Music or Spotify playlists
  • History tracking of all the songs that you have searched using this app.
  • You can also use it to hum when offline, and Shazam automatically notifies you when it searches the song you are looking to find.

Here is the Guide on how to use Shazam

  • Open the app and tap on the screen to begin listening.
  • Hum the song, and keeping the mic close to your mouth will be better.
  • It will come up with a search result that you can try and check if that matches the song you are trying to search for. You could try the process repeatedly if you could not find the song. The best part is that Shazam is available for Android and iOS devices and their respective wear platforms. So, finding specific songs on the go can be easier for you.

find songs by humming with shazam

Hum a song and find it with Midomi

If you are not looking to use a specific mobile application and need a website that works on all your devices, then there is no better option than Midomi. This website brings a great experience with its user-friendly interface. It has an extensive database of songs that it checks every time you search for a song using your voice. It has a lot of functions that will let you listen to your favorite music and artist with high resolution, and if you’re interested in another high-resolution music site like this one, you can check it out here.


  • On the interface, you will see a mic button for searching. Click/tap it and start humming the song.
  • After you are done humming for a few seconds, you can click the mic button again.
  • Now Midomi will run its search tool to see if it finds a matching melody in all the songs present in its database. This way, you can easily find any song that your earworm is teasing you with, but you do not know its exact name.

find songs by humming with midomi


Finding a song stuck in your head has become extremely easy today because there are tools that can identify song by humming. So, instead of waiting to hear that song somewhere again, you can find music by humming and easily search for that song online by knowing its complete name. You can try the tools mentioned above if you want the best experience and the quickest results.

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