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Best Ways to Find Music from YouTube Video

find music on youtubeMusic sets the mood of one's video. Thus, making it one of the essential elements in video making. And sometimes, those sets of songs make you enjoy watching movies or music videos more. Meanwhile, there are instances wherein you are watching videos full-packed of unfamiliar songs, making you have a Last Song Syndrome. And unfortunately, you can't recognize the title of that particular song since they are newly discovered. With that, let us help you find music from YouTube video using these methods we listed for you. Check them below.

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Check Video Description

A straightforward way to find song in YouTube video is to check the video description box of the YouTube video. This section has the song title, artist, and more information relevant to the song. Many viewers take this part for granted because sometimes other YouTube contents don't have it. But this one helps you know the title of that song. Here's how to do this:

check video description

  • Go to the YouTube video with the songs you want to know.
  • Go to the video description and scroll down.
  • Click "Show more" to expand this part and look for the "Music use in this video" part. From there, you can identify music in YouTube videos.

Find on Google

There are cases that the video that you are watching doesn't have a video description. The other option you can do to identify song in YouTube video is by searching its lyrics on Google. You can do this in just several clicks. Here's how:

find on google

  • Go to the YouTube video with that unidentified song.
  • Listen carefully to the lyrics of that background music. Please, use your headphones or earphones to transcribe them accurately.
  • After transcribing, copy those words and go to Google and paste it on the search bar.
  • Browse the results to know which of those are correct.

Search on the Comment Box

Aside from being the base of building community, comment boxes can also detect song in YouTube video. You're lucky if other viewers are interested in the songs like you do. And you are more than fortunate if these listeners already asked the song title and someone answered them. Scroll more and see how to use the comment box as a YouTube music identifier.

ask or find on comment box

  • Go to YouTube video.
  • Scroll down until you see the comment box.
  • Then, CTRL + F and type keywords, like "song title," "background music," "movie track," and more.
  • If you can't still find it, then leave your comment and ask for the song title. Wait until someone answers you.

Use Lyrics Search Engines

For another YouTube video music finder, you can use lyrics search engines. This method is applicable if Google can't recognize songs from YouTube. These search engines are specifically for lyrics recognition. Here are the online tools you can try:,, and And to use them, below are the following steps.

lyrics com search engine

  • Copy the lyrics that you extracted from the YouTube video's URL bar.
  • Visit their site here
  • Paste the songs on the search bar.
  • Then, select the best music that accurately has the lyrics.

lyrics world search engine

  • Click this link
  • Type the lyrics you remember or recognize from the song.

audio tag search engine

  • Go to YouTube and copy the video's URL.
  • Next, click this link
  • Select the "Enter Link" on the app's interface.
  • On the search bar, paste the link and click the "Analyze URL" button.

Try a Chrome Extension

Similarly, if you have tried those methods and nothing still works, try another YouTube video song finder such as AHA Music Identifier. This tool is a browser extension that helps you find the song lyrics and titles with ease. Once installed, you can fetch those song lyrics by just clicking its icon while watching a YouTube video.

chrome extension

  • Get the app here AHA Music Identifier.
  • Click "Add to Chrome."
  • Then, go to a YouTube video and play it.
  • While it's playing, click the icon to run it.

Install a Mobile Song Identifier App

Suppose you're still hopeless to recognize song from YouTube that awakens your curiosity. In that case, you can try installing a mobile app designed to identify the music on YouTube videos. One tool best for completing such a task is Shazam— tagged as the best music and lyric identifier. No wonder many love using this. See below how easy it is to use.

shazam app

  • Go to your app's store (Google Play Store or Apple Store). For Android user, click this link Shazam
  • Click "Install" to start using the app.
  • Go to YouTube and search and play the video with the music you want to identify.
  • After launching the app, put your phone near your computer to accurately fetch up all the song lyrics. In a few minutes, the app will show you the song information as quickly as that.

Download the Songs

After finding the song, you may also download it using AceThinker Music Keeper. This tool helps you save music on your device in high quality. And in just a few clicks, you can get those songs⁠— yes, you can download music simultaneously here⁠— only by copying the videos URL and pasting it on the app's interface. Aside from that, it also allows you to download music videos with ease. To do so, download the app by clicking the download button below.

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