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Best 6 Methods on How to Extract Audio from YouTube

If we are looking for a site to watch videos ⁠— informative, educational, and entertaining ⁠— YouTube is always on the top of our lists. This platform allows users to watch and share videos uploaded by content creators worldwide. It even lets users produce their videos, making it the best video sharing platform online. Many song artists are also using this tool to introduce and launch their songs, which makes it an instant music hub as well. On the other hand, YouTube is for online streaming only as it does not permit offline viewing. Good thing, there are third-party apps that allow internet surfers to extract audio from YouTube for listening offline.

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Best Online Recorder for Windows and Mac

Some people are still opting to watch videos online instead of downloading them because they find downloading files online tricky and risky. Meanwhile, with AceThinker Free Audio Recorder, you can now rip audio from YouTube online safely. This tool is perfect for people who hate downloading like me. Interestingly, this web-based app allows you to get the audio without the need for conversion and downloading. You don't have to do the copy-and-paste-link method, as here, you only have to activate the app to start recording. One more thing, it allows you to rip audio from YouTube Mac. To start, discover its key features and follow its step-by-step process for a quick and safe audio grabbing experience using AceThinker Free Audio Recorder.

Key Features:

  • You can record your own narration even while the video is being recorded.
  • It provides high-quality audio as if it really went through downloading.

Step 1 Activate the App

To start using the app, click the link provided in the description above. Once you are already on the site, click the "Start recording" button. If you are a first-time user, another window will popup. Then, click on "Download Launcher." But if you used it before, wait for the app to be launched and activated.

free audio recorder interface

Step 2 Select Audio Source

Once the tool is ready, a new window will appear. This time you have to select your audio source. And since you are recording music from YouTube, click the "Audio" button on the bottom-left corner of the tool. Then, choose "System sound" to record audio from YouTube.

extract audio to youtube 3

Step 3 Search for YouTube Video

After setting up your recorder, it's time to search for the YouTube video you want to record its audio. Go to the YouTube site and select the video of your choice. Next, make sure to play the video before going back to the tool.

extract audio to youtube 1

Step 4 Record Audio

Next, go back to the tool and click the "Record" button. Then, quickly revisit YouTube for your video and click the "Play" button. The app will then start recording your audio.

extract audio to youtube 4

Step 5 Play Audio

Click the "Stop" button once done recording. Then, the file will automatically save on its built-in music library. To listen to your recording, click on the three lines or menu button on the bottom-right corner of the tool. Then, you will the list of your output. Finally, click "Play" so you can able to stream your file one the loop.

extract audio to youtube 5

Tips: Make sure that your setting is set to "System Audio", that way there will be no unnecessary noises on your recordings that may come from either your microphone or environment.

Best Software to Download Audio from YouTube

One best way to extract and download audio from YouTube is to install a third-party app that can provide high-quality music. And AceThinker Music Keeper is such a tool for you. As to its name, it lets you keep the music you want to hear anytime. Moreover, don't be confused because if you think that this only works for music streaming sites, it can also convert video to audio. And with this app, you can look for the music video on YouTube since you can browse them directly. Thus, it's a perfect service for grabbing music from YouTube. With that, below is the list of guides for you, together with its key features that will excite you more.

Try it for Free

Key Features:

  • You can download songs in batches using this music downloader.
  • Aside from YouTube, you can also extract audio from your favorite video streaming platforms, including Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and more.

Step 1 Download and Launch the App

To download Music Keeper, click the "Free Download" button provided above. Next, you have to save the file and run the program and continue following the installation process as directed. Lastly, launch the app so you can start downloading the video.

mk step 1

Step 2 Copy and Paste the Video URL

Once you are already on the app's interface, click the "Sites" tab and click YouTube on the app. Look for the music video that you want to convert into audio. Then, copy the URL and click "+" to paste the link on the Search or URL field. Alternatively, you can also get the link to the YouTube site.


Step 3 Start Extracting the Audio

After you pasted the link to the app, wait for the tool to analyze the video. Then, once the video thumbnail appeared, click "More" to select the audio quality that you want. Make sure to choose the audio format in the highest quality before proceeding on clicking the "Download" button. As you see, you can choose to download YouTube to MP3 320kbps.

mk step 3

Step 4 Play Your Extracted Audio File

Select the Music tab to play your downloaded track. From there, select the file from the list. Next, right-click and choose "Play Music." And by that, you can now enjoy listening to your extracted music list all over again.

mk step 4 extract youtube

Alternative Tool to Extract Audio from YouTube

For the easiest way to extract audio from YouTube online, use MP3Juice Downloader. This site's mission is to provide a usable guide and solution for its users, like downloading YouTube videos of the highest quality, if available. This easy-to-use tool offers MP3 downloading without the need to download and install any software. Furthermore, it also has various video conversion tools. To start, below are the key features and the quick steps in using this tool.

mp3juice downloader

Key Features: It has blogs wherein you can read and browse more of their video-and-audio related how-to's.

User Guide:

  • Find a video you want to extract audio from on YouTube, and copy the URL. After that, go to the MP3Juice Downloader home page and paste the link on the search bar provided. Then, click the "download" icon and wait for the tool to analyze the video.
  • Once the tool finished analyzing the link, click the "Download" button. After that, pick your preferred audio quality. Again, click the "download" button to choose your file location.
  • Next click, "Save" to start downloading. Finally, you can now listen to it offline.

Another YouTube Audio Ripper

To extract audio from the YouTube link has been the easy way to convert videos into MP3 now, like with YTMP3. This minimalistic tool lets you download audio easily without downloading any software. It has a straight to the point interface as you can directly convert the video and browse on its missions and more how-tos blog on its homepage. To try using this tool, here are the key features and the following steps below.

ytmp3 interface

Key Features:

  • You can directly save the MP3 file on your DropBox.
  • It automatically converts the audio to the highest quality available

User Guide:

  • To begin, look for videos on YouTube. Then, copy the link and go back to YTMP3 and paste the link on the converter field.
  • After you pasted the link, click on the "Convert" button. Then, wait for the tool to initialize the video. Next, choose the MP3 format. Finally, select the "Download" button to get the file and save your files on your PC.
Don’t download videos for longer than one hour to ensure a fast downloading experience.

Substitute in Extracting MP3 from YouTube

If you want to learn how to rip audio from YouTube without software easily and quickly, use GenYouTube This site is popular when it comes to YouTube conversion. This tool helps you to conveniently rip audio from YouTube online - through copying and pasting the link of the YouTube video. Also, it has a library wherein you can directly watch and listen to the video and audio. And for easier video searching, videos on this site are arranged by their relevance, titles, view counts, and date uploaded. With that, here are its key features and guide on how to download MP3 with GenYouTube.

genyoutube interface

Key Features:

  • Aside from MP3 format, it also offers 55 more video formats to convert your YouTube videos.
  • It has a built-in browsing tool, so you don't have to open YouTube to find videos.
  • You can add GenYouTube as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

User Guide:

  • Search for the video on YouTube and copy the URL. Then, go back to the tool. Next, paste the link and click, "Go" on the search bar. After that, wait for the tool to analyze the video.
  • After that, scroll down and click the "generate links" button. Next, look for the MP3 format to extract the audio of your video. Then, the video will start to convert and download the video to MP3 and save on your PC right after.
For quick MP3 downloading, just add the word "gen" on the video's URL (e.g: After that, just follow the steps provided above.

Perfect YouTube Audio Downloader

FLVto YouTube converter is the perfect tool for you if you have a problem with downloading music that is available only on YouTube. This kind of concern has been the main reason why this site is founded. Additionally, this web-based app promotes easy video grabbing and sharing without the need to download any software. And once you subscribe to them, you will be the first to be updated on their special promo. With that, get familiar with the app's key features and simple steps to use it below.

flvto interface

Key Features:

  • FLVto allows you to download videos from more video streaming sites, like DailyMotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

User Guide:

  • Search for the YouTube video you want to convert. Then, copy the URL.
  • Next, go back to FLVto and paste the link on the search bar field. Besides the "Convert to" button, you will see a dropdown menu for formats. Then, click the menu to expand the list and choose MP3. Finally, hit the "Convert to" button to start the conversion.
  • After a while, a new window will appear after the tool generated the link. From there, select the "Download" button. Finally, wait for the video to download into MP3.
For a faster conversion process, insert "fl" before the word "YouTube" in the link to download video files (e.g:

Comparison Chart

Product Batch Download More Available Formats Pop-up ads
MP3Juice Downloader No MP3, M4A, and WebM, Tolerable
YTMP3 No MP3 and MP4 Redirecting you to ad sites
GenYouTube Yes MP4, MP3, WEBM, 3GB, FLV formats both in HD and SD quality Redirecting you to ad sites
FLVto Yes MP3, MP4, MP4HD, AVi, and AVi HD Redirecting you to ad sites
Free Audio Recorder Not applicable (No Download is needed) MP3 Only None
GenYouTube Yes MP3 and MP4 None
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