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Reliable Guide on How to Extract Audio from MP4

extract audio from mp4 featureThe word extract means to withdraw or separate. Which came from the Latin word extractus past principle of extrahere that has the root word trahere means draw and ex means from. Done with the history, let's focus on the main topic that people interested in music could relate to in this article as we provide solutions on how to extract audio from MP4. Audio is significant in many ways as we can hear things like music, podcasts, and many more. So today, we also listed tools that you can use to strip audio from mp4. So you can use the audio anywhere you want that including offline streaming and entertainment or educational purposes.

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4 Ways to Extract Audio Tracks from MP4

To lessen the stress and work on finding the best tools and ways to rip audio from MP4, we mentioned before; we provided tools with the steps to have the MP3 from MP4. You have to follow the steps below.

1. AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader

Price: Free
Supported Format: MP3 and MP4

Mp3Juice Downloader could also be one of the best ways to extract sound from MP4. This easy-to-use tool is popular with many music lovers as you can use it for free that doesn’t require time, money, and effort. You can also utilize this tool with your mobile phone or desktop. With its wide range of video sources, you can get MP4 to download them in high quality; you may love to listen to them anytime and anywhere cost-free. To learn how to extract audio from MP4 using MP3Juice downloader, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 Access MP3Juice Downloader

To access the MP3Juice Downloader, you need to open any browser on your device and put MP3Juice Downloader in the search bar. As you open the tool, you can see its readable interface.

extract audio from mp4 mjd step1

Step 2 Enter MP4 Link

By entering the link or title of the video, you wanted to rip audio from. You can find and download it easily using the MP3Juice Downloader. This tool is free, so you use it with no limitations.

extract audio from mp4 mjd step2

Step 3 Click Arrow

The next step would be selecting the video by beginning by clicking the arrow down button in the orange box. Then tick the download button beside the video you wish to extract sound from MP4.

extract audio from mp4 mjd step3

Step 4 Extract Audio

The last step is to extract the audio by downloading the video in mp3 format. Click the download button below the audio mp3 format. Take note that you have to check the format before clicking the download button.

extract audio from mp4 fmd step5

2. MP3

Price: Free
Supported Format: MP3

MP3Juices is also one of the most popular and reliable ways to extract audio from MP4. Without spending a penny and time, you can have your MP4 extracted with MP3Juices. It is a well-known tool because of its fast and free features that you can utilize unlimited. It offers six video sources, including YouTube, Soundcloud, VK, Yandex, 4shared, and archive. It is a downloader at the time with a built-in converter. Without any registration, you can access it freely.

Step 1 Copy and Paste Link

You need to copy the link of the MP4 from any of the six sources. The tool will automatically convert and extract the audio to download it mp3 format.

Step 2 Extract and Download

After the conversion and extracting process, you may download the extracted audio and save it on your device.

extract audio from mp4 mp3juices

3. Online Audio Extractor

Price: Free
Supported Format: MP3

Next on the queue is the Online Audio Extractor of BeeCut. However, this tool is designed and used with any browser on your device to extract your ready-made or downloaded video. You can use Online Audio Extractor for free, but you have to connect with the internet to extract audio from MP4 online correctly. To have an easy extracting process, you may follow the instructions below.

Step 1 Input Video File

Place or Drag the MP4 to the tool inside the field directly on the (+) sign in the middle of the interface. You may also click the (+) sign and select the file on your device.

Step 2 Extract Audio

Then after uploading the video, you can start extracting the audio by placing the cursor on the portion of the video you want to extract audio. After setting it up, you can start the extracting by ticking the extract button.

extract audio from mp4 oae

4. Converto

Price: Free
Supported Format: MP3

Converto is another effective way to strip audio from MP4. But you can only extract video from YouTube alone. This tool is well-known because of its efficiency and excellent work. They are worth sharing on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. You can also refer to this link when you want to extract audio from YouTube. To have a smooth extraction, you can follow these steps.

Step 1 Input Link

The link would be from youtube only because it has only one video source, which is youtube. Copy the link and paste it into the input bar.

Step 2 Convert and Extract

After pasting the link, you will quickly see the video you want to extract audio. You can have the audio extracted from the video by converting and downloading it in mp3 format.

extract audio from mp4 converto

How to Download MP4 Video to MP3 with Music Keeper

You can find many tools on the web to help you download MP4, but we have here the downloadable tool to help with that. It is the AceThinker Music Keeper that you can download and try for free. It offers quality mp3s that you can have for offline enjoyment. You can directly log in to the sites you wanted to access with the AceThinker Music Keeper. It has 1000+ sites that you can refer to when downloading MP3 from MP4 format. So here are the steps that will guide you through.

Step 1 Install Music Keeper

As mentioned above, you need to install Music Keeper to utilize its full features. You can see its straightforward interface right after installing it on your device. Click the download button below.

Try it for free.

Step 2 Access Interface

To begin the downloading video to mp3 format. You need to have the video link no matter where the video came from; you can download it in mp3 using the Music Keeper. Then paste the link to the URL bar beside the (+) sign.

extract audio from mp4 mk interface

Step 3 Find the Video

When you found the video online, click the MP3 button below the video to continue the process of downloading MP4 to MP3 format with Music Keeper.

extract audio from mp4 mk link

Step 4 Download

The final step would begin after clicking the download button. Then wait for it to be downloaded. You can if it is done in the downloaded tab. You can also play the mp3 directly there.

extract audio from mp4 mk download

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