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How to Download Shakira MP3 Songs

Shakira MP3 Song DownloadIt is true that if you grew up listening to Shakira’s songs, you would not have second thoughts to play them nonstop all day. Admit it or not (hips don’t lie!); we once had her songs in our playlist. Sometimes, we even get shocked whenever we groove with her songs unconsciously. Shakira’s songs are one of the go-to songs in every party, event, and club. You cannot go to a party without listening to one of her songs. There are times when we merely want to vibe with her songs any time of the day. As a result, we have listed one of the most effective desktop programs for Shakira MP3 download. But not only that, but we have also provided detailed steps on how to download her songs for offline streaming. Continue reading this article for easy Shakira’s songs download.

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How to Download Shakira Songs on Windows/Mac

Now that you already have a glimpse of this article's content; let's now move on to the music downloader suitable for Shakira video song download. AceThinker Music Keeper is a desktop program that can support operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Meaning, this tool can be used in Windows and Mac to download Shakira songs for offline streaming. Also, it can download both MP3 and MP4 format files. Moreover, this desktop program allows you to download songs in up to 320Kbps MP3 quality and up to 1080 music video resolution. AceThinker Music Keeper has a well-organized interface wherein you can download songs without hassles, ads, viruses, and plugins. Provided below are the detailed steps to download Shakira's songs.

Extra Tip: You can enter the song's name into the song downloader’s search bar or paste its URL to download songs.

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Step 1 Download and Install Shakira Song Downloader

To install the music keeper, first, download it by clicking the Download button above. You can then choose which “download” button you will click based on your operating system. After that, follow the configuration wizards. Get to familiarize the tool's interface as it will appear after the downloading process is complete.

mk interface step1

Step 2 Copy the Shakira Song URL or Enter the Song Title

Once done, go to the YouTube homepage, look for Shakira's song you want to download on your computer and copy the URL from the address bar. Next, paste it into Music Keeper's search bar. You can also type the song and album titles into the search bar and press the enter button for the program to locate them.

mk interface step2

Step 3 Choose the Audio or Video Format

Then, by pressing the "More" button, choose the audio format of the song you want to download. MP3 audio quality ranges from 128k to 320k, and MP4 resolution ranges from 240p to 1080p.

mk interface step3

Step 4 Download the Shakira MP3 or MP4 file

Next, press the "Download" button. Then, the device will lead your file to the download area. Then, wait for your audio or video file to become accessible for offline listening.

mk interface step4

Step 5 Listen to the Song

The song can then be found in the Downloaded section once it's finished. To find the song you downloaded on your computer, choose Open File Location. You can then listen to the song by using its built-in player.

mk interface step5

Most Popular Songs from Shakira

After we've known the steps to download Shakira songs, let's now take a look at her most popular songs. As everybody knows, Shakira hit the headlines in the 1990s, unleashing Latin hits. In the 2000s, she broadened her reach with a crossover career. She started working toward her goal of total world domination. She is still riding high in her 40s, with a huge collection of American and Latin Grammys and a discography covering more than two decades. We can't argue that after launching songs up to now, we've rediscovered our love for Shakira and her greatest hits. The following collection is an undeniably amazing set of music that defines the indefatigable 44-year-old mother-of-two.

download shakira songs shakira

1. Hips Don't Lie

This song is Shakira's first #1 pop hit in the United States and the United Kingdom, making her the first South American artist.

2. Whenever, Wherever

This song was her breakout hit in English-language markets all over the world, peaking at #2 in the United Kingdom.

3. Objection (Tango)

The disco song "Objection (Tango)" was the catalyst for the worldwide hit maker's transition into American pop. It's an exhilarating combination of samba drums and surf guitar.

4. Dare (La La La)

This is one of the theme songs for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In the United States, the song dominated the dance club chart.

5. Estoy Aqui

Shakira's worldwide breakthrough hit single "Estoy Aqui" peaked at #2 on the US Latin Songs chart.

6. Perro Fiel

She and Nicky exchange verses in "Perro Fiel," each affirming their undying love for the other through this song.

7. Underneath Your Clothes

Shakira's album "Laundry Service" featured this song as the second single.

8. Tu

"Tu" was Shakira's second single from her album "Donde Estan Los Ladrones?" It topped the Latin music charts in the United States.

9. Empire

"Empire" is a major rock ballad from Shakira's self-titled album. The album is a slow burner, with erotic vocals booming during the chorus.

10. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)

This song is the biggest World Cup-related hit of all time, with over four million copies sold worldwide.

11. Don't Bother

"Don't Bother" was a worldwide hit, reaching number one on the pop songs charts in the United Kingdom and Germany.

12. Can't Remember to Forget You

Shakira's tenth studio album featured this superstar collaboration with Rihanna as the lead single. The album incorporates rock and reggae features.

13. She Wolf

The song is heavily influenced by classic disco and depicts the sexual animal that lurks inside a woman. Shakira's single "She Wolf" debuted at #34 on the Billboard Hot 100, her best debut to date.

14. Loca

Shakira's bilingual album "Sale El Sol" included the lead single "Loca." There is a Spanish version with El Cata's vocals and an English version with Dizzee Rascal's vocals from the United Kingdom.

15. Did It Again

The second single from the album "She Wolf" is the song “Did It Again," which contains electro-pop and samba elements.

16. Addicted to You

Reggaeton is a major influence on Shakira's fifth and final single, "Addicted to You," from her album "Sale El Sol."

17. "Sale El Sol"

After the electro-pop explorations of "She Wolf," this song represents a return to her rock-and-roll roots.

18. Inevitable

The third song from Shakira's album "Donde Estan Los Ladrones?" was "Inevitable." It's a rock ballad that reached #3 on the Latin Songs charts in the United States.

19. Chantaje

“Blackmail” is the translation of Chantaje, a 2016 reggae song that reached number one on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart.

20. La Tortura

"La Tortura" was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards, and it was also the first Spanish-language single to win MTV Video Music Award.

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