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Best App to Download Music from YouTube to iPod

download music from youtube to ipodiPod is a product developed and introduced by Apple in 2001. It has been useful in providing music anywhere. It fits in our pocket, making it convenient to bring around. With all the versions it has, each updates give you more quality music and services when it comes to organizing your playlist. However, though Apple made it possible to transfer and download audio, there's easier way to pack it with your favorite songs. Luckily, there's a tool that lets you save music without compromising your offline streaming quality. And another good news is that you can use YouTube as your music source. With that, continue reading this article and discover which app will help you download music from YouTube to iPod.

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How to Download YouTube to MP3 for iPod

It's great to choose the best downloader to give you high-quality output if you download songs from YouTube to iPod. Concerning that, here's AceThinker Video Keeper-- your all-in-one solution for downloading and converting YouTube videos to high-quality 320kbp MP3 that you can transfer to your iPod. Yes, with this tool, you can save that video and convert it to music and save it on your PC. Also, to maximize your time, you can also use its Batch Download feature to get that full YouTube playlist in one click. And since it directly extracts audio, it helps you easily transfer your file from your PC to your iPod.

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Step 1 Install and Launch the App

Click the download button above to install the app. After that, open the saved file and follow the installation guide. Once done, launch the tool and start discovering its unique downloading features.

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Step 2 Search for the YouTube Music

To start how to download music from YouTube to iPod, you should go to YouTube and search for the song you want to download. Browse and pick the video and copy its link from the address bar.

download music from youtube to ipod

Step 3 Download Music from YouTube

Next, paste the video's URL on the tool's "Paste URL" bar. Click the "+" button to start analyzing the video's link. Once the thumbnail appears, click More and pick from the best audio quality under MP3 and click "Download." Note that you can even download YouTube to MP3 longer than two hours.

download music from youtube to ipod step 3

Step 4 Play and Enjoy Downloaded YouTube Songs

After extracting the audio, you can listen to it by going to the Downloaded tab. From there, click the songs you downloaded, right-click and select Play Music. Now, you can have full control over your output. You can play, share, and transfer them on any devices that you prefer, including on your iPod since it is already in MP3 format.

Don't limit yourself on YouTube as your audio source as this app supports hundreds of sites, like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, Instagram, Audiomack, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.

download music from youtube to ipod step 4

How to Transfer Download YouTube MP3 to iPod

As we already give you the best method for downloading music from YouTube, this part will help you how to put music on iPod from YouTube. Given that you already have those songs from YouTube you want on your computer, it's time to transfer them to your iPod. All you need this time is your iTunes account. To do so, follow the steps below:

download music from youtube to ipod sec 2

  • First, transfer the music from your PC to your iTunes. To do it, locate the folder of your downloaded music. Then, open your iTunes account.
  • After opening both folder and app, drag those songs from your folder and drop it on the iTunes interface.
  • Connect your iPod on your computer via USB cable and click the 'View' menu and select 'Show Sidebar'.
  • Your iPod will be visible in the sidebar in 'Devices.' Click your iPod icon and the 'Music' option in the left sidebar. Next, check 'Sync Music' and wait for your file to finish transferring.
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Last updated on September 17, 2022

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Download MP3 music up to 320kbps from anywhere.
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