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Easy Ways to Download Songs on iPhone

feature download songs in iphoneFor many who have switched on iPhone devices, one of the most frequent questions they probably ask themselves is, "How to download songs in iPhone without paying any subscription?". It's probably the most common question when you're switching from android to an iOS device. Apple Music app is where you can browse, stream and listen to music on your iOS devices. It is the place where iPhone users can listen to over 90 million songs. Its distinctive features include its capability to download your favorite music tracks.

Furthermore, being able to play them offline is just amazing. You will be amazed by its built-in DAC's that provides the highest quality sound of every iPhone gadget. But to have your favorite pieces of music on your iOS device, you will still need to pay a subscription. That's why we listed here in this article how to download MP3 to iPhone. And how we can manually add MP3 to iPhone.

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Background Knowledge of Listening Music on iPhone

Apple Music offers a subscription-based sound streaming service that allows users to access millions of songs. One of the fantastic features that Apple Music can provide is that it offers uninterrupted offline listening. Including songs ripped from compact disks. It also has flexible entertainment options, including live radio stations, Siri integration, and more. Suppose you are wondering how to transfer MP3 to iPhone. In that case, you can rely on the following: the few steps below for we have outlined. Five simple steps on how you can successfully transfer MP3 files to your iPhone device.

Manually Add Music to Your iPhone Using iTunes

Manually adding music to your iPhone devices can be a little tricky to some people. There are cases that some people are having a hard time transferring or adding music to their iPhone devices. There are a few common reasons why few people couldn't add music to their iPhones. One of these is having a bad cable. Having torn cables might not work for your music transferring. You need first to check if your cables are working fine. You can also try to update your iTunes. Here are some ways on how you can add or transfer MP3 files to your iPhone devices.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to Your Computer

Connect your iOS device to your computer desktop via USB. And open your Finder window and select iPhone from the Locations.

download mp3 to iphone connect ios device to computer

Step 2 Modify iPhone Transfer Settings

Second, click Manually manage music, movies, and TV shows from the menu tab. To be able your iOS devices to be read.

download mp3 to iphone manually manage

Step 3 Open Your Finder App

Click the "Apply" sign seen at the bottom-right corner of your Finder screen. Then go to the Music app and search for the music you want to add to your iPhone.

download mp3 to iphone click apply sign

Step 4 Drop and Drag MP3

From the Music app on your computer, you can now add or drag any album or songs you've added to your library. And add it to your iPhone from the menu bar.

download mp3 to iphone drag albums and songs

Step 5 Disconnect Your iPhone From Your Desktop

Repeat the same step for all the music you like to add to your iOS devices. And lastly, select the "Eject" Button next to iPhone before disconnecting your device. Transfer Music to iPhone/iPad without iTunes

download mp3 to iphone eject ios device

Transfer Music to iPhone/iPad without iTunes

Here are a few steps to put MP3 to iPhone without any hassle with WALTR PRO. It is probably the best way you can do if your iTunes is not exceeding your expectations. Or when you're always having problems with adding music from your iTunes due to several reasons. WALTR PRO is one of the best MP3 to iPhone converter. It's one of the most prominent tools that you can use to transfer any files to your iOS devices easily. The following are the few steps on how to use WALTR PRO.

Step 1 Download and Install

Click thisWaltr Pro. This will redirect you to the webpage where you can download WALTR PRO. From this webpage, you will see the "FREE DOWNLOAD" sign. Then install and wait for a few seconds.

download mp3 to iphone download using waltr pro step1

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone to Computer

Now that it's fully installed. You will need to plug in your iOS device to your computer via USB cable. And modify your iPhone settings.

download mp3 to iphone download using waltr pro step2

Step 3 Drag and Drop MP3 Files

After connecting your iPhone to your desktop computer, launch the Walter Pro App. A floating app will show. You will see a "Drag and Drop" sign where you will drag and drop your MP3 file.

download mp3 to iphone download using waltr pro step3

Step 4

After transferring all the files, you want to transfer. You can now disconnect your iPhone from your computer. Lastly, check your Library on your iPhone. And enjoy and listen to your music. Download MP3 for iPhone Using MP3Juice Downloader.

download mp3 to iphone download using waltr pro step4

Download MP3 for iPhone Using MP3Juice Downloader

MP3Juice Downloader is a free online MP3 downloader for everyone. With MP3Juice Downloader, you can now download any of your selected songs online for your iPhone or Android devices. Additionally, you're not required to download and register any software, which is very annoying for most people. With just two clicks, you can now have your favorite pieces of music. With just a link to your favorite songs, from a vast online sharing music website online. Including Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more, with new supported websites added frequently. Any popular browsers are allowed to access MP3Juice Downloader like Chrome, Fox, Safari, and more. Here's how to download MP3 to your iPhone without iTunes.

Step 1 Configure Your Browser settings

Type “chrome://settings/downloads” to your tab. It will redirect you to your browser settings location. Next is to change your location to your iPhone device. And help you download directly from MP3Juice Downloader to your iPhone.

download mp3 to iphone mp3juice downloader step1

Step 2 Go to MP3Juice Downloader.

Click this AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader.It will redirect you to MP3Juice Downloader's website. From here, you will see a search toolbar where you can enter the name or the URL link of the song you want to download. Moreover, you will see a download sign beside the search toolbar.

download mp3 to iphone mp3juice downloader step2

Step 3 Then Copy and Paste the URL of the music.

Copy and Paste the URL of your selected song. You can now click the "Download" sign. And here, you can modify or select what output format you want your music to be. And click the "Download" sign to download the songs you love.

download mp3 to iphone mp3juice downloader step3

Step 4 Listen to Your Downloaded MP3

Unplug your iOS device from your computer. Open your Music App and go to your Library. And listen to the songs that you've converted and downloaded from MP3Juice Downloader.

download mp3 to iphone mp3juice downloader step4

Download MP3 for iPhone by using Music Keeper

Downloading music from iTunes is just a hassle and costs you a lot of money. You will need to have a subscription to have the music tracks that you want to listen to. This is why Music Keeper is created, a free MP3 to iPhone Downloader that every iOS device user needs to have. Music Keeper is a software MP3 downloader both on any PC and mobile device—no need for any registration, which is very convenient. With just a link to your favorite pieces of music and convert it to an MP3 file quickly and easily. You can extract audio, shows, podcasts, and more from vast websites online. Including Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. You can also use Music Keeper to download MP3 to iPhone. Here's An Easy Way to Download MP3 to iPhone with Music Keeper.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Download and Install the Music Keeper

First thing, click one of the "Download" buttons provided above. Make sure to download the correct version of the tool based on what computer OS you're using. After downloading, install it on your computer. Please wait for a few seconds to have it fully installed.

Step 2 Set the Download Location to Transfer MP3 to iPhone

To put MP3 on iPhone, navigate to the menu settings of the tool and click 'Settings.' From here, set the download location of the MP3 music you want to download directly on your iPhone device. To do so, click "Change" and locate your iPhone device. Once all set, click 'OK' the save the changes you made.

download mp3 to iphone mk step2

Step 3 Copy the URL of the MP3 Music

Now, open a web browser and visit any music-streaming site where you wish to download MP3 music. From the respective site, copy the music URL from the browser's address bar. Then, switch back to Music Keeper and paste the copied link by pressing the "Search or Paste URL" sign. The tool will analyze the link. After a while, hit the "Download" button from the list of the options that will appear.

download mp3 to iphone mk step3

Step 4 Choose Your Preferred Download Audio Quality

Once you've finished copying and pasting your MP3 file, you will need to select your preferred quality. From the available audio quality format, toggle the radio button of the audio that you want to download your MP3 music. After that, click the "Download" button to start the download process.

download mp3 to iphone mk step4

Step 5 Locate and Play the Downloaded MP3 Music

After the download process is completed, head on to the 'Downloaded' panel. See the newly downloaded MP3 music and right-click on its file name. Then, select 'Open file Location' to view the downloaded MP3 music on your iPhone device. And there you have it. You can now play and enjoy the MP3 music on your iPhone device offline.

download mp3 to iphone mp3juice downloader step1

FAQs About Download MP3 to iPhone

1. Can you download MP3 to iPhone directly?

Yes, you can now download MP3 files to your iOS devices directly from your computer with AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader

2. How can I download MP3 to my iPhone for free?

There is so much software online that you can choose from. However, Music Keeper is probably one the best free and easy-to-use MP3 to iPhone Downloader. First, go to your browser's location and change it to iPhone.Second, download and install Music Keeper. Next, the third step is to copy and paste the URL of the music you want to convert and download to Music Keeper. Fourth modify what output format you want your MP3 to be, then click the "Download" sign. Lastly, unplug your iOS device. Listen, and enjoy your downloaded music on your Music app.

Comparison Chart for Best MP3 Downloader for iPhone

Tools Built-in Browser Other Supported Formats Search Engine Compatability
Waltr Pro Supported MKV, AVI, FLAC, EPUB, M4R etc. Not Supported macOS/Windows
Juice Downloader
Not Supported MP4,MKV, MPV, AVI, WMV, VOB, WMA, etc. Supported macOS/Windows
Music Keeper Supported MP4 Supported macOS/Windows
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