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2022 Guide: 10 Best Sites to Download Instrumental Music

feature download instrumental music An instrumental song is composed of only instruments, no vocals or singing. This kind of instrumental music can be used in a variety of ways. As a music producer or composer, the music files serve as the basis for composing a song, and for a vlogger, they serve as background music. Soft and soothing instrumentals can also be used for relaxation in hectic everyday life. Instrumental music is also utilized for various other commercial and business purposes. Therefore, no matter what your requirements are, it's essential to download instrumental music. While there are a variety of instrumental websites, we've chosen the best free beats website for you.

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10 Best Places to Download Instrumental Music


With more than 4 million samples included in the Loopclouds catalog, it has one of the most extensive libraries of samples available. They provide access to the library through accessible and well-planned desktop applications and desktop software. Their excellent workflow is loaded with capabilities. Samples downloaded or purchased via free quota are free and can be used for commercial release. Their website says, "Any samples you buy by using points - or your free quota remain yours for life." If you cancel the service, however, you'll be authorized to use what you downloaded as part of the duration of your subscription. This is a standard feature in a variety of high-end samples.

download instrumental music with loopcloud


Gemtracks is a renowned music marketplace for the industry that connects producers with independent filmmakers, artists, and other users seeking instrumentals. Each track can only be sold once and deleted from the site. The purchaser also acquires complete copyright ownership for the track, which is transferred to them. That means the purchaser can profit from the track without paying royalties. Gemtracks is a trusted brand by more than 10,000 clients and is used by numerous businesses too. The price of each instrument is $149. That is reasonable considering the endless revenue you can earn through the tracks.

download instrumental music with gemtracks


Splice is a market leader in providing royalty-free artist-to-artist background and instrumental music, which is also reasonably priced. For less than a month's Netflix subscription, you'll be able to access thousands of sample sounds, presets, loop grooves, and ambient sounds. Most music comes exclusively from the splice system, and you can't get it in any other place. You can purchase the backtracks and samples on your own or join subscribers to splice, which is probably the better alternative. Plans for subscribers are built around credits, and you can get 100 downloads for $7.99 to 1000 credits for $29.99.

download instrumental music with splice


With an easy-to-use interface, this website has a vast selection of high-quality music, and you can download instrumental beats. A wide selection of music by famous artists is available on the site to download. Alongside downloading music, Landr is also an excellent platform for artists just starting to showcase their works and sell them well.

download instrumental music with landr


Ideal for music lovers and creators, this website has a variety of beats and instrumentals that can be downloaded and accessed at no cost. The site permits downloading music without tags, and they're royalty-free. This site will provide users with various beats from various genres, including hip-hop, rap, R&B, hip-hop, rap, country, club drill, chill, and pop. High-quality backing tracks to any music-related project. Like the other sample sites listed on this list, our downloads are royalty-free, which means you get all the profits you earn from their use. The beats are encoded using the 320kbps format and in high-quality WAV format. They are also downloadable to your computer or DAW.

download instrumental music with freebeats

Noiiz has been in existence since 2012. It has user-friendly tools and a vast collection of more than 100,000 sound files. These are not only accessible via multiple DAW and music applications, but Noiiz also allows access across multiple devices. With their free trial of 15 days, you'll have plenty of time to access instrumental mp3 downloads.

download instrumental music with noiiz


If you're looking to buy or sell beats, this is among the top sites to look at for the collection of more than 1.5 million royalty-free music samples. You can choose your favorite type of music by sorting it by genre, popular pop, country, and more. Their music distribution services distribute to over 30 of the top digital music platforms. You can retain all the profits on unlimited releases, and you have to pay $19.99/year with the unlimited tracks option. You can also release your tracks on their platform. The Beatstars application helps you track your earnings.

download instrumental music with beatstars

Free Music Archive

The site hosts a selection of music with an open license across various categories and styles. It also has some of the Creative Commons licensing files related to living audio recordings, the music file, and tracks released into the domain of public use. In addition, they have a wealth of CC-licensed free music, live recordings, and music from the public domain. Custom licenses are also available to be added to copyrighted music. The site isn't as advanced as these others; however, it's an excellent repository for many public domain tracks. You can browse through a broad range of genres, including blues, classical music, folk, instrumental soul, jazz, and much more. And the good thing about this site is that it will let you listen to free music online without downloading.

download instrumental music with free music archive


With over forty thousand producers, this instrumental music site will surely provide the music you need to make the next mix or track. Because the site offers an invite-only feature for producers, you can be at ease knowing that you will receive high-quality music tracks. Most importantly, their producers are invite-only, which means you'll consistently receive high-quality beats from the website, which is something you can't receive from other free alternatives on this list. They can keep their catalog current with the latest trends and offer many hip-hop sub-genres and instrumental song mp3 downloads. Traktrain provides various choices for leasing tracks, including audio files to premium WAV formats, a range of limitations on usage, and whether you're interested in the track out. Finding the right track is simple. Using Traktrain's numerous filters and setting a BPM range is always helpful. Train tracks also provide expert mixing services at affordable prices.

download instrumental music with traktrain


If you're looking for intriguing beats and instrumentals, this is an excellent website since it has a large selection of key formats. Music creators can upload and sell their work on the website. The site gives you a full-length experience of the entire instrumental range. A free download option for the lower-quality version comes in various formats like MP3, 24-bit WAV, and track-out file options. That's not all; a range of licensing options, including royalty-free, provide worldwide usage rights with no limitations on sales or distribution. Trackouts are available for every instrument you sign in with your name, allowing you to retain all the money you earn.

download instrumental music with sfrbeats

To Sum Up

Hence, we can conclude our best sites to download instrumental music articles. Before you start, thoroughly review and research the instrumental download websites and make your decision depending on the offered features. In any cases you had trouble downloading the music that you want because of unknown errors, you can check this page to find the best solutions on why you can’t download MP3.

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