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How to Download BLACKPINK MP3 Songs

ownload BLACKPINK MP3 SongsYou're already aware that BLACKPINK is a group of global stars that have dominated the K-pop charts with their beauty and talents. This quartet was the most successful Korean girl group in recent years. They became the first Korean girl group to reach and top Billboard's Emerging Artists list, as well as the three times they topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. These four stunning singers (Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose) are rising in popularity and maybe one of the best K-pop groups of our time. Due to their popularity, you could see posters and billboards of their faces anywhere in the world. We cannot deny that we unconsciously groove whenever we hear their songs. We provide you with a list of BLACKPINK's most popular songs and BLACKPINK video song download.

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Most Popular BLACKPINK Songs to Enjoy

1. Ddu-ddu Ddu-du

Album: BLACKPINK in Your Area

This song is a famous hip-hop song with a catchy rhythm. It's pop, but it has trap music elements that make it catchy and entertaining. The synth line will make you want to get up and dance. Since it has an easy-to-remember chorus, the music is extremely addictive. BLACKPINK's most-streamed song is "Ddu-ddu Ddu-du." It has 200 million streams on Spotify. Teddy Park wrote this song, which is from their EP "Square Up." The music video was an instant success, generating huge traffic within hours of its release. It is now the most-watched music video from a K-pop girl group on YouTube.

download blackpink songs ddu-du ddu-du

2. Kill This Love

Album: Kill This Love

This empowering new song from BLACKPINK is soaring off the charts. It's about breaking a dysfunctional relationship. The song is more powerful and heavier than "Ddu-ddu ddu-ddu," but it's audible enough to listen to. This song has a strong electro-pop sound, with strong break-up lyrics, demonstrating its power and swagger. It's no surprise that this song has been so famous. "Kill This Love" is the lead single from their album of the same name, released in 2019. Teddy Park and Rebecca Johnson, an American singer-songwriter, collaborated on the song. The girls were also the first K-pop group to perform at Coachella in year 2019, making them the first K-pop artists. This song was a genuinely historic moment, and the "Blinks" were very proud of their accomplishment.

download blackpink songs kill this love

3. Boombayah

Album: Square One

One of BP's first songs is "Boombayah." Unlike other K-pop songs (girly, sweet, and bubbly), they debuted with powerful and sexy booming beats that perfectly matched their image. Their music video has hit a YouTube benchmark since receiving a significant amount of views in a brief time. They will almost certainly continue to be effective in the future. "Boombayah" became the first K-pop debut music video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube on October 13, 2020.

download blackpink songs boombayah

4. Don't Know What to Do

Album: Kill This Love

This song is a break-up ballad with melancholy lyrics, but it covers a catchy rhythm. "Kill This Love" contains the song "Don't Know What to Do." It is most likely one of BP's most beautiful songs. This song has a lonely message behind it, and it's about someone who decided to leave a relationship but now regrets it. “Don't Know What to Do” is an impressive song with exceptional vocals. Although we're used to seeing them as tough, we can see that they can be vulnerable and hurt in this song.

download blackpink songs don't know what to do

5. As if It's Your Last

Album: BLACKPINK in Your Area

What distinguishes "As If It's Your Last" from other BP songs is that it is their happiest, brightest, and the most upbeat song they've ever published. It focuses on BLACKPINK's "pink" side, while most of their songs focus on their "black" side. The third in their "Square" series mixes house, reggae, and moombahton. We can't help but fall in love and adore this "pinkish" song, which has an exciting beat and a vivid music video. It broke BTS' record for the fastest music video on YouTube, which was previously held by the song "Not Today."

download blackpink songs as if its your last

6. Whistle

Album: BLACKPINK in Your Area

"Whistle" is from their "Square One" double A-side single. They debuted this song, which was released alongside Boombayah. The song is a blend of minimalist hip-hop and guitar-driven music. This song, like a whistle, calls our attention. This song will make listeners want to dance and snap their fingers to the beat of this song. They received the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Music Video for "Whistle." It was applauded for being incredibly directed, showcasing not just the members' impressive visuals but also their talents.

download blackpink songs whistle

How to Download BLACKPINK Songs to MP3/MP4

Price: Free to install and use but it also offers premium plans: Personal - Lifetime for $35.95, Personal - 1 Year for $25.95, Personal - 1 Month for $9.95, and Family License - Lifetime for $71.90.

Since you've become familiar with BLACKPINK's songs, let's talk about how to stream their music so you can listen to them offline. In this part, we'll use AceThinker Music Keeper to find BLACKPINK songs for free MP3 and MP4 download. AceThinker Music Keeper is a desktop program that serves as an all-in-one solution for BLACKPINK video song download MP4 and MP3. This software uses advanced multi-threading technologies to speed up the streaming process and save you time while uploading BLACKPINK songs as MP3 or MP4 downloads. The key features and steps for downloading BLACKPINK songs are listed below.

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Step 1 Install the BLACKPINK Song Downloader

Acethinker Music Keeper is compatible with both Mac and Windows and is available for download. You can download it by clicking the "Download" button above target="_blank">link. After the download is complete, follow the setup wizards to complete the installation. After that, the tool's interface would appear.

mk interface step1

Step 2 Copy the BLACKPINK Song URL

Look for BLACKPINK songs to stream on MP3 or MP4 on any video-sharing platform. Then, copy the video URL, and paste it into AceThinker Music Keeper's search box in the upper center of the program's interface.

download blackpink songs mk interface step2

Step 3 Select the Audio or Video Quality

The system will automatically process your video, after which you can immediately download the file as an MP3 or MP4. Still, you can choose the output quality by clicking the "More" button.

download blackpink songs mk interface step3

Step 4 Download the BLACKPINK song

To proceed, click the Download button after selecting your preferred video or audio quality, and the system will redirect your files to the downloading section. Then wait for your audio file to be available to use offline.

download blackpink songs mk interface step4

Step 5 Play the Song

After that, go to the Downloaded section to find your BLACKPINK song. Choose Open File Location to locate the BLACKPINK song you downloaded on your computer. You can also use the tool's built-in music player to listen to the BLACKPINK songs.

download blackpink songs mk interface step5

Comparison Chart

BLACKPINK Songs Date Released Awards South Korea (Gaon Digital Chart) Peak Position
Ddu-ddu Ddu-du June 15, 2018 Teen Choice Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards Japan, Melon Music Awards Rank 1
Kill This Love April 4, 2019 Nominated in Mnet Asian Music Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards, and Seoul Music Awards Rank 3
Boombayah August 8, 2016 Seoul Music Awards Rank 7
Don't Know What to Do April 4, 2019 Not specified Rank 38
As if It's Your Last June 22, 2017 Golden Disc Awards Rank 3
Whistle August 8, 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards Rank 1
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