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Proper Ways on How to Burn YouTube Music to CD

feature burn youtube music to cdA CD or compact disk is a digital data storage intended to save and play digital audio recordings. In the early 2000s, CD dominated the music industry with worldwide sales of 30 billion discs for audio CD, CD-ROMs, and CD-Rs. A standard 120 mm CD-ROM can hold media files about 703MB of data. With this minimal amount of storage available, CDs became less prevalent in the early 2010s due to the development of different portable players and platforms. One of these platforms is YouTube. This video-sharing platform holds the most famous music files that can be seen on the internet. Thus, many music enthusiasts acquire music with this platform. Yet, with the advanced technology applied on different media containers. CD developers innovated CD containers to a Rewritable format; thus, it enables users to re-record media. Therefore, many music enthusiasts utilize a CD container as an excellent audio container. Find out the ways on how to put music on a CD from YouTube.

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How to Download YouTube Music to Computer

Distinctive Feature: It enables users to download multiple songs in one click with the help of its Batch Download feature.

If you are a music enthusiast and fascinated by rhythms and melodies, AceThinker Music Keeper is a helpful tool for you. With its advanced methodology and technology, acquiring music is faster than before. It has a vast range of video quality that users can select, from 128kbps to 320kbps of audio quality. It offers a fast-tracking and downloading process for your desired music. You can search by inputting a keyword on its search box, pasting a URL, and entering an entire link of YouTube Playlist. With it, you can also download MP3 songs from all popular music-sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Jamendo, Bandcamp, and more. Below is the walkthrough on how to download music for Mac and Windows from YouTube using AceThinker Music Keeper.

Step 1 Install the YouTube Downloader

First things first, download AceThinker Music Keeper on your device. Hit the download button below to acquire its installer. Then, run the downloaded file on your device system and pass through different installation requirements. Afterward, open and launch the tool to familiarize its functionalities and navigation.

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mk interface

Step 2 Optimized Settings

Next, to fully enhance your workflow with this tool, optimize its settings according to your preferred setup. Access the Menu icon located at the upper right corner of the tool. Then, make your way on the Setting option to open a new window. There you can see the output location. Alter the output location according to your desired folder. By doing this process, it will provide you with easy access to your downloaded music and audio files.

burn youtube music to cd mk settings

Step 3 Download Music From YouTube

Then, go to video-sharing sites like YouTube to acquire the link you want to download as music. Once copied, go back to Music Keeper and paste it on the search bar located at the uppermost part of the tool. Then, its system will analyze the URL. After that, it will give you an option to download the file like MP3 directly, or you can choose your desired audio quality. Once done, select the download button to initiate the process of converting and downloading.

burn youtube music to cd mk download

Step 4 Preview the Downloaded Audio File

Lastly, once done, go to the Downloaded tab to locate the output audio file. Then, hit play to preview it. You can also locate the file on your folder by accessing the folder you have selected in step 2. Now, since the music file has been downloaded, you can transfer it on the CD. Read through further to know how to burn songs onto a CD from YouTube.

burn youtube music to cd mk play

Utilize its built-in web browser to access YouTube and search your desired music.

How to Burn YouTube Music to CD

There are proper ways to burn YouTube music to a CD with your personal computer. Windows Media Player and iTunes are essential tools that you should use to transfer songs to a CD container. We use Windows Media Player since it is an inbuilt player that Windows operating system works well with. On the other hand, iTunes is for the Mac operating system. Below are the steps and walkthroughs that will quickly guide you to burn music from YouTube to a CD.

KHow to burn music to a CD from YouTube with Windows Media Player:

  • First, launch the tool on your computer, and go to your music library.
  • Then, insert a blank CD on the Burner of your computer.

burn youtube music to cd wmp launch

  • Next, go back to Windows Media Player and select the music that you want to burn.
  • Lastly, hit the burn option located at the upper-right part of the tool. And wait until the process finishes. Preview the burned CD using a CD player.

burn youtube music to cd wmp burn

How to burn a CD from YouTube music iTunes

  • First, open iTunes and create a playlist that you want to burn.
  • Then, input a blank CD into your device Drive or burner.

burn youtube music to cd itunes launch

  • Afterward, tick the File menu and select Burn Playlist to Disc from the drop-down menus.
  • Lastly, once the process has been ended, get a CD player and preview your output audio.

burn youtube music to cd itunes burn

CD Burning Tips

CD burning is a simple task yet it has a very meticulous process to achieve a good quality outcome. Sometimes with a few mistakes, the process of burning music to a CD might get interrupted. Thus, it is a must to know these CD burning tips that we collated for you.

1. Use High-Quality Disc

Branded discs are usually less flawed and have a higher chance of burning clear music than those cheaper discs.

2. Do not Run Large Application While Burning

Transferring media files into a disc is a meticulous process. Running an application on your personal computer during the burn process may disrupt the output playback of your files. Thus, performing a significant task on your PC is not recommended during the burning process.

3. Store your Disc Properly

CDs are sensitive to light and hot environments. Ultraviolet heat and light from the sun can directly wear off the dye used in your discs. Once the disc has been exposed to these lights, it can corrupt the files stored on your disc. Thus, being organized on your discs is needed.

burn youtube music to cd tips

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