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Figure Out 7 of The Most-Used Music Tag Editor

feature best mp3 tag editor Whether you download your MP 3 files from some online websites or use YouTube converters to download them, all MP3 files come with a Tag or metadata. It is useful in sorting music files, including the artist's information, title, rating, comments, album, playlist, date, genre, and other things. However, this information can be problematic for some users. In such a case, you may want to edit or remove that information to make things right for your use case. The good part is that you may use the best MP3 tag editor to do this and resolve the issue on your end. Finding the best tool to do the job can still be tricky, and we are here to solve the issue for you. Here we will elaborate on the top 7 music tag editor tools you can use to get things done.

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7 Best MP3 Tag Editor Tools You Can Choose From

The following are the top 7 music ID3 tag editor tools that you can choose from.

1. Music Tag

The first MP3 metadata editor that we will discuss here is Music Tag. It is free software that comes with a paid version as well. However, the free version comes with all the features that you may need. You have complete control over your music files, which allows you to set your library the way you want. Apart from the MP3 files, it also supports MP4, WMA, FLAC and AAC. Its intuitive interface offers an easy user experience because most other MP3 info editor tools are extremely complex to use. The exciting part is that it is available on both Mac and Windows OS. If you are wondering about the paid version, which provides automatic tagging, all other requirements are fulfilled in the free version.

music tag as best mp3 tag editor

2. MP3 Tag

MP3 Tag is another MP3 info editor that also offers free usage and a whole set of tools you can use to edit your MP3 file's metadata in several ways. It not only works on MP3 files but also supports some other file formats that you may want to edit. MP3 Tag is all about the additional cool features it provides, like creating playlists, automatic file renaming, and an online app available. If you want an easy experience, then you may have to go through a learning curve. It is a good option for people experienced with such tools, but it may be complex if you are new to them. MP3 Tag is also available for both Mac and Windows OS.

mp3 tag as best mp3 tag editor

3. TagScanner

Another free MP3 tag software that you can use with MP3 files and several other files. If you want a feature-rich tool, then this is what you are looking for. You will not miss any features and will never need the premium version. It helps edit and remove text information and works quite well with images. You can remove the image that originally came with the MP3 file as its icon, add any of your desired images, or leave it removed for a cleaner experience. If you want to create playlists, TagScanner will do that, renaming the files according to their metadata. Aside from editing data, you can also create playlists based on the original or your edited metadata. It is only available on Windows.

tagscanner as best mp3 tag editor

4. MediaMonkey

Everyone does not want a tool for their PC because some people want to get things done on their smartphones. MediaMonkey makes the right choice for such people as it is available for Android devices. However, it also supports Windows usage for PC and tablets but no Mac support with MediaMonkey. The application offers a clean and easy-to-use interface. On your android devices, it can also be used as your media player. Most of its tag editing features are free, but if you want automatic tagging or other advanced tools, you may need to switch to the paid premium version.

mediamonkey as best mp3 tag editor

5. MusicBrainz Picard

This MP3 ID3 tag editor is designed to keep beginners in mind, as it has one of the easiest interfaces of all the options we have discussed so far. Being free is not the only thing you'd love about it as it comes with multiple OS support, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. You will like how easy it is to edit tags manually. You also get the tag downloading feature to get online tags using Lookup (with existing tags), Scan (using the digital fingerprint of the file) and Searching tags through the MusicBrainz website. It is something that most tools only provide with their paid versions.

musicbrainz picard as best mp3 tag editor

6. MetatOGGer

An efficient tool and one of the best MP3 tagger to manually edit tags for managing your library dedicated to Windows users. Apart from manual editing, it tells the system to pull information from the file, and you also have the option to use the MusicBrainz database online to find the right set of tags for free. The greatest part is that it shows a preview to let you verify your edits before saving them, so there are no errors. In terms of a user interface, it is easy to begin with as all the elements are at easy reach.

best mp3 tag editor metatogger

7. ID3 Tag Editor

ID3 is the last tool that we will be discussing here, and the reason for it being here is that it works for both 64-bit and 32-bit systems. The first impression of its user interface will make it look outdated, but its minimalist interface is also the reason why it is very easy to use. It also brings the image editing and uploading feature along with editing the text information. So, you get complete control over your playlist, and with manual tagging, you can create and manage your playlists how you want to.

id3 tag editor as best mp3 tag editor


The long range of options may confuse you because you do not know which one will provide you with the best experience. There are a few features you need to consider, including the availability on your platform, price(free ones work just fine), features like working with multiple files at once, image editing, etc. Consider all of the mentioned tools according to your requirements, and you will easily select the best one according to your requirements.

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Last updated on November 10, 2022

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