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Top 10 Spellbinding Free Songwriting Software to Date

featured image-free songwriting softwareMusic is one of the most powerful means to communicate. Whether you want to express your happy thoughts or mend your broken heart, music will help you express that. Melody, rhythm, chords, lyrics are the essential elements you should consider when writing a song. Whether you’re a guitarist, pianist, or non-instrumentalist, every one of us can compose a song. Writing lyrics or songs is very tricky. Musically-inclined persons wrote their masterpiece while they are seated at their piano or holding the guitar. This trick will work most of the time; however, those who are not familiar with this routine may experience a songwriting rut. Thus, it would be best if you had made a plan; put your instrument down; explore the world for ideas, and try to write the melodies and the lyrics in your mind. Once you’ve got a clue how to compose your song, use the best free songwriting software that we review in this article. Read, analyze, and scrutinize them. You wouldn’t know, using one of these software might bring you to stardom and success.

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MasterWriter- Songwriting and Creative Writing Software

It is lyric writing software that mainly focuses on providing a rhyming dictionary while composing a song. MasterWriter tool will help aspiring songwriters who are struggling in creating beautifully-composed lyrics. It has filters that allow you to search for a close, perfect, and wide range of rhymes, which can provide you with more choices and can express yourself in the most creative ways. It has a toolbar to access different useful tabs such as Rhymes, Phrases, Word families, Synonyms, etc. And it has a distinctive feature wherein you can hide the lyric page while choosing the best phrases. MasterWriter automatically saves and back-up your file; even if you left your lyrics on the app for a long time, it won’t delete and won’t cause any data loss.

songwriting software masterwriter


  • Navigation is straightforward to help the beginner to figure it out as clearly as it is presented on its interface.
  • It perfectly works on any device, such as a laptop, PC, tablet, and phone.
  • Compatible in different OS like macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux.

  • Paid service, no free trial. Price starts at $9.95 for a monthly subscription.

Rhymegenie – The Ultimate Rhyming Dictionary

It is a songwriting software that provides suitable rhymes for you to become a master lyricist. Rhymegenie’s word filter features more than 130 000 parts of speech. It has integrated thesaurus with 2.5 million entries that are capable of finding matching syllable synonyms. It exceeded the traditional rhyming dictionaries with its 30 different types of rhymes: Additive rhyme (augmented rhyme), Alliteration (head rhyme), Assonance, etc.

songwriting software rhymegenie


  • Huge database of words, phrases, and synonyms.
  • Organized results/output.

  • Paid service, Price starts at $26 for a monthly subscription.

Verseperfect- Free Writing Suite for Poets

If you are a poet, Songwriter, or a person who loves to write something, this songwriting program will be your best friend. Verseperfect powerful tool will surely help you become a poet with its features, like hyperbolic thesaurus, a semantic chart. This chart will assist you in choosing the best and essential words needed for your lyrics. It also provides you with famous quotes, phrases, proper nouns, and familiar rhymes to bring out the poet within you.

songwriting software verseperfect


  • Powerful and fast to use.
  • Famous quotes can be searched and utilized.
  • The license is free. No premium is needed.

  • Only available for Windows Operating System.

Songwriter’s Pad – Professional Songwriting Software

Songwriter's Pad is a freemium songwriting software wherein you can use its distinctive features within 14 days for free, and you can acquire the license of the application for $99. It has unique features like chord notation, wherein you can quickly put or insert chords on your lyrics. It also has various options on its editing pad, like the font style and size, adding notations (name of the author, publisher, and more), import backing track instruments (MP3, WAV, and M4A format), and songs’ lyrics are autosave.

songwriting software songwriters pad


  • Keep your lyrics organized and systematized.
  • It has a built in recorder for you to backtrack your songs with your instruments or vocals.

  • Freemium service, to continue serving, you need to avail of premium access.

Ludwig – Find your English Sentence

It is a songwriting software that is compatible with Windows OS. This software will aid you in writing your songs. Writing songs will never be the same in the features that it provides. By clicking or entering on the software, Ludwig will find the proper chords for your songs. It uses artificial intelligence to support you to compose an entire song. You will not feel agitated while looking around because it has very responsive navigation. It offers a different music style wherein you can select from pop, ballad, classical, etc.


  • Automatic arrangement.
  • It supports verses for songwriting.
  • The arrangement follows your given emotion for the songs.
  • You can practice instruments like guitar, piano, etc.

  • Freemium service, basic features are available. Additional features needed premium activation. The Price starts at $75.

Easy Songwriter – Song Writing Software

Easy Songwriter is a freemium step by step songwriting software. It has five steps to finish a song or music. It lets you create and record your song without playing any instruments. It allows you to create a demo and backtrack your songs. It has a distinctive feature to apply a remarkable effect on your songs, just like other professional recording companies. Change tempo suited for your taste and preference. It also has a track synchronizer and channel mixer for you to achieve professionally mixed songs.

songwriting software easy song


  • Record multiple versions of your songs.
  • Navigate quickly using its toolbar and tabs.

  • Only compatible on Windows.
  • Free trial for 14 days. The premium price starts at €129.00.

Open Songs –Lyric Writing Software

Open Songs is a free songwriting software for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It manages the lyrics, chords, harmonies, etc., for aspiring songwriters who want to create their masterpiece. It has different features for songwriters to utilize like, print lyrics, export and import files, rename files, and many more. It can also link songs for your lyrics. You can also put a copyright disclaimer for your songs. And this software lets users customize its interface and theme according to user’s preferences.

songwriting software open song


  • You can use the shortcut key to navigate the tool.
  • Free to use, no premium access needed.

  • The software usually got blocked on browsers while downloading. It might bring malicious software that can harm your device.

Musecore- Music composition and Notation

A multi-purpose songwriting program that songwriters can use as a song composer, synthesizer, mixer, etc. Musecore a freemium service; basic features are available; however, if you want to enjoy its all-access service, you need to avail premium package for $6.99 a month. One of its features is “Sound and Playback,” which gives the user playback control and extends the instrument sounds on their songs.

songwriting software musecore


  • Clean and no hassle to use.
  • Allows you to interact with other composers or Songwriters.
  • It has countless instrumental sounds.

  • Freemium access only.

Finale- Music Notation Software

Finale is a wonderful software to use for aspiring songwriters and music lovers. It’s a freemium software that you can explore within 30 days of trial. The software lets you create a score, play melodies and harmonies, create lyrics, save songs, and everything you can ever think of. It has a feature that you can share your beautifully created songs with other composers. It also has 17 000 phrases, 48,000 title cards, and 35,000 proper nouns that songwriters can utilize.

songwriting software finale


  • It uses a rhyme algorithm for better rhyme matches.
  • Back-up and restore files.
  • Compatible on Mac OS X, Windows XP.

  • Premium starts for almost $600.

Lyricist –Online Solution for Artists

Lyricist songwriting program is most-beloved by music lovers and aspiring songwriters. It has distinctive valuable features that are helpful for songwriting and composing music. Rhyming Dictionary, wherein the user can access 11 000 of the most used rhymes, including slangs, can make your songs unique and exceptional. You can also use chord charts to apply chords within the lyrics. It also has programmable text styles, export and import songs, and song transposition.

songwriting software lyricist


  • It offers friendly-user navigation.
  • Extensive phrases and rhymes.

  • Premium service starts at $59.95.

Conclusion and Comparison Table

There you have it, the ten lists of songwriting software that inspiring musicians can use to create beautiful songs and harmonies; if you think you have better suggestions or line-ups regarding this article. You can place your comment, and we’ll further analyze it. Moreover, if you are still uncertain about choosing software to write songs, you can also scrutinize and analyze these comparison charts.

Software Price OS Compatibility Risk detected
Masterwriter Paid service, no free trial. Price starts at $9.95. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux Safe to use.
Rhymegenie Paid service, Price starts at $26 for a monthly subscription. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows Safe to use.
Verseperfect Free to use. Microsoft Windows Safe to use.
Songwriter's Pad Free trial for 14 days. The premium price starts at $99. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows Safe to use.
Ludwig Freemium service.
Premium service starts at $75.
Microsoft Windows Safe to use.
Software Price OS Compatibility Risk detected
Easy Songwriter Free trial for 14 days. The premium price starts at €129.00. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux. Safe to use.
Open Songs Free to use. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux The software usually got blocked on browsers while downloading. It might bring malicious software that can harm your device.
Musecore Freemium service.Premium service starts at $6.99. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Safe to use.
Finale Freemium service.Premium service starts at $59.95. Mac OS X, Windows XP Safe to use.
Lyricist Premium service starts at $59.95. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows Safe to use.
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