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Useful tool to convert MP4 file to WAV in a quick process of conversion without losing the origin file quality.
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Convert all regular video and audio formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and more.

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Easy Steps to Convert MP4 to WAV

Upload MP4 File
Open the online MP4 to WAV converter free tool on your browser. Click the button “Choose Files.” After clicking the button, the tool will automatically bring you to the file folder of your computer. Find the MP4 you want to convert and select it.
Change MP4 to WAV
After you select the MP4 file from your device and upload it, hit the drop-down menu to see the format options to convert your file. Choose Audio and hit the WAV format as your best option. Then click the convert button and wait for the conversion process.
Download the Converted File
Once the conversion procedure is done, click the “Download'' button located at the bottom section of the tool to download the MP4 to WAV converted files. Wait for a while, and your output file will be saved on your local device storage.

Information about the MP4 and WAV File Extensions

File MP4 WAV
Information MP4 or MPEG 4 file is a video format that supports video encoding used to store audio, video, images, and subtitles. It is a multimedia container in which files are commonly more compressed and thus smaller than other video file types. MP4 is able to produce much, likely DVD video quality. This is compatible with any computer OS such as Windows, Linux, or macOS, to make it suitable for many users, Waveform Audio File or WAV format belongs to an uncompressed file format that stores audio files in separate data. Microsoft and IBM developed this audio file type, which became the standard PC audio file format and is currently used widely by music labels and digital music companies around the world. WAV File is a standard file format compatible with any hardware and software audio players that support digital Files.
Developer Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Microsoft and IBM
Supported Applications VLC Media Player, etc. Windows Media Player, etc.
Media Type Video Video
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FAQS About MP4 to WAV Converter

Can I extract WAV from MP4?

MP4 files are a popular video format known for high HD picture quality with low storage capacity. It is mainly used to share, download, and stream video content. Converting an MP4 file into a WAV is possible using the online MP4 to WAV converter provided by AceThinker. It offers a straightforward file converter that supports a high-quality resolution to improve the quality of your file.

Can VLC convert MP4 files to WAV?

VLC is a media player that has a built-in video format converter. It can convert a video format into a video or audio format, like turn MP4 to WAV file format. However, converting MP4 to WAV using our online tool isn't as easy. So, a good option is accessing our online tool to give you the most straightforward process of MP4 to WAV conversion online.

Is it safe to convert MP4 TO WAV online?

Converter tools that AceThinker provides are 100% safe. Convert to wav from mp4 has the highest standard of converting files with guaranteed data protection while using the software online.

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