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How to Convert MP4 to OGG

Upload MP4 File
Click the upload button and select the MP4 file to convert.
MP4 Convert to OGG
Click the convert button to start the conversion process of the MP4 file to OGG.
Download OGG File
Click the download button to start downloading the converted OGG file.

Information about the MP4 and OGG File Extensions

File MP4 OGG
Information MP4 is a format considered as a digital multimedia container format or a file containing a bunch of compressed data. MP4 Video files are compressed to a high degree, allowing the video file size to be smaller than other video formats without impacting the video quality. This makes the MP4 file a web-friendly and portable video format. OGG is a type of container format that is open source and supports audio, video, text streams, and metadata. OGG file quality is not that high since it's a lossy audio format, and some data is lost after the compression, unlike other superior formats such as FLAC, AIFF, or WAV. However, OGG is still superior to MP3 regarding sound quality. The OGG filename extension is .ogg but it can also be .ogv, .oga, .ogm, .opus, and .spx.
Developer Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Xiph.Org Foundation
Supported Applications VLC Media Player, etc. Windows Media Player, etc.
Media Type Audio Audio
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FAQS About MP4 to OGG Converter

What's the highest quality audio format?

The best format for sound quality is the lossless audio file format since it minimizes quality loss because of its compression algorithm design. This includes formats such as OGG, WAV, FLAC, or AIFF.

Can you convert MP4 to OGG?

Yes, with the help of Free Online MP4 to 0GG Converter, you can convert files easily and quickly while having the best quality.

What is OGG video?

OGG video is an OGG file format for video files that goes with .ogv as a filename extension.

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