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Convert your MOV file in a good MP4 quality condition so you can upload it on YouTube.
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Step to Convert and Upload MOV to YouTube

Open the Online Uploader
You need to open our online tool and click the "select file" button in the middle part of the online tool. Then select the MOV file from your local file and click the "open" button to upload the selected MOV file to our online tool.
Convert the File
After uploading the MOV file, you will see the list option of the online tool, where you can choose the file format for your MOV file. Then select the "YOUTUBE" format and press the "CONVERT" button to convert the MOV file into a compatible video file for YouTube.
Download and Upload
The last step you need to do is to wait for the process of conversion. Once the process is done, you may download and store the converted file in your local file. Then you can now upload the MOV file to YouTube.

Information about the MOV and YouTube MP4 Format

Information MOV YouTube MP4
Description MOV is one of the most popular video file formats, commonly used to store a TV show, movie, or short video clip. It was saved in the QuickTime File Format, an Apple-developed multimedia container format. The MP4 file format was created in 2001 and was first used as an ISO/IEC standard. MP4 is a typical "container format" for video files that allows you to store a substantial number of video and audio data in small file sizes. Other data, such as subtitles and still photographs, can also be stored on it.
Developed by Apple Inc. International Organization for Standardization International Electrotechnical Commission.
Supported Applications Apple's iTunes and QuickTime programs, VLC, Windows Media Player, and Elmedia Player. Microsoft Movies & TV, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime Player, Adobe Premiere Pro, VLC media player, and other multimedia players.
Media Type Video Video
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FAQs About MOV to YouTube

What is MOV file format?

MOV files are enormous and can contain high-quality audio, video, and effects. Moreover, these files might be difficult to open in any other program because the format was created by Apple exclusively for QuickTime.

Does YouTube support MOV?

No, YouTube has a lot of requirements to meet before you can upload it. MOV has a large file size that YouTube cannot support, and it may be in 4K or HD resolutions, which are difficult to upload. Also, they may be encoded with video audio codecs that YouTube does not support. That's why YouTube convert MOV to MP4 before you can upload it.

Can you upload MOV to YouTube?

Yes. Our online tool AceThinker MOV to YouTube Converter is a MOV to YouTube converter free that allows you to upload your MOV file to YouTube by changing its file format to a compatible format that YouTube accepts. Then save the converted MOV file to your local storage, and you can now upload it to YouTube.

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