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Best 3 Samsung SideSync Alternatives

sidesync alternative If there is one screen mirroring app for smartphones that is well known by many, then it has to be Samsung SideSync. It lets users share their device screen on a PC, navigate through apps and phone data in their Android device. Nevertheless, there still seems to be a group of Samsung users who complain about how hard it is to connect their smartphones to their PC. As such, they could use a couple of SideSync alternatives to mirror Samsung smartphones. Here we will introduce the best three alternative Samsung screen mirroring tools like SideSync.

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Screen mirror iOS and control Android from PC .

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AceThinker Mirror

When searching for any app that can replicate SideSync in terms of functionality, you need to first consider AceThinker Mirror. This desktop app offers screen mirroring as well as phone controls. It requires no special configuration or root access. You only need the app, a stable Wi-Fi, and a USB cord. By the time the app is on your Mac PC or Windows, have your Samsung smartphone connected through this app. Your smartphone screen will automatically come up on your PC. This application allows you to open mobile games or any other application you would love to view on a bigger screen. If you happen to be doing something on the system, you could put your smartphone aside and operate the apps using the mouse as well as the PC keyboard. That way, you will not be distracted by the plenty of notifications that will be popping up on your smartphone from time to time.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker Mirror on the PC

To download the installer of AceThinker Mirror, click the buttons below. After that, launch the installer from the PC and then follow the instructions from the setup wizard. To finish the process, click the "Launch" button from the setup wizard, and the main interface will appear.


Step 2 Connect the mobile device and then record the screen activity

After launching the PC's tool, connect the mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network with the PC. Then install the app on the Android device and launch them together. From the phone tool interface, tap the "M" button to mirror the PC's mobile device.

connect the device

Step 3 Record the screen activities and save the video

To start recording the SideSync activity, tap the "Record" button from the toolbar. Once done, tap the "Stop" button to end the recording and save the video.

record the android


Another reliable app to this effect is the Mobizen. This popular screen recorder app for mobile devices has now gone further by providing screen mirroring functionality. This program implements a Wi-Fi or lightning cable for displaying the contents on your Samsung onto a computer screen through desktop software or browser. You can equally use it to control your Samsung. To use the desktop copy of this SideSync alternative, you should have the Android application downloaded from PlayStore. Open an account with Mobizen and access your account on your computer to set up the connection between the PC and your Samsung. If you prefer the web for sharing the phone screen, you can explicitly access your account to create the connection between your PC and mobile device.

mobizen interface


Are you having issues with your Samsung' SideSync? This is another application you could use in place of it – Vysor. This very app displays any Android smartphone screen onto a web browser. After successfully grabbing this app's free version, you can do phone screen viewing as well as manage the mobile device simultaneously. Download the app to your Samsung, include Vysor to your Chrome and then install it on the smartphone as well as the computer. Insert the USB cord in the smartphone as well as PC, then select the mobile from the list. It is easy to use. Nevertheless, the display quality may be poor with a USB connection. Vysor equally offers a couple of paid services, including complete screen mirroring, drag and drop file functions, and wireless connection.

vysor mirror tool


With all the information provided above, it is almost certain that you have made up your mind on an alternative to Samsung SideSync. If your choice for mirroring your smartphone screen is via a web browser, Vysor or Mobizen make good choices. If you want your smartphone's image to be displayed clearly, you could use AceThinker Mirror because it has a USB connection type that functions without network. Additionally, any application you are implementing in connecting your mobile device to your PC through a USB cord ensures that USB debugging has been enabled on your smartphone (Android). Another beautiful angle to these three apps is the fact that they can be used on other Android smartphones. It means that you can still use them even when you change your Samsung phone to another Android phone.

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Last updated on October 19, 2022

Mobile Mirror
Screen mirror iOS and control Android from PC .
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