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4 Feasible Ways to Mirror Android Phone to Mac

mirror android to mac As the saying always goes – "the bigger, the better." Viewing your phone's screen activity on your Mac device is useful nowadays to get a broader picture of everything you've got on the phone. One good instance is if you are tired of checking your phone's messages and Mac emails device one at a time. In connection with this instance, it would be a great help if users can also view their messages into the Mac devices to save ample time. Also, it is way better to watch or see your movies and pictures on a larger screen. Please navigate to the solution you like from below and let us find out the best ways to mirror Android to Mac using this unique software.


AceThinker Mirror

The solution that stands out among the rest is the AceThinker Mirror. This comprehensive yet intuitive mirroring software allows users to mirror Android phone to Mac in real-time without breaking a sweat. One of the best features of this software is that it lets users even to control the Android device using Mac's trackpad or mouse, and keyboard. Aside from that, it allows users to record and capture any on-going activity on the screen and save it into your device to watch it later. Another noteworthy function of the software is that users can play Android games using the Mac directly. Regarding this feature, it provides better controls for the gamers since it can utilize the keyboard shortcuts to play the game. To know more about this robust software, check the steps below.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Software

Connect the Android phone to the Mac using a USB cable. Make sure that the "USB Debugging" option is enabled on the Android phone. Next, click the "Download" button above that indicates the Mac installer. Run and follow the installation wizard to get a copy of the software on Mac. Launch AceThinker Mirror once the installation is done.

access the software

Step 2 Connect both Devices

From the main interface, go to the "USB Connection" tab then click the name of the Android device. Then on the Android phone, a window will appear, asking to capture everything displayed on the screen. Tap "Start Now" to cast it into the Mac.

connect the devices

You may also connect both devices wirelessly in case a USB cable is not available. First, make sure that the Mac and Android device are connected under the same Wi-Fi network. Then, launch AceThinker Mirror on both devices. Using the Android phone, tap the blue "M" button to scan Mac's name. Once detected, tap the name of the Mac then select "Start Now" to begin mirroring.

Step 3 Start Mirroring

Once connected, the Android phone's screen will project precisely to the Mac. From here, you can use the keyboard and mouse to control the phone options. Additionally, you can access the options from the sidebar in case you want to "Record," "Screenshot" or add "Annotations" on the interface.

start mirroring


The next on the list of solutions that can cast the Android phone's screen to Mac is AirDroid. This mobile mirroring software becomes famous due to its ability to transfer files between a smartphone and a computer. One good thing about its transferring option is that it can do the process even without a USB cable. Aside from that, it showcases a "Remote Control" function that can access the Android device using a remote keyboard on the Mac. It can also mirror the notifications received on the phone like messages, emails, app alerts, and more. Regarding these notifications, users can check the mentioned updates using the Mac, and it can even reply to text messages using it. Look into the easy-to-follow guide below to learn more about this software.

access software

User Guide:

  • First, go to the official website of AirDroid to download the software on Mac. Follow the installation process and install it afterward. Log-in your user account to access the main interface.
  • Then, get your Android phone to access the main menu and launch the Google Play Store. Go to the search option to type in the name of the app. Tap the app and hit "Install" to save it on your phone. Launch the app afterward to log-in your user account.
  • Once your user account is signed-in on both devices, the connection between the Android phone and the Mac will establish automatically. Next, using the Mac device click the "Binoculars" icon then under "My Devices," hit the name of the Android phone to access the options.
  • From the options available, select "Screen Mirroring" to activate the feature. Finally, on the Android phone, a prompt will appear, and you need to tap "Start Now" to begin mirroring.

start mirroring


Another screen mirroring solution in this article is Vysor. As its tagline suggests – "A window to your Android," it provides many possibilities to use or play Android games and apps using a Mac computer or laptop. Regarding this feature, users can watch their movies saved on the Android phone on a larger screen. Additionally, it lets users share their Android phone's screen with other devices with the help of its "Vysor Share" function. However, one major drawback of this screen mirroring app is the limited features for non-premium users. Yes, it provides a free trial version, but it is only limited to screen mirroring and capturing screenshots. Unfortunately, these processes would only be available then by connecting the Android phone into the Mac via a USB cable.

access software

User Guide:

  • Click the link provided to visit the official download page of Vysor to get a copy of it on your Mac. Run and install the wizard. Once done, launch the software into your device.
  • After that, using the Android phone, find and launch the Google Play Store. Access the search option to type in the name of the app. From the results, tap Vysor then hit "Install" to save it. Launch the app afterward.
  • Connect both devices using a USB cable, and let the Mac detect the Android phone. Once detected, using the Mac, click the "View" option to start casting the Android screen into the Mac.

start mirroring


The solution that can help users to cast an Android screen to Mac is Mirroring360. Aside from Mac OS, this software is available to other major operating systems like Windows and Chromebook. Mirroring360 allows users to wirelessly mirror and record the phone's activity using the Mac computer or laptop. Additionally, it can share the screen on 40 local or remote devices at maximum. Regarding this sharing feature, other devices would not need to download any additional software since they can access the function using a link. Also, connecting both devices is made easy for users. It can automatically detect them as long the devices are connected under the same Wi-Fi network. Read the guide below to learn more about Mirroring360.

access software

User Guide:

  • On the Mac device, launch Safari to access the official website of Mirroring360. Download and install it to save on Mac. Launch the software once done.
  • Using the Android phone, go to the main menu to find and launch the Google Play Store. Tap the search option to type in the name of the application. From the results, tap Mirroring360 and hit "Install" to save it. Launch it afterward.
  • Before anything else, make sure that both devices are already connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, using the Android phone, tap the name of the Mac to establish the connection.
  • Once established, the Android phone's screen will project on the Mac. Now, you can start viewing your pictures or watching videos using the Mac screen.

start mirroring


Screen mirroring helps us a lot to see and view things more precise than before. So, all of the mentioned solutions above would help you do this task. Nevertheless, it is still safe to say that the AceThinker Mirror stands out from the rest. Thanks to its robust features, it presents all the essential functions to connect the Android phone to Mac without any hassle. In case you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to fill in the comment box below. Thank you!

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