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Best Methods to Read iBooks on PC

read ibook on pciBook is an app that is specifically designed for Apple portable devices. Though you can buy a book from the Apple iBook store using your personal computer, you cannot access it as the iBooks are not available in the desktop version. Most of us want to read the iBooks on their PCs but do not know what to do. The digital rights management cell of iPhone has banned to access their books from Windows. If you are desperate to find a solution to read iBook on your computer screen, then you have to the right page. There are many ways to access an iBooks on PC, and we are going to highlight them today. Keep your spirits high, read this article, and find an ultimate solution!


EaseUS MobiMover

It is essential to understand how you can import an iBook from your iPhone to your Personal Computer while trying to read an iBook on the system. The most significant advantage of EaseUS MobiMover data transfer software is that it is free and easy to use. With just one click, you can transfer books from your iPhone to your Windows system. That's not it. You can move the data from your PC to iPhone and skip the iTunes synchronization, or you can transfer the sync data from one iPhone to another.

The following are some simple steps that you can follow to copy the iBooks on your PC using this fantastic software.

transfer the file

User Guide:

  • First of all, connect your iPhone to your PC. Launch the EaseUS MobiMover software and select the 'Phone to PC' option. Then, click on the 'Next" button that appears on the pop-up window. To transfer the books from your iPhone to your computer, click on the 'Content Management' and then 'Others' option. Select 'Books'.
  • Mobi mover backs up nearly all types of data available on the iPhone. You can either choose the books or select other categories available on the list. You can also set the source for saving the files that you copied. If you do not change the setting, then the software will automatically save the data on your desktop.
  • After you change the settings, click on the 'Transfer' option to transfer books from the iPhone to the computer. The time of the transfer depends on the size of the file. However, it never takes too long.

open the file

AceThinker Mobile Mirror

This tool is perfect for mirroring the iPhone screen on your computer screen. The extra features that this unique app offers are game emulation and interaction control function. To mirror and read the books from your iPhone to PC through AceThinker Mobile Mirror, follow the simple steps as stated below:

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Step 1 Install the Mirroring App

First of all, you must download the AceThinker Mobile Mirror software and install it.

Step 2 Connect iPhone to PC

Connect your iPhone to the software using your Wi-Fi network. Turn on AirPlay to enable this connection.

connect both devices

Step 3 Mirror both Devices

When the connection takes place successfully, you will see a mirrored image of your iPhone screen on your system. From your PC, click on iBooks.

mirror devices

Step 4 View iBooks on PC

You can now access the iBooks from your computer. Tap on the first icon you see on the right corner of the screen to read the book in full screen.

read ibook on pc


With the solutions that we discussed with you, you can read iBooks on your PC without any hassle. AceThinker Mobile Mirror software is a must to read the books on your windows the same way you read them on your iPhone. EaseUS app is better if you want to transfer the files to your system instead of mirroring them. Use any of the solutions and tell your friends too who are iBook freaks and want to enjoy reading them on PCs.

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