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Best 10 Karaoke Apps For Android & iPhone

karaoke apps Karaoke is one addition that makes any party fun. While some like it, some others dislike it. However, if you seek some fun singing moments, it could be difficult to find a complete stage equipped with a karaoke machine. And that is where you will find the karaoke apps useful. If you intend to sing on your own, sing with your friends, or include some new twist to that party of yours, your phone could act as the karaoke machine you have ever longed for. Have a look at the best Karaoke apps for Android and iOS and download any one that fits your preference.

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Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! Karaoke app ranks among the best and highly rated karaoke applications that are available in Google Play store. You're free to sing your best songs as well as record yourself in the process (video recording feature included). Additionally, you can promote your voice with different audio effects. This can be appreciated by a few us who lack the natural voice of a singer. Sing! Karaoke by Smule is blessed with a comprehensive database of popular Bollywood songs that you may be very familiar with. When it has to do with duets, you are free to sing alongside the various popular pop artists. The application is free, but before you can completely access the whole music database, you'll need a VIP account that costs about $10 per year.

sing karaoke mobile interface

Karaoke Sing & Record

Karaoke Sing and Record is one other well-known karaoke app that was developed by Yokee. It is quite easy to implement and very user friendly. The material design implementation and clear navigation ensure you waste no time locating your best songs and commence singing immediately. It has an option that allows you to share the output with loved ones when you are through. This app has both free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscription avails you access to countless VIP songs and ensures the app is free of ads. The subscription-only costs $4.99 every month or $29.99 in every year.

karaoke and sing mobile interface

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

The Red Karaoke Sing and Record equates with the first two apps that have been mentioned in this list. However, some differences exist between them. More importantly, it hosts a healthy community of persons who share similar singing characteristics as you. Hence, if you aren't shy, go ahead, show off your singing talent, and have fun with the feedback afterward. Also, it fully supports Chromecast as well as other related technologies. It is very useful when you find yourself in a place where everyone wants to sing with you or just follow the lyrics by watching a large screen.

record karaoke interface

Kids Karaoke

Everybody can participate when it comes to singing. Even kids. Kids Karaoke caters particularly to today’s generations though grown-ups can equally enjoy it. This app host popular nursery rhymes and several other songs that are loved by kids. Besides having fun in the course of singing, your kids can use this app to enhance their readability by listening, reading, and singing alongside the song's lyrics—what a fantastic way to enjoy oneself and learn in the process.

kids karaoke interface

Midifun Karaoke

Midifun Karaoke application is quite simple to use. It doesn't provide so much in terms of functionalities, and it is equally free. You don't have to bother about any premium subscription and without in-app buys. After all, Midifun Karaoke is fantastic when you consider the on-screen lyrics' accuracy. Sadly, that cannot be said of all karaoke apps, even some mentioned in this post. Midifun karaoke equally has a guessing kind of game where your knowledge regarding your best pop hits will be tested. This feature has nothing to do with its basic function; karaoke seems like a worthy inclusion.

midifun karaoke interface

The Voice: On Stage

If you are used to the global karaoke TV show "The Voice," you may have noticed what makes this app unique. The Voice: On Stage serves as the official application for the show. Therefore if you wish to feel the way the stars on this show do, consider this app. The features in this app take care of everything you may be thinking of. You can sing with it, record the process, boost your voice, and share the output on social media.

the voice interface

SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s

This app is very dissimilar to others on this list. However, if you find it difficult to locate your best songs in other apps' libraries, then you might want to give it a try SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s aids you in converting your MP3 music to versions in karaoke. It does not work well all the time, but it is still okay for you to try and then see things for yourself.

singplay mobile interface

Karaoke - Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

Karaoke- Sing karaoke was developed by the Yokee Music was founded on the 12th of September 2012, emerging as the free karaoke singing app with the most number of downloads; just locate your headphones, get them plugged and search your best music in the list while you have fun. The Yokee equally offers you apps such as yokee piano as well as yokee guitar. With a good reputation, the karaoke app has built with a sum of 16.2K ratings; over 90 Million users use this app. Since it has so many music videos, it is easy for one to have their recording and become famous due to their performance. You can equally connect online with others, watch their videos, and leave your ratings. With this karaoke app, you are entitled to choosing any language of your choice. When considering video and sound quality, they offer you the most reliable versions you can ever use without experiencing any issues. In 5.2.4, the most recent version, they offer you the opportunity to be a winner in a contest, and it is done once in every two months. With a size of about 120.4mb and several languages for different customers, the Yokee Karaoke application has been used with positive feedback.

karaoke unlimited songs interface


Sing Karaoke Songs by Starmaker has about 3.4k ratings with over 50 Million users and poses as the most downloaded and used app with several song options. It equally provides you with many filters that are useful for collaborating with friends fancifully coupled with an option for live chat. They equally offer VIP subscription plans that include options for a week, a month, and three months. The current features include 'vocal talents,' which saves short clips instantly and 'take the mic,' which is for forming a group where friends can be invited to win 'singing king' title. This app has a worldwide audience, which can be seen from its 184.mb size and several languages.

starmaker mobile interface

SMULE – the #1 Singing App

This is the most noted singing app and it was developed by Smule in 2008, aiding to promote the interactive and social side of music. This app allows you to make duets with your loved ones from around the world. The app is not without the necessary updates that will make it function nicely. They include songs daily to enhance the experience from pop to classical and many other music genres. This app has got subscription plans such as unlimited packages for complete versions as well as range, per week, month, and year. Payment is made via iTunes account as well as auto-renews when it is not stopped. The latest version, 7.4.5, is equipped with several new features such as work done underground and updates necessary for proper functioning. With a size of about 146.6MB and several languages, it supports iOS 9.0 and later. The age is from 12 upwards.

smule mobile interface

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