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Top 5 Ways to Play Arena of Valor on PC

play aov pc Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA) games become popular nowadays due to their action-packed PVP battles, 3D graphics, and real-time strategy. One of the emerging MOBA games today is Arena of Valor or AOV, with over 1 million users currently. This game is also available to install for both Android and iOS smartphones. AOV showcases a 5v5 strategic match, and each team needs to destroy their opponent's core tower to win. Due to its Ultra HD graphics, some players want to play AOV on a larger screen. As the saying goes, "the bigger, the better", right? Worry no more since we have the solutions for this. Dig into this article and let us find out how to play Arena of Valor on PC using these awesome apps.

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AceThinker Mirror

Let's move on to the best solution to do this job. AceThinker Mirror is a complete mirroring software since it does not only project your phone's screen to PC but also gives the option to control it there. Regarding this, users can play AOV using the computer's keyboard and mouse or utilize the Game Keyboard feature that the app provides. Additionally, this control function would not require to root your Android phone, making it safe to use. Aside from that, it allows users even to send and receive text messages, play videos, and check pictures without even touching the phone. Lastly, all of these screen activities are available to record. This is necessary in case users want to capture their AOV gameplay and share it with their friends. Check the steps below to learn how to play AOV on PC using AceThinker Mirror.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Software

First, click any of the download buttons above according to your operating system. Follow the installation wizard, then launch the software afterward. Now, let's install the app on your phone. Using a USB cable, connect the phone into the computer and make sure that the USB Debugging is enabled. Finally, wait for a few moments and let the mobile client install on the phone automatically. Once installed, the app will pop up in your phone then showing the main interface of AceThinker Mirror.

usb connection tab

Step 2 Connect both Devices

Once it launches automatically on the Android phone, go to the PC and click the "USB Connection" tab then select the name of the phone to connect them. From here, a dialogue box will pop up, asking if you want to start the process. From here, select "Start Now," and the Android phone screen will project directly into the PC.

connect devices

For iOS: First, make sure that both of the iOS device and PC are connected under the same Wi-Fi network. Then, from the bottom part of the iPhone screen, swipe up to open the "Control Center". Next, tap "Screen Mirroring" to choose the PC's name. After that, the iPhone screen should reflect on the PC automatically.

Step 3 Start Playing AOV

Now, you can use the mouse to control the phone. From here, launch AOV and try joining a game. For first time users, you can set-up hotkeys by clicking the "Gaming Keyboard" feature then "Add" the hotkeys you prefer. Once on the game, you can start controlling or navigating the game using the hotkeys you set up. Now, you can start enjoying a whole new gaming experience in a larger screen.

play aov

Blue Stacks

The next on the list is a mobile gaming platform. Blue Stacks proposes one of the most convenient ways to play any Android games on PC. This gaming software claims that their users can play AOV up to 6x faster compared to playing it on the phone. Additionally, it features a unique feature called Keymapping that allows users to obtain real PC-like experience. Regarding this, users can set-up their custom hotkeys or use the default one created by Blue Stacks. So, activating those hero spells should become way more comfortable compared to tapping it repeatedly on the phone. Check the steps below to learn how to use Arena of Valor on PC.

bluestacks interface

User Guide:

  • Install the App: First, click the link provided to access the download page of Blue Stacks. Follow the installation process then launch it afterward.
  • Install AOV on Blue Stacks: From the interface of Blue Stacks. Go to the "My Apps" option then select "System Apps". From here, open the Google Play Store and use the search option to find Arena of Valor and install it.
  • Access AOV on PC: Once installed, launch AOV and log-in your user account. To customize the hotkeys, click the "Keyboard" icon then set-up the keys you prefer.
  • Play AOV: Now, using the customized hotkeys, you can play AOV directly using the PC's mouse and keyboard.

bluestacks play aov

Nox App Player

Another mobile gaming emulator on this list is the Nox App Player. This emulator is available to download and install for both Windows and Mac computers. Like Blue Stacks, they also claim that they are the perfect Android emulator to play mobile games like AOV on PC. Nox also features a more intuitive interface compared to Blue Stacks. One unique option for Nox compared to others is that it has a preloaded customized gaming hotkey designed for playing Arena of Valor. Regarding this, users can play the game directly without any worries. One major drawback of Nox is that its pop up ads are randomly appearing from its main interface, but these are not happening while engaged on a game. To learn more about this emulator, check the steps below.

nox interface

User Guide:

  • Install Nox: Go to the official website of Nox to get a copy of the emulator. Run the installation process and install it into your PC afterward.
  • Install AOV on Nox: Launch Nox to access its main interface. From here, click the "App Center" then access the search option to find and install Arena of Valor.
  • Play AOV on Nox: Once installed, open AOV then log-in your user account. Next, you can join the game and control it using the keyboard and mouse.

nox play aov

LD Player

The next solution on this list is the LD Player. This Android emulator promises to their users to have the smoothest and superb experience of playing mobile games on PC. Regarding this, it is compatible with various types of Android games, including Arena of Valor. Aside from that, it has a powerful processor as it can run multiple games without lag at the same time. Additionally, it can reflect the Ultra HD and 3D graphics of AOV without any hassle. Finally, it also features a unique game keyboard that even lets users play AOV using the keyboard only. Here are the steps on how to play AOV using LD Player.

ldplayer interface

User Guide:

  • Install LD Player: First, click the link to access the official website of LD Player. Download and install the tool and launch it afterward.
  • Install AOV on LD Player: From the main interface, access the LD Store and use the search option to find AOV then install it.
  • Play AOV: Once installed, launch AOV and sign-in your user account. Then, click the "Keyboard" icon to set-up the hotkeys as your prefer. After that, join and game you can finally play AOV on PC.

ldplayer play aov

Memu Play

The last emulator that allows you to play Arena of Valor using a computer is the MEmu Play Emulator. Regarding this, users would not need to worry about battery power and it provides more comfortable gameplay. This emulator can also take screenshots or record AOV gameplay, which is great for streamers. Additionally, the version of its key-mapping feature allows users to add "Joystick" and "Skill Attack," which is necessary for MOBA gameplays. Aside from that, it also features a 3D View mode for a better gaming experience. Lastly, all of these fantastic features are available for free. To know how to play AOV using MEmu, read the steps below.

memu interface

User Guide:

  • Install MEmu Player: Click the link provided to access the official website of the emulator. Download and install the app then launch it afterward.
  • Install AOV on MEmu: From the main interface of the emulator, open the Google Play Store. From here, search AOV then install it afterward.
  • Play AOV: Launch AOV on the Memu emulator then click the "Keyboard" icon to set-up the hotkeys. Once done, join a game and you can play the AOV using mouse and keyboard.

memu play aov


Arena of Valor is one of the most-addicting MOBA games available today. Together with its crisp graphics, it would be better to play it on a broader screen. Also, playing the game on PC provides smoother controls and better access. So, all of the apps provided above will help you do this task. However, it is still safe to claim that the AceThinker Mirror stands out from the rest. Thanks to its robust but easy-to-use mirroring interface, it showcases all noteworthy functions to play AOV on PC.

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