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Best 6 Apps Similar to TikTok to Share Photos And Videos

feature-tiktok-alternative Currently, TikTok is one of the largest and most popular video sharing site on planet earth. Besides the multiple video editing functions, this incredible platform offers, it gives users a fantastic, real, and raw experience with no boundaries. Also, TikTok videos are not the square-like type you see on Snapchat or Instagram stories; its videos are tall. What if I don’t want to use TikTok, is there any better alternative? Absolutely. There are several attractive alternatives to this app you can use on your device to create amazing videos. To discover them, read this post on the best six alternative apps like TikTok to share videos online.

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Dubsmash is the first TikTok alternative app on our list since it’s the first lip sync video app. During the early stage of this app, users were only able to lip-sync on dialogs of TV shows and movies that were popular. Still, the new updates offer a lot more. You can now use this app to add music, sounds, or quotes to your videos. Its media library is impressive. It has the most extensive sound library in the world, including best TV quotes, new movie quotes, fun musical sounds, and so on. You can also add your sounds to record with it. With Dubsmash, you can view top dubs from its community and also redub the clips. Dubsmash offers different challenges on its site like JuJu on that beat and Mannequin Challenge. This platform also provides edit options and amazing stickers you can use to make your video more attractive. If you fancy lip-syncing and want to create exciting videos, do not hesitate to install Dubsmash on your device (iOS or Android).



Funimate is the second app like TikTok on our list. The advantage of this app over TikTok is that it allows you to create any style of the music video you desire. You can create video loops, shoot videos in slow motion, compile different videos into a single compilation, and so on. Funimate also has an extensive music library. Thus, you have unlimited access to famous music and sound effects, making this app an excellent choice to create lip-syncing videos. The advanced video effects Funimate offers can help you transform ordinary videos into something magical that will surely go viral. You can also use the app to add stickers or text to your videos, making it easy to add funny comments to your clip. Another exciting feature about this platform is that you can use it to create collab videos with your pals without stress. All you need to do is select a song you and your friend fancy and then merge the clip to a single video. Funimate also offers more advanced features/options that are only available for use when you make in-app purchases.



Number 3 app similar to TikTok on our list is LIKE, the most popular video-sharing platform in India. LIKE offers trendy/popular lip-sync music videos, entertaining shows, dance performances, video status, and other exciting content. Users on this platform have access to video editing tools with more than 300 unique effects and a fantastic collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, and European pop music videos. LIKE also offers its users movies, music, and drama dialogues from Kollywood, Tollywood, and Bollywood. Users can connect with other users nearby on this app and also record a duet with talented people from different parts of the world. Like offers different amazing filters, face emoji stickers, $D magic, touch magic graffiti, magic music filters, and other video editing tools to record and edit videos. Users can also use this app to share their clips straight up to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms. To have a taste of this fantastic platform, give LIKE a try.



There is no way we will ignore Kwai as it is one of the top video social networks. Kwai is an excellent place to get fans (counting in millions) from different parts of the world. It offers its users reward and cash revenue. You can use Kwai to edit your clips with dynamic stickers, animated filters, different text fonts, 4D motion effects, and so on. With its video editing options, users can cut, trim, crop, and merge video footage. You can also use this app to lip-sync songs, movie scenes, and dramas. To make your videos more interesting, users can add popular or recent songs to their clips. Kwai users have a personalized video feed where they get to watch comedy videos, prank videos, lip-sync videos, and so on. Kwai host dance battles, run challenges, and special events regularly to excite users. Kwai users can also share stories on the platform, which lasts 48 hours. Another exciting feature is that you get to make friends on the app and grow your network. So if you have an Android or iOS device, put Kwai to use and start creating short, exciting videos.



Another awesome similar app like TikTok in the short video maker market is Firework. It is a new app where you can get yourself entertained by watching the latest dance clips and a lot of interesting content. Firework offers users an easy creation tool and simplified design, which makes video editing easy and quick. You also stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes if you participate in its weekly video challenges. Want to go viral, you can count on this platform as they promote videos based on quality and not the number of followers you have. Also, users can collaborate with other users from different parts of the world to create amazing clips. Install this app on your device and share your clips with family, friends, and other users.



Another free TikTok alternative you can use on your android and iOS device is Triller. A lot of celebs use this platform because of its ease of use. The only thing you need to do is record a video; the app’s auto-editing algorithm will handle everything. Triller can also increase your creativity with the exciting features and effects it offers, such as adding stickers, adding text, cutting, trimming, etc. You can also create collaborating clips with this app as it connects users from different locations. Once you are done editing, you can post your video on various social platforms.



The apps listed in this post are good Tit Tok alternative to use on your iOS and Android devices. You can use any of these apps if you are tired of TikTok; some of them offer a better interface and new functions you may not find on Tit Tok. You can install all on your device to test to decide which is best for you, or still, install any of the apps in this post.

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