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Practical Apps to Mirror Android from Android

android-to-android-featuredAre you planning for a movie night with your friends? Don't have a larger display at home? Will you be sharing your mobile screen with them? It will certainly not be a good idea, and your fun night will turn to a boring one. You will not be able to watch the movie with attention. The same happens when you decide to play games with your mates. Do you know that you can stream no more than one screen at once? Are you wondering if it is possible? Yes, it is. Technology has advanced and developed such apps that can help you out. There is no need to settle for the smaller screen now. We are penning down the hotpicks. Use these apps to mirror android from android and have fun-packed night.

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TeamViewer Quick Support

It is a free application that is trending these days. Besides sharing screens with you, your fellows' problem or troubleshooting situation occurs, and you don't get what went wrong. Your mates can help you solve the problem or access some app or a setting on your device. As you can use this app easily on Windows, the same, you can do on your androids. However, the procedure will be a bit different for both of the devices. The person who has to share the screen must download and install TeamViewer Quick Support. This app will create a unique ID for your device. Copy that id, and share it with your fellows with whom you want to share your screen. The following are the details of the procedure to connect android to android.

teamviewer quicksupport

User Guide

  • Go to the Google Play Store, download and install TeamViewer for Remote Control and TeamViewer Quick Support on all of the Android devices.
  • Launch the TeamViewer Remote Control on the sourcing device and TeamViewer Quick Support on the other devices. You will find an ID for your device once the app synchronizes with your android system. To establish the connection, enter the ID of the QuickSupport devices in the Remote Control one.
  • Select the 'Allow' option. A window will pop-up asking for remote connection from your device. Click on 'Start now' and let the magic happen.

Screen share-one assist

The next app in our list is Screen Share-one assist. It is an ultimate solution for mirroring one android screen to another and also controlling the remote devices through the source. This app works on mobile phones only. By looking at its features, you will realize that this app is the same as the Inkwire (we will discuss this app next). Only the difference is that it takes more space on phone storage. Let's see how you can use Screen share-one assist to mirror android to android.

share screen

User Guide

  • Search Screen Share-one assist on Google Play Store, download it and launch it on all the android devices that you want to connect.
  • Let the system generate the code for your device. You can share this code via SMS, or scan the nearby devices and select the option "Send Code to" to let the system send the code.
  • Ask your fellow to choose the 'Connect' option when they receive the code.
  • You can select the option of "Share Screen" or "Assist" and control the devices while sharing the streaming.

Inkwire Screen share & Assist

Another helpful tool that lets screen mirroring from one android to another is Inkwire Screen Share & Assist app. It is a complete package as it offers all necessary features that a user can ask for. It is easy to use and compatible with Android version 5.0. Do you want to how you can proceed with this app to share the screen from Android to Android and have fun with your friends? Here are some following steps to follow:

inkwire shareandassist

User Guide

  • To get started, you must download the Inkwire Screen Share & Assist app first on all the devices through the Google Play Store.
  • After successfully installing the app, launch it on the devices. Select the 'Share' option if you want to share the screen of your Android with others.
  • A new window will appear in which you will find the unique code for your device. Choose the 'Access' button next and type the 12-digit long access code. The app will mirror your Android screen on other devices.

AceThinker Mirror

It is a professional screen mirroring application and is commonly preferred by people who share their Android screens with their partners. The developers of AceThinker Mobile Mirror keep on updating the app. Recently, a new version of this app has been launched that offers more extended features of mirroring iOs on Android screens or mirroring Androids on iOS or Androids to Androids. It has set the trend in the mirroring niche. Don't worry about sharing the screen with your friends at all. Follow the easy-to-do steps that are given below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker Mirror on Android

A quick way to install AceThinker Mirror on Android, is by installing the desktop version of the tool on a computer. After that, launch the program on the computer, and then connect the Android device using a USB cable. The app will then be automatically installed on the mobile device.

android to android

Step 2 Connect the Android Devices

To connect all devices to one particular wi-fi connection is a must. When done, launch the app on the phones. One will be the source phone, and others will be the target phones.

connect android devices together

Step 3 Start the Mirroring Process

From your Android source phone, tap on the option of "Wi-fi connection." Let the app search for the nearby active devices. You will soon see the names of the target phones appearing on your screen. Click on the names of the target phones and tap on the 'Start Now' option to start the mirroring process. That's it. You will be able to watch movies or play games together with your friends.

tap the connect button


All tools which we mentioned above can help you one way or another. If you are a gamer, then AceThinker Mobile Mirror will be of much use as it is compatible with both computer and mobile devices. You can choose the other two for entertainment through movies or doing some assignments. It's all up to you. Choose what you think is a perfect fit.

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