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Where Are Audio Files Saved on iPhone? Best Solutions Here

where do saved audio messages goVoice messaging sends or receives instant communication technology that transmits messages via voice media. It became popular long before the internet became our way to communicate with each other. Voice messaging is an alternative way to disseminate messages to friends and colleagues. It saves voice messages in a voicemail, then can be accessed via smart devices or landline phones. Yet, due to some circumstances, we sometimes misread or could not access them when we received them. Luckily, the iPhone device provides a better way to store your voice messages. We bet you do not know where do voice memos save on iPhone. So, we have collected them here as we discussed different processes and methods to save and locate your voice messages.

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Where Do Audio Files Save on iPhone

For the old features of the iPhone, voice messages can be saved on the voice memos app. By choosing the “Save” and “Keep” options, you can automatically import your voice messages to your Voice Memo. However, this is no longer the case. By default, voice messages store and remain within the Messages app of your iPhone. They will no longer be sent to any other file folders. Thus, you will not be able to see them in your file manager or folders. Now, the messages sent with voice messages can only be seen inside the message thread where it was originally sent. However, that does not mean you can no longer save voice messages. You can still export audio messages on your iPhone quickly. Find out below how to save and know where are audio files saved on iPhone.

where do audio go on iphone

How to Save Voice Messages on Your PC

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Are you wondering what the best solution to save and export your voice messages on your messaging app is? AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is the suitable tool you need. This application has three functions that can quickly recover and save voice messages on your device. We all know some messaging applications provide a function to auto-delete the messages once the receiver has already viewed the message. This tool can help you recover those lost messages and audio files. Here is the catch: you can also retrieve files directly to your device. You can also create a new folder for the voice messages you saved, as this tool allows you to perform that. So you will no longer wonder where do voice recordings save on iPhone. It also comes with an iOS repair option that you can utilize to fix the iOS system. You can click here to know and learn more about this function. Below is the process where you can save different voice messages on your smartphone with a detailed guide.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

To begin with the process and unravel the answer to where do saved audio messages go, install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery on your PC. Hit the download button or icon presented above or below this post to get its installer. Then, go to your download folder and locate and run the downloaded file to install and get the tool on your computer.

iphone data recovery interface

Step 2 Connect Your Smartphone

Next, launch the application on your computer to access its interface. Simultaneously, using your lightning cable, link your device to the computer. A piece of information on your device will be presented on your screen. Hit the Start Scan to proceed with the following guide.

connect your iphone

Step 3 Select the Voice Message

The following step is to wait for the application to scan your device thoroughly. You will see a list of categories on the left side of the tool. Once it analyzes all your data, tap the Messages icon.

select voice message

Step 4 Recover Voice or Audio Messages

After that, on the Messages tab, browse and choose the messages that contain your voice messages. Select the files you need, and you can deselect the data you do not need. Then, hit the Recover icon to proceed with saving and getting the voice messages. A pop-up folder will appear to enable you to create the output folder.

choose output folder

Step 5 Locate Where Do Audios Save on iPhone

Ultimately, once you have created an output folder, the application will start recovering the files. Please wait until the device fully restores the messages. Then, go to the output folder where you stored the backup files and check if the process is finished.

locate your recovered voice message on the output folder

Export Voice Messages Using Voice Memo

This solution favors users that have old iPhone versions or upgraded iOS devices. As we can see, the trick to save voice messages to voice memos is no longer available for newer devices and operating systems. So to do this trick, go to the Messaging app from your application list. On its interface, scroll the thread where the voice message you want to save is located. Then, long-press the audio to locate the "Keep" option on the thread messages. Click on the Export file option and select the Voice Memos app as your designated location. After that, you can go to your Voice Memo app, where you will see the audio message you saved from your Messaging app. This method is also favorable for users who want to backup iPhone voicemail on their device.

where do saved audio messages go voice memo

Save Audio Messages With Notes Apps

If you are thinking about where do audio messages save on iPhone, the second thing that pops up in your mind is Notes. The Keep function or saving audio files on Voice Memo is no longer available. Yet, tricks like it still exist to get voice messages saved outside your messaging app. The Notes app is the most flexible function you have on your iPhone. It can save links, text, photos, and voice recordings on its system. Additionally, this tool allows you to archive your files privately, which only you can control. Fortunately, the process is relatively simple. You can do it by going to the Messaging app on your iPhone and locating the thread that contains the audio recording. Then, long press the audio recording to bring up a secondary menu. Now, choose the Copy function to copy the file on your clipboard. Finally, launch the Notes app and create a new note. Hit on the new note you created and select the paste option. The audio will then be pasted as a .caf file.

where do saved audio messages go notes

Set the Expire Option to Never

By default, audio messages sent or received on your messaging apps expire in 2 minutes. It provides privacy on the voice message you receive and prevents it from being accessed by others. Yet, this could be why you cannot save your audio messages on an iPhone. There is a way to expand the expiration of your audio messages; you can modify it on your Messaging app. This solution favors users who do not want to save voice messages on other applications as it can save and keep the audio messages on the message thread. To modify the settings on your messaging apps, access its Settings app on the list of your applications. Scroll down and access the Messaging application. Tap on it and browse down to locate the Audio Messages section. You can now find the Expire option by choosing the Never option. This feature will provide a function that will not expire your audio messages.

go to settings, click, messages, expire, hit never

Save Your Audio Messages via Email

There is another way to save your audio messages on your iPhone; you can do that by sending them to your Email. It is like doing a backup but still being able to access it without factory resetting your device. To perform the process of how to save your audio files via Email, you can follow these instructions. Access the conversation where the sent audio message is located on your Messaging application. Then, press and hold the audio file until a pop-up menu appears on your screen. At the screen's lower right, click the more option. After that, send the audio file to your email address. You can access your file by going to your Email application whenever or wherever you need it.

save through email

Frequently Ask Questions About Audio Messages

1. Can I unsend an audio message on my iPhone?
Unfortunately no. Users do not have the option to remove sent audio messages to their receivers. Deleting the audio file on your end will not affect the existence of the voice message received by your contacts. Suppose you have recorded a voice message you do not want your contacts to receive. In that case, the iPhone provides an option that can delete it before sending it to your contacts.
2. How will I know when someone has heard my audio message?
Suppose you sent a voice message to your contact and wanted to confirm if they had already listened to it. The iPhone provides a better way to know it. Once the receiver has listened to the audio recording, the word “played” will appear underneath.
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