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Ways and Solutions to Fix Why My Whatsapp Is Not Responding

whatsapp not respondingWhatsApp is a reliable tool that connects and links us with our loved ones and friends. It provides fast, simple, and secure messaging and calling completely free services. Through the development of new technology, WhatsApp became one of the most well-used and praised messaging applications on the whole vast internet. Now, as the business industry flourished with the help of digital marketing and social media platforms, WhatsApp introduced a system feature intended for business owners. It helps digital businesses to create a catalog and showcase small business products while connecting to their customer and providing services. So, imagine if your WhatsApp not responding iPhone; a complete disaster, right? Luckily, we have gathered the best ways to fix it to get its process back to normal. Read them below to know more about the causes and solutions you can use to fix this error.

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Reasons Why My WhatsApp is Not Responding

  • Internet Connectivity - One of the main reasons why your WhatsApp is not working is due to internet issues. WhatsApp needs an internet connection to function. So, suppose you have observed that your WhatsApp cannot open, send, or forward messages. In that case, you must assess your WiFi or data connection.
  • WhatsApp is not updated - Another reason your WhatsApp is not functioning the way it was is an outdated app version. You see, an app needs a compatible version of the current operating system of your device. To cope with endless Android and iOS updates, applications such as WhatsApp need to update their system. If one of these factors is not updated, the risk of having an issue is higher.
  • WhatsApp is Down - This is most likely why your WhatsApp is not working correctly. Sometimes, the application server hits a snag, hindering you from sending or receiving text messages.
  • Your Account is Deleted - If you have not used your WhatsApp for some time, your account may have already been deleted. This scenario is one factor that your WhatsApp is not functioning correctly.

whatsapp not responding why

Check Your Internet Connection

The first resolution you need to use to get your WhatsApp back to its initial process is to check your internet connection. WhatsApp function with the help of internet access. You can send text messages, receive media files, and more through this connectivity. Suppose you have an error on your WhatsApp and cannot do its essential functions. In that case, you can try to check your internet connectivity. You can run another application that uses an internet connection or mobile browsers to assess your internet access. When you find out that there seems to be a problem with your internet connection or WiFi network, you can try connecting on your data connection. If both connections fail to provide internet access, you can contact your network and internet service provider to check on their system.

check your internet connection fix whatsapp not responding

Update Your WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

The following option you can do to fix WhatsApp not responding Android and iPhone is to check the version of your application. As we discussed, the reason why your WhatsApp is not working is due to outdated applications. This error has been crucial more often to iPhone users since the latest release of iOS 16 last September, and different functions were updated. So, suppose you have failed to update your device. In that case, errors may linger and prevent you from using it due to compatibility issues including iPhone apps keep crashing, and other errors that you can look at here. To update your WhatsApp on your iPhone, access the App Store from the list of your applications. Search for the WhatsApp app using the search bar of the platform. When the update is available, tap on the Update options to get the latest versions. On Android, access the Google Play Store and search the tool with its search bar. When an update is available, hit the Update icon.

update whatsapp on iphone and android

Search if WhatsApp is Down

Suppose your WhatsApp is updated and your internet connection is robust, yet, your WhatsApp is not functioning. In that manner, you need to check the server to WhatsApp to see if it is an app and working. Sometimes, an error concurs on its server, preventing you from doing any essential functions. Due to this back-end issue, there is not much you can do. What you can try is to double-check whether or not the servers are down. To check if the application is down and not working, you can search for different sites that check the server of every mobile application. You will also see different reports here on what region and area where the error is lingering on the WhatsApp server.

check if whatsapp is down

Assess if Your Account is Deleted

Most of the reasons why WhatsApp not responding on iPhone is due to an inactive account. When you have not used your WhatsApp for a specific extended period, your account may be already deleted. WhatsApp has the right to delete your account after 120 days of inactive activity. This policy is implemented by WhatsApp not to preserve users’ privacy and security. When this scenario happens, the only thing you can do to message your contacts and WhatsApp friends is to create a new one. To create a new account, access the WhatsApp application. Then, start by agreeing on the terms and conditions of the application. Please enter your phone number to register it on the WhatsApp server once more. A six-digit code will be sent through your SIM card. Verify your account; if you have backed up your previous data, you can restore them. If not, continue to set up your account.

create new account for whatsapp

Recovery Your WhatsApp Data Using AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery For Mac

Distinctive Feature: This iOS data recovery is designed with a recovery option that can extract lost WhatsApp data without needing to back up your files.
What is it best for?: This application is best for users with a WhatsApp account that has been deleted due to inactivity. It can extract your data and restore it to your new account.
Pricing Plans: This tool is a freemium service, and this service means the recovery process is free. Still, you can use its Advanced function if you avail of its premium plans for $49.95 with lifetime support.

Suppose your account has been deleted, which is why your WhatsApp not responding iPhone. You can create a new account and start over with it. Yet here's the catch: do you know that you can get your WhatsApp files from your previous account without needing backup files? Indeed that is possible. With AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery, getting your WhatsApp data on your iPhone is possible. With the tiny bits of data stocked on your device, this tool can extract those files and get them back to your iPhone device. It can extract messages, WhatsApp contacts, call logs, media files sent on WhatsApp, and more. To know how to get your WhatsApp on your iPhone, follow the detailed guide below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

To get your WhatsApp back to its previous setup, you can install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery first on your computer. Download the application by clicking or tapping the download button presented below. Afterward, go to the download after on your computer to run and install the software.

iphone data recovery interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone to Your Computer

The next step or guide is to connect your iPhone to your computer using your lightning cable. Once connected, the application will present small details about your device. Tap on the Start Scan option to proceed with the following step.

connect your iphone

Step 3 Start Recovering WhatsApp Files

The third step is selecting the WhatsApp file from the list of folders on your screen. The application will extract each data that is available on your iPhone device. Unselect another application and select the WhatsApp icon only.

select whatsapp files

Step 4 Finalize the Extraction Process

The subsequent step is to hit the Recover option at the bottom right part of the tool. Then, a directory will appear on your screen, allowing you to create a new output folder for your device. Hit the Recover once more to proceed with the process.

recover whatsapp files

Step 5 Check the Extracted WhatsApp Data

Lastly, once you have tapped the Recover icon, wait for the system to analyze the WhatsApp files. Once it reaches 100%, go to the output folder you created to save your WhatsApp messages. You can check and preview these files and restore as well to your iPhone device.

iphone data recovery view whatsapp files

WhatsApp Not Responding Solution For Android

Distinctive Feature: This Android data recovery tool does not restrict users from recovering data files on different smartphone devices.
What is it best for?: This application is suitable for users who are having issues with WhatsApp on different types of Android devices. These include Sony, Google, LG, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, MEIZU, and more.
Pricing Plans: This Android utility is a freemium service. Users can utilize its Android recovery functions for free. Yet, they can enjoy its advanced features by getting its premium plans for $39.95 with unlimited and lifetime support.

WhatsApp is a multi-cross platform and application that provides excellent help for users who want to communicate and interact online. Almost half of the users in the whole world are Android users. WhatsApp is also a popular application to do messaging and video calling activities. So, suppose your Android device is having a problem regarding how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages Android. In that case, we recommend a prominent tool for you. AceThinker Android Data Recovery is a different yet innovative application that guides Android users to extract and achieve the maximum potential of their devices. It is designed with advanced technology that extracts data using the Android phone, SD card, and SIM card. It can also restore various data types, including PDFs, text documents, videos, photos, and more. To know how to retrieve and recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android or fix its system, follow the guide below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker Android Data Recovery

To recover your WhatsApp function as it should and get all the data on your previous account, download AceThinker Android Data Recovery on your computer. Tap the download icon or button presented above to get the file installer. Then, run the file on your download folder to install the app.

android data recovery interface

Step 2 Link Your Android to Your Computer

Next, you must establish a strong connection between your Android and your computer. Connect your device to your PC using your lightning cable and let the tool analyze your Android phone. Then, it would be best if you debugged your Android to establish a strong connection.

link your android to your computer

Step 3 Debug Your Android Device

The subsequent step is to debug your Android device or set it to the developer's option. The tool already provided a guide on debugging the Android device according to their versions. It has three walkthroughs to debug the Android device, ways for Android 6.0 or above, Android 4.2-5.1, Android 4.0-4.1.2. If your device is already debugged, you can skip this part.

debug your android device

Step 4 Select WhatsApp Files

After that, the tool will direct you to the selection of Android files. Remove all the files not needed to extract and remain selected with the WhatsApp icon. Tap on the Next button to perform the process.

select whatsapp to recover

Step 5 Recover WhatsApp Messages and its System

Lastly, once you have sorted the list of applications that you need to extract or recover, hit the Recover button and let the tool save them on your computer. You can preview and check the recovered WhatsApp files on the output folder you created.

check the extracted messages on your computer

Extra Knowledge: 12 Hidden Functions of WhatsApp That You Didn't Know

Are you searching for different ways to extract and take advantage of your WhatsApp on iPhone or Android? Look below as we listed the 12 features you might not know about WhatsApp's system.

  • Select the format for the text messages to add more spice and enthusiasm to your messages.
  • WhatsApp allows users to make their messages disappear once the receiver has already seen them.
  • Start of favorite a specific message for a quick search.
  • It allows you to delete all stored files and messages to clear up space.
  • It can allow users to view message details.
  • You can mute a conversation and not receive a notification.
  • Hide your status.
  • You can disable receiving receipts.
  • It lets users turn off automatic storage for media files like videos and photos.
  • You can use custom notifications.
  • WhatsApp can also be accessed on your computer.
  • Users can export their conversations to provide additional backup.

extra tips for whatsapp

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

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It can also recover data files from iCloud and iTunes backup.

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