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Tips on How to View Text Messages on iCloud from iPhone

view text messages on icloudThe 21st century is considered the golden age nowadays. Due to technological breakthroughs, our daily tasks have become much more straightforward and accessible. One of the exceptional inventions that we have ever made is the smartphone. This device allows us to communicate, interact, and entertain ourselves with its full-featured functions. One of the beneficial uses of smartphones is telecommunication. Text messages connect us to our friends, colleagues, and even loved ones. Text messaging is sending and composing electronic messages consisting of numeric and alphabetic characters. This act of sending information became popular in the early years of the millennia. Although there are different brands of phones that always pop up yearly, the manner of sending messages is still the old ways. The iPhone does not differ from other mobile devices; it can send and receive text messages with the help of a network provider. However, sometimes this device experiences some glitches, and you cannot read your messages. Well, in this scenario, you need to check different ways on how to check iMessages online. Read through the guide beneath to learn more about them.

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Reasons and Scenarios To Retrieve Lost Messages

We retrieve messages on the iPhone for obvious reasons due to some valid cause. Errors, whether human or system, can affect the way we view our messages on our iPhones. So, we listed some possible causes or scenarios on when to retrieve your messages on your device.

  • Accidental deletion
  • Virus Attack
  • System Crash
  • Forgot the password of your iCloud account

reasons for deletion of messages on iphone

How to See iMessages on iCloud for Mac

Apple develops its devices and products intertwined with each other. Therefore, the function you are using on your iPhone device can also be utilized on Mac devices. In terms of iMessage, it is quick and straightforward to see how to view text messages on iCloud from iPhone. With the help of your Apple ID, you can perform this process.

  • On your Mac device, access the iMessage and launch its interface.
  • The tool will ask you to log in to your Apple ID like the Apple ID you have on your iPhone. Afterward, go to the messages, and make way to preferences. From there, select the iMessage and tick the Enable Messages in iCloud, and hit Sync Now.
  • Then, the application will automatically sync the messages that you have on your iPhone. This will allow you to view text messages on iCloud/ iMessage without using your iPhone.

see message on mac with icloud

How to Get Text Messages from iCloud is a cloud-based service intended for Apple devices to store and provide additional drives for end-users ' files. Its 5GB free storage compartment can save and backup messages, photos, videos, contacts, and more. This function also has an automatic backup process available for every Apple device. This will allow users to safely backup their iPhone files even without doing it manually. Therefore, if you want to retrieve text messages, this function can aid you with that. See the listed guide underneath to know how to get text messages from iCloud.

  • The initial guide is to go to your iPhone Settings and make it to iCloud. Enable the button of the Message icon to allow the system to recover the messages.
  • Then, back up the iMessage by ticking the Backup Now button to save the text messages in the Drive.
  • Lastly, go to and log in with your Apple ID. A two-way authentication code is needed to pass through for you to log in fully. Once you have logged in, go to iCloud Drive and browse for your backup messages folder.

view messages on

How to Read iMessages from iCloud using Software

Distinctive Feature: It enables users to backup data and files with the help of three functions. These functions include Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud.

AceThinker iOS Data Recovery is an extensive PC utility that provides iPhone users better assistance in recovering files. Whenever you need to recover lost files, backup iPhone pictures, contacts, music, messages, and more, this tool can help you better. Its flexible functions provide users with three different options to recover iPhone files. In terms of recovering iCloud messages, Recover from iOS Device is a suitable function to use. This function extracts text messages, videos, contacts, and calendar files. It can recover them without losing any files on your device. Moreover, it can extract messages on your iPhone text messaging app and iMessage. Suppose you accidentally deleted them, or a system glitch affected your iMessages. This tool can save everything that you have sent on your iMessage. These include photos, videos, and even GIFs. To have knowledge of how to view text messages on iCloud, see the detailed guide beneath. Furthermore, this tool is a better option to save your messages due to its capability to restore the backup on your iPhone.

Key Features:

  • It supports and it is compatible with all iPhone versions.
  • It enables users to preview files before recovering them.
  • It does not require end-users to restart their iPhones while doing the restoration process.

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Step 1 Install the iOS Data Recovery

The initial walkthrough on how to view messages on iCloud is by installing the AceThinker iOS Data Recovery application on your device. You can get a copy of its installer by ticking the download button presented above. Run the file to pass through its installation wizards and prompt. Once done, open the tool and familiarize its process. Taking advantage of this will make your method and process much easier and quicker.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect Your Smartphone to PC

From the tool’s interface, go to the iPhone Data Recovery function. There will be a notification that you need to connect your device to your PC. Using your lightning cable, link your mobile device to your computer. You will know when your device is connected once your device is presented on the tool's interface.

idr scan

Step 3 How to View Text Messages on iCloud from PC

Then, select the Start Scan option to allow the tool to analyze your iPhone files. A new window will enter, and it will give you the list of iPhone data you currently have on your device. Go to the Message and Contacts section and tick the message icon. Here you can see your list of messages on your iPhone.

idr tick messages

Step 4 Select The Messages

Next, choose the messages you want to save or view on your iPhone. To have a better and quicker restoration process, you can untick different media sections such as photos, videos, calendars, and more. The tool also provides you with detailed information about the messages you are trying to restore, including the total number of items, the file size of the messages, and more.

idr save backup messages

Step 5 Check the Restored Messages

Lastly, hit the Recover function to retrieve the messages you want to save. Then, wait for the system to finish through the process. Once done, go to the folder on your PC where you can see the retrieved messages. You can view the messages for you to check the iCloud text messages on PC.

check the recover messages on your pc

Frequently Ask Question About iPhone Messages

1. Can I See Text Messages on iCloud?

Yes, users can view text or SMS on iCloud on their iPhone devices. You can also view messages that you have sent to your contacts. As long as your iPhone is automatically synced or backed up with iCloud, you can see your messages on iCloud.

2. How to Backup Messages on iCloud?

iCloud services include backing up messages on your iMessages, MMS, or SMS. All you need to perform is to enable iCloud backup on your iPhone. Follow the quick guide to it.

  • On Settings, make way to iCloud. Toggle button of the Message icon to enable the backup function.
  • Then, go to iCloud Backup and hit the Backup now function.

3. How to Download Message History from your iPhone?

Downloading messages or message history is now easy with the help of AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. Follow the simple steps provided beneath.

  • First, open the computer utility and link your device to your computer.
  • Access the Recover from the iOS Device button, then hit the Scan function.
  • Tick the Message icon and click the Recover button to instigate the process.
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