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Reliable Ways on How To Restore Messages from iCloud

restore messages from icloudHave you recently dumped all the spam messages in the trash to free up some storage and accidentally deleted some of the important messages alongside? Then, you stepped into the right place because there are pretty many ways you can retrieve your lost messages to iPhone. Apple has enabled an iCloud feature that stores all your data, including your text messages. To restore messages from iCloud, you will need prior knowledge and an efficient tool that knows its job. Not only will we tell you another way but also some tips and tricks which will be helpful to retrieve your important lost messages back to your iPhone.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.

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Restore Messages from iCloud to iOS Devices – The Official Method

Here, you will discover how to view deleted text messages on iCloud, but firstly, you should know for this method to work, the Option for messages has to be enabled as a part of the iCloud backup. Listed below is the guide you can follow to restore messages from iCloud.

Reset iPhone:

  • Firstly, back up your data in some storage space and erase it from your phone. Then to reset your iPhone go to Settings> General> Reset.
  • After, tap on erase all content and settings. Enter your passcode and then tap on Erase iPhone to confirm.

iCloud Text Messages Recovery:

  • Once you restart your device after it has been reset, you will be asked to set up your iPhone. You will tap on restore from iCloud backup.
  • Then you will enter your iCloud credentials, and you will be viewed the backups made on iCloud. Click on the most recent backup and restore from iCloud backup.

Restore Messages from iCloud in Just 1-Click

If you don’t want to reset your device to restore your iCloud data, then you should look for third-party software to help you. You should consider AceThinker iOS Data Recovery software which can be your number one ally to restore all of your data on iPhone. No matter the cause for losing your data, you can restore it. Either you lost the test messages from any water damage, accidental deletion, or even due to factory reset. This tool will ensure you will restore your messages in significantly less time. This is the best solution if you don’t have an iCloud backup. Let’s check out some fantastic features.

Salient Features:

  • Clean, interactive, and easy to navigate interface.
  • 3 Recovery modes: Recover from iOS device, iTunes backup, the iCloud backup file.
  • Restore & retrieve lost iMessage, pictures, contacts, notes, etc.
  • Compatible with any iOS device: iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • A dedicated version of AceThinker software is available for Windows and Mac OS.

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Step 1 Launch Software and Select the Recover from iCloud Option

Once you have launched the installed software on your PC, you will need to select the Recover from iCloud mode and sign in to your iCloud account. Next, you will be required to click the Trust button once the two-factor authentication has been enabled.

download iCloud backup

Step 2 Scan iCloud Data

In the next step, two methods are available for the users to scan iCloud. For the first method, select data type from the given options like Photos, Contacts, Note & Attachments, etc. Click on the Start tab that will begin scanning particular iCloud data. Once the scanning gets completed, click on any categories displayed on the left side. Make sure to select the items that you need to recover and hit the Recover button. After that, the data will be saved to your local space.

choose data type

Step 3 Recover Deleted Messages to Your Device

In the last step, select the files you need to retrieve and click the Recover button. In this way, the data (messages) will be saved to your local disk.

fk-idr-finish-the -process

AceThinker vs. Apple Method: Which One is Better?

In this post, we have discussed in particular a total of two methods which could be an answer to “how to retrieve messages from iCloud.” In the official way provided by Apple, you can’t select and preview the files before retrieving them and thus is not compatible if you only want to restore messages. It will restore an entire backup file which is:

  • A long and time taking process.
  • Completely unreasonable and impractical.
  • Inconvenient for most users.
  • Works under stable Wi-Fi and can result in data loss.

Whereas, AceThinker is a lot better because of the following reasons:

  • Fast, smooth, and easy process.
  • Convenient and favorable for even one-time users.
  • Allows you to restore files selectively.
  • It also allows previewing the files before restoring.

Bonus Tips: Prepare Your Device for the Seamless Process

To make the restoration process seamless and hassle-free, we have listed down bonus tips that can work wonders in your favor when applied and known beforehand. Let’s begin:

1. Turn on Device’s Message Backup

Firstly, make sure the backup for messages in iCloud is turned on, and your messages are timely backed up there. Sometimes, users tend to forget to turn the back upon, which results in data loss. So, to avoid it go to Settings General iCloud. Then, you can select the items for iCloud backup, turn the toggle for messages and emails on, and become green. This will ensure the safe backup of messages.

tap settings, click icloud, enable messages backup

2. Enable iCloud backup

For timely backup of data, you need to ensure that the automatic backup option is turned on. To enable the iCloud backup option, go to the settings menu iCloud and tap on the iCloud backup Option, and it will turn green which will indicate that it’s turned on.

go to icloud, enable back up now

3. Don’t Forget to Take Manual Backup from time to time

Even though you have enabled the automatic iCloud backup, you will need to backup manually from time to time to ensure all of your files are backed up. This helps to prevent loss of data due to any possible reason. For that, go to iCloud Settings and tap on ‘Backup now.’ You can also see the time under this when the last backup was done.

4. Manage iCloud Storage

If you want to restore your iMessage without any hassle, you can simply go to your iCloud Settings. But firstly, you have to reassure that you have enough storage. Click on the ‘Manage Storage’ Option in your iCloud. It will show you the total iCloud Storage. From here, you can check whether your messages are restored or not. You can also organize your data from here to free some storage space.

5. Remove Unwanted Backup Files

Sometimes multiple backup files are of no use and are occupying space only. It is important to delete these unwanted files to clear the space for helpful backup files. For this, tap on the Manage Storage option. All the stored backup files will appear. Select the one you want to remove. Click on the Delete Backup option to get rid of this file.

Final Thoughts

To recover messages from iCloud, we have described the official way to be used, which is relatively slow and inconvenient for the users. On the other hand, the most reasonable way is by using AceThinker iOS recovery software. You can preview and select the required messages to recover, making it a hassle-free process.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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