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Simple Ways on How to Restore LINE Chat iPhone

feature restore line chat iphone LINE is one of the applications that can be found for both Android or iOS devices. They offer the possibility of audio, video, and text-based chat while on the move. The platform has crossed more than 600 million users. There are occasions where users delete their LINE chats in error and regret it later. It's good to know that you can restore your LINE chat history should you'd like to. Furthermore, sometimes issues arise when the storage space of phones is stuffed in old LINE messages, and you cannot get new messages more efficiently. Instead of deleting, the best thing to do is to backup your older chats and save them somewhere else. This article will talk about different methods to restore line chat iPhone and how to restore line chat history without a backup iPhone.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.

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Recover Line chat history with iCloud Backup

If you have one iOS device, you can copy the LINE chats and transfer them to your associated iCloud account. It is ideal for keeping all of your LINE conversations, contacting as well as exchanging attachments. Although this could take an enormous amount of room on your iCloud account, so you must have plenty of storage available on it. Additionally, if you're currently using LINE on your phone, the process will erase all existing data stored on it. Go through these steps to discover how to back up and restore LINE Chat history iPhone if you're ready to go.

  1. In the first step, start your LINE app on your iPhone and go to Settings, Chats, and Chat Backup history options, respectively. Then, tap the "Back Up Now" button.
  2. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection since LINE will backup a copy of your chats to iCloud. Be sure to have a current iCloud account that is connected to your application before.
  3. To recover LINE chat history iPhone to the original device or on a new gadget, you will need to reinstall LINE. Additionally, go to the Settings menu of iCloud and switch the iCloud Drive feature on. The device must be connected to the same account on iCloud, where the backup of your LINE is kept.
  4. Once you have launched LINE, log in with the account before completing the transfer. When the program detects the previous backup, you can choose to restore it to the device.

The Best Software to Recover LINE Chat History With/Without Backup

The safest way to recover any data is through professional software AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery software has all the desired features that you could ever need to recover your lost LINE files successfully. You should be able to restore SMS, images, and videos quickly. This beneficial application has all the features necessary to recover everything from deleted text messages to full-fledged applications. It is highly effective on almost all forms of mobile devices. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery features excellent options that allow you to recover data even without any backup. It can restore data under various scenarios such as accidental deletion, system crash, virus attack, no backup files, and much more.

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Key Features

  • The software allows you to recover data from any iPhone device.
  • It can help recover almost any data type such as messages, videos, notes, images, music, etc.
  • The tool allows you to access the iTunes backup feature without possessing the device or internet access.
  • Take text messages, images, videos, calendars, contacts, and more using the backup files of iCloud to retrieve the data from a lost or damaged iPhone.
  • You can also save your data in case of a future need to recover.
  • It has three different options to choose from, so you can pick the one that's best suited to your situation.

How to restore LINE chat history in three simple steps?
Download the free software by clicking the download button above and install the iPhone Data Recovery tool on your PC, and after that, you're prepared to recover deleted iPhone/iPad/iPod data.

  1. Connect your iPhone device and select "Recovery Mode" to switch on the recovery feature.
  2. Preview, scan, and then select the information you'd like to save.
  3. Select the intended files you want to use and begin recovering your data that was lost.

Bonus Tip – Backup LINE Chat History on iPhone

After you've updated Line to the latest version, you must connect to the iCloud Account either on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and follow the following steps to recover LINE chat history iPhone. The backup procedure must be performed manually; you can simply start by following these steps:

  1. First of all, you'll need to Open LINE.
  2. Tap "More" and "Settings," then click "Chats" and select "Voice Calls." The Chat History and then the Backup Now option. Following that, you'll be able to successfully backup all chat data.

The Final Verdict

If you follow this guide and follow this tutorial, you'll be in a position to restore and backup your LINE chat history with the ease of a professional. As you will see, the most efficient method to backup and restore your LINE chat history is to use AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery software.

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iPhone Data Recovery
Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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