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Pro Tips: Guides to Restore From iPhone Backup to iPad

feature restore ipad from iphone backupiPad is a brand of tablet computers introduced and developed by Apple Inc. It initially used the iPhone operating system but was later changed with its standalone system, iPadOS. With its similarity with the iPhone operating system, some functions can be done with these two devices. If you are a graphic artist or a university student, the iPad is more helpful than an iPhone. Although it works like a smartphone, it has features similar to a personal computer like Mac. One of its outstanding features is storing data and information for your personal use. However, since it is not as well-known as the iPhone, updates are not as frequent as their sister device. Glitches and bugs can eradicate every file on your iPad. Luckily, we have collected five solutions on how to setup iPad from iPhone backup. Check them out below to know which solution is suited for your device.

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iPad Restore from iPhone Backup With iCloud

iCloud is cloud-based storage developed and intended for Apple devices. It provides a wireless means to back up and restore your devices. Also, it acts as a data syncing center for contacts, calendars, notes, iWork documents, photos, and other data. One more thing about this service is it can restore iPad files from an iPhone device. Underneath are the detailed processes on how to restore from iPhone backup to iPad.

User Guide:

  • To begin with the process of setting up the iPad from iPhone backup, access your settings, and make your way to iCloud. From there, select the data and files you want to backup. Then, access the Backup button to enable the iCloud Backup feature.
  • Next, tick the Back Up Now feature to take an immediate backup on every file on your device. Afterward, go to your iPad device and access its settings. Make your way to the General settings, tap the reset, and factory reset the iPad. This process is essential to restore an iCloud backup while setting up different devices.
  • Lastly, while you set up the initial settings of your iPad, select the restore from iCloud Backup. Once the process has been finished, log in to your iCloud account. Select the existing backup and wait until your data has been restored. This process can also be accomplished to backup iPhone devices from iPad.

restore ipad from iphone with icloud backup

Restore from iPhone Backup to iPad with iTunes Backup

Another standard method to restore iPhone backup on iPad is by utilizing iTunes. This program has been developed by Apple but works on Windows and Mac. Although it can provide a quick and effective process, keep in mind that sometimes users can encounter compatibility errors. Nonetheless, you can perform the process presented below to restore your iPhone data to your iPad device.

User Guide:

  • To instigate the process, connect your iPhone device to your computer with the help of your lightning cable. Once connected, launch the updated version of iTunes to check if your device is fully connected with the tool. From there, select your iPhone from the device icon and access its Summary tab. View the backup section on this tab and tick the Back up Now button.
  • By clicking the backup button, it will take an immediate backup of your iPhone data. Afterward, remove your iPhone device and connect your iPad. Access the device icon and choose the connected iPad. Again, access the Summary tab and make way on its backup section.
  • Lastly, tick on the Restore Backup button instead of hitting the Back up Now option. A dedicated new window will appear. This window will provide you with an option to select which data you can bring back. Hit the Restore button once more to restore the files you have selected thoroughly. Wait until the restoration process is complete and check them on your iPad device.

restore ipad from iphone with itunes backup

Three Ways to Restore iPad from iPhone By Using Single Software

Distinctive Feature: This utility is equipped with feature-packed functions that can restore iPhone to iPad even without deleting your files.
System Requirements: Mac OS X and above; Windows 10/8/7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

AceThinker Fone Keeper-iOS Data Recovery is an iOS utility that provides quick backup with your files. It enables users to select the file path of your backup data on your computer. This process will not modify or overwrite the old backups of your devices. Also, all the data and files can easily be analyzed with this tool. Users can conveniently select every data that they want to restore and backup. They can even restore iCloud photos from iPhone with this tool. Furthermore, restoring iPhone backup on iPad can be done with three modes. These modes include Recover from iOS, Recover from iCloud, and Recover from iTunes Backup File. With restoring iPad files from the iPhone, these three options are the suitable mode to use. Due to their ability to restore iPhone files to iPad even without restarting the device. Below we will present all three methods to restore iPhone backup and save them on your iPad device.

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Method1: Recover iPhone Backup to iPad Using Recover from iPhone

Step 1 Get the iPhone Backup to iPad Data Recovery

The initial step to access the data you want to recover from iPhone to iPad is to install AceThinker Fone Keeper first. Acquire its installation file and run it on your system. You can quickly get the installation package by ticking any button presented above. Pass through the installation prompts and wizards to install the application successfully. The tool’s interface will appear when the process is already done. Circumnavigate its functions to have a better workflow experience.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect Your Device on The Tool

The subsequent step is to access the iOS Data Recovery function to see the three modes presented on its interface. Connect your iPhone to the tool to access its data and files using your lightning cable. A notification will direct you that the connection has been established when the Start Scan option appears.

idr connect

Step 3 Backup Your iPhone Files

Next, hit the Start Scan button to analyze all your data and files from your iPhone device. It will display the data one by one, and it can inform you how many minutes the process will take place. Once the scanning process is completed, hit the restore button to save the files. The application will back up the iPhone data to your local computer.

backup iphone using recover from iphone option

Step 4 Connect Your iPad Device and Transfer the Backup Files

The last step is to connect your iPad device to your computer. Locate the file folder to save the files you have a backup on your iPhone device. From there, transfer and save them on your iPad to complete the process of restoring iPhone files to the iPad.

ransfer iphone files to your ipad

Method2: Restore iPhone Backup on iPad with Recover using iTunes

This utility also uses iTunes to restore iPhone data and transfer them on your iPad device. See the detailed solution beneath to know how to perform the process.

Step 1 Link Your iPhone to Your Computer

The initial step is to access the interface of iOS Data Recovery and make your way to Recover from iTunes Backup File mode. From there, the application will provide you with a list of backup files that you scanned for your device. Suppose your device is not yet synced with your computer's iTunes. In that case, you can select the correct iTunes backup folder to analyze the files.

idr itunes interface

Step 2 Initiate the Process

Initiate the process to restore iPhone backup by hitting the Start option. This function will enable the scanning process to commence. Afterward, all the data will be displayed and previewed to check before recovering the data. Under the left side of the tool has a listed category of your files. These categories mean that your data were sorted according to their file type.

ios data recovery itunes backup recover

Step 3 Transfer the File With Your iPad

Lastly, hit the Recover option to save the iPhone data and file to your local computer. Once the process has been accomplished, connect your iPad to your computer. From there, you can now transfer the files that you want to save to your iPad.

ios data recovery itunes backup transfer

Method3: Restore iPhone Backup to iPad With Recover iCloud

The last guide to recovering the iPhone backup to your iPad uses iCloud on iOS Data Recovery. Unlike the methods presented above with the iCloud service, this process no longer needs to restart or remove all your files. To know the process, see the detailed guides below.

Step 1 Access Recover from iCloud Function

To begin with, the process, access the Recover from iCloud option on iOS Data Recovery first. From there, it will give you an option to sign in to your iCloud account on its system. A two-way verification is needed to authenticate your iPhone device.

idr icloud interface

Step 2 Choose and Backup Your Data

The next step is to select the files you want to retrieve and restore. Tick the data that you want to backup. Nonetheless, untick the button to remove the files from the data you restore. Hit the Start button to instigate the process.

select data type

Step 3 Restore iPhone Backup on iPad

Lastly, once the process is completed, it will list the data you can backup and recover. Filter out the things that you need to transfer to the iPad. Then, click the Recover option to save the backup files. From there, connect your iPad and transfer the files to its system.

ios data recovery recovering iphone data for ipad

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