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Better Solutions and Ways How to Restore From iPhone to iPad

restore ipad from iphone backupApple was experimenting and analyzing tablets long before the iPad came out. After the iPhone became a hit, tablets developed by Apple swirled rumors on mobile device markets. Then, as the year progressed, Apple announced that a tablet device would be launched that would later become the iPad. The iPad's signature achievement was uprooting the iPhone's multi-touch interface and screen to a broader display that allows it to behave more like a laptop. So these two devices are related to each other. Usually, users who patronize these two products have almost duplicate files on their device's system. This process is possible due to the utilization of Apple ID and different backup platforms. But did you know that you can restore and set up iPad from iPhone backup? We bet you don't; that is why we have collected the possible solution to perform this process. You can check them below to know which suitable solutions suit your device.

iPhone Data Recovery
AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.

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How to Restore iPad from iPhone Backup with Fone Keeper

Distinctive Feature: This tool has three functions to retrieve files on your iPhone.
What is it best for: It is best for users that want to retrieve iPhone files with or without the help of backup files.

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a popular tool that provides a better solution to recover iOS data with or without the help of backup files. It has three functions that will help users get data backup on their devices. This function consists of the iPhone device, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup. In line with that, it can recover and restore iPhone backup on iPad with almost 30+. Whenever you have deleted files, including contacts, songs, messages, and other iPhone files, this tool can help you to recover them. It can also recover files and data that are struggling to retrieve, including permanently deleted photos, videos, and documents. What is more, this data recovery can recover iPhone files, applications, settings, and setup and transfer them on your iPad. Moreover, this tool has other functionalities that you can look at in this article.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

To instigate the process of how to restore iPad from iPhone backup, install the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery tool on your PC. You can tap the download button at the top of this step to get its installer. Then, run the files on your computer and pass them through its installation wizards.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone Device

The following step is to launch the application on your computer. Then, link the iPhone device with the help of your lightning cable. Once the device is connected, hit the Start Scan button to analyze your device.

start scan

Step 3 Recover iPhone Files

Next, you can choose the files you want to recover that are presented on the tool. Tap on the icon of each file to retrieve these files. After that, hit the Recover button to finalize and finish the recovery process.

start to recover

Step 4 Restore from iPhone Backup to iPad

Finally, you can connect your iPad device to the computer once the recovery is finished. You can now recover iPhone files going to your iPad device. Please note that keep your iPad connected to the device until the recovery process is complete.

finalize the process

How to Restore iPad from an iPhone Backup via iTunes

iTunes is a computer software program that plays as a media library, media player, and mobile device management utility. Apple developed it purposely to purchase, download, play, and organize digital multimedia files. As the year progresses, this tool becomes one of the reliable tools to back up and retrieve lost iPhone files. Additionally, this tool can also transfer files on different Apple devices. For instance, as these tools are compatible, you can transfer or recover files from your iPhone to your iPad and vice versa. Also, it has different features that can help users organize their devices and data. It has encrypted backups that provide additional security and safety for your iPhone files. These encrypted backups can also be transferred to your iPad device. So if you want to know the process of how to restore from iPhone to iPad, follow the listed guide beneath.

  • The first guide you need to do is to check if you have already backed up your iPhone device on your computer iTunes. If that is so, connect your iPad device to your computer with the help of your lightning cable. Launch iTunes on your computer to check if your iPad is already connected.
  • Next, once the iPad is recognized on the tool, click on its icon to launch its settings. Then, go to the summary tab on the left side of iTunes. There, you will see different settings and functions dedicated to your device.
  • Lastly, select the Restore Backup function under the Manually Backup and Restore functions on the Backups menu. A popup menu will appear where you can select the source of files you need to retrieve. Select the iPhone device and tap on the Restore option to finish the process.

How to Restore iPad from an iPhone Backup Using iCloud

Another solution you can use to restore from iPhone backup to iPad is iCloud. This service is a platform where Apple users can back up and store their important files. It gives users 5GB of free storage to back up iPhone files. Since it only can store 5GB of files, you need to be more careful about which data and information you can keep on its platform. If the maximum storage has been used, backing up files, future data will no longer be available. So, you must be wiser about which data, and if so, you can try to know what happens when I delete iCloud backup before you free up your iCloud space. Nevertheless, this service is one of the great tools that can quickly transmit data and files from one device to another wirelessly. To know how to restore iPad from iPhone backup, follow the guide below.

  • You must first prepare to set up an iPad from iPhone backup to check if you have already backed up your iPhone files. If yes, do the following guide, factory resetting your iPad. Please remember that this process will remove all settings and data you have on your device.
  • Then, set up your device by bringing the two devices close together. Follow the onscreen instruction and guide to copy different files from your iPhone to your iPad securely. Then tap on Restore from iCloud Backup on your iPad device.
  • Once the settings, apps, and other files are restored on your iPad device, you can transfer different files that are not stored on your iCloud account. Please keep your device plugged into a power source until the migration process is complete.

Bonus Tip: Recover iPhone Backup on Your Computer With Backup & Restore

Distinctive Feature: This tool has two functions to back up and restore iPad files from your iPhone.
What is it best for?: It is suitable for users who use their computers to back up their iPhone files.

We all know that backing up your device on your computer will store different versions of the backup of your iPhone. These backups are coded files that allow users to store their files and data on their computers. However, did you know that these backup files are not readable or can be previewed as their original file is? To put it in perspective, if you back up your iPhone photos on your computer, you will not see any photo files. Instead, you will be prompted for computer data that your media player can preview. So, it would benefit you if you had a backup extractor which we highly recommend is AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore. This tool is designed with backup and restore modes that can easily retrieve your files from any device. On its restore mode, it can selectively choose the backup version you have created on your device. So, if you want to transfer your device with this tool, you can read the guide below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore

The first guide on transferring your iPhone files to your iPad is to install AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore on your computer. Hit the download icon presented below the description of the tool. Then, access your download folder to run the file on your computer.

ios data backup and restore interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPad

Next, ensure you have already backed up your iPhone to your computer. If not, you can try to back it up first with this tool's iOS Data Backup option. If you already have, skip the backup process and proceed to the iOS Data Restore. Make sure that you have connected your iPad to your computer with the help of your lightning wire.

select ios data restore

Step 3 Select the Backup Files

After that, a list of backup files will be available for your device. You can check the newest backups that contain your iPhone files. You can also check their details to assess which backup contains your iPhone files.

check the backup files

Step 4 Recover iPhone Files to iPad

Finally, to migrate the backup files on your computer, you can tap View Now below the list of backup files. Please wait until the process finishes. Also, do not remove and maintain the connection of your iPad and computer to prevent the files from being corrupted.

recover your iphone files to ipad

FAQs About iPhone to iPad Transfer

1. How do I transfer all the information from my iPhone to my iPad?
It is possible to transfer data files from your iPhone to your iPad. Yet, iPhone backups usually contain only settings, setups, and applications. Photos, videos, and documents usually are not associated with these backups. So, what we can highly suggest is you can restore the iPhone backup on your iPad. You can transfer the files like photos, videos, and other transferable files.
2. Is there another way I can recover the iPhone backup from the computer going to my iPad?
Yes, you can use a tool that can do that. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a suitable tool to recover your iPhone files from your computer to your iPad. The steps are simple; you can connect your device and run the tool on your computer. Then, select the backup files you want to recover and run them on your iPad. Then, wait until the process is complete.
3. How to Restore from iPhone backup to iPad wirelessly?
There is one way to retrieve or transfer iPhone files on your iPad device. iCloud is a suitable tool to transfer your files wirelessly, and it only requires your iCloud account to be signed in on both devices to know how to do it. Follow the listed steps below.

  • First, check if your iPhone files are already backed up on your iCloud account. After that, you need to check if your iPad has a similar iCloud account to your iPhone. This reminder is a must, as you need to sync your iPad device from the files of your iPhone.
  • Afterward, you can factory reset your iPad and tap on Restore from the iCloud account to recover and transfer your iPhone files to your iPad. Wait until the process fully recovers the 5GB files you have on your iPhone. Then, transfer the rest of the files wirelessly using Airdrop.
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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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