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5 Simple Methods to Restore Deleted Contacts iPhone

restore deleted contacts iphoneContact numbers are precious data stored on your iPhone. You use them to maintain communication with your family, friends, business partners, colleagues, and other people. However, they are not permanently stored on your phone and can get deleted by accident. It can be very difficult and time-consuming to reach out to these people and get their contacts personally. You may not be able to contact all those people through social media etc. and get their numbers again. But worry not. We have got your back. If you are searching for "how to restore contacts on iPhone". Here we have thoroughly explained 5 simple methods that you can use to restore deleted contacts on your iPhone.

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Recover Deleted Contacts iPhone using iOS Data Recovery

Getting your contact deleted from your iPhone can be annoying. The good thing is that AceThinker Fone Keeper- iPhone Data Recovery can help you. It can restore deleted iPhone contacts easily and quickly. Apart from deleted contacts, it can also recover deleted app on iPhone, deleted messages, videos, photos, and more. Furthermore, it also features an iOS system recovery wherein you can efficiently fix any iOS issues like forgetting the passcode, system crash, and more. Follow the simple instructions on how you can restore your contacts using AceThinker Fone Keeper.

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  • On your PC, install AceThinker Fone Keeper - iPhone Data Recovery. You can select any of the buttons listed above. After that, launch the setup wizard and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the program installation. When you're finished, the tool's UI will appear.
  • Choose "iOS Data Recovery" from the menu, then select the method you wish to employ. Suppose you choose "Recover from iOS Device" ( you can also recover using your iTunes or iCloud backups) and connect your iPhone to your computer through a USB cable.
  • Wait for the tool to discover your device before selecting "Contact" and pressing the "Start" button. The scanning will take some time; you must complete it before you can access your files. Then choose "Contact" and press the "Recover" button to recover your iPhone's deleted contacts.

iphone data recovery interface

Recover Deleted Contacts iPhone from iCloud Backup

If you are struggling with how to restore contacts on your iPhone, here is the simplest method that will not take much of your time. But this method will only work if you have turned the iCloud backup on. By getting iCloud backup, you will overwrite your phone. It means your phone will restore everything that it had before the backup but it will also lose the things that it received after the backup. For this, it is recommended to first copy data that has not been backed up to a separate folder. Follow the steps below to restore deleted iPhone contacts by using iCloud backup.

Step 1 Find Which Latest iPhone Backup has your Deleted Contacts

Open Settings and tap on the General. Go to the Storage & iCloud Usage then tap on the Manage Storage. All the backups stored in your iCloud will appear on the screen. Browse through the list and select the backup that has your deleted contacts.

restore deleted contacts iphone step1 icloud

Step 2 Restore your Phone to the Factory Setting

Before restoring your phone to factory settings, it is very important to first copy and save your new data that your iCloud backup did not store. To restore deleted contacts on your iPhone, tap on the General then on the Reset. Now tap on Erase all Content and Settings. Now move to the next step if you want to learn how to get contacts back on your iPhone.

restore deleted contacts iphone step2 icloud

Step 3 Recover Your iCloud Backup

Once your phone has been set up again, choose yes when a box appears on the screen asking whether you want to recover the backup or not. Select the backup that you want to restore. This is how to restore contacts on an iPhone with the help of iCloud backup.

restore deleted contacts iphone step3 icloud

Restore Deleted Contacts iPhone by Using iTunes Backup

You can restore deleted iPhone contacts from iTunes backup only if you have backed up the data to iTune storage. iTunes backup is stored on the hard drive of your iOS or Windows computer. It will restore all the data that was backed up at a specific time. It will not offer you an option to select only specific data, you will have to get all the data. You will also lose your recent files so it is better to save those files in a different folder before restoring the backup. If you want to know how to get contacts back on your iPhone then follow the steps below.

Step 1 Connect iPhone and Computer

First, create a connection between your iPhone and the computer whose hard drive has the data. Use a USB cable for it. After the successful connection, an iTunes window will automatically appear on the screen.

restore deleted contacts iphone step1 itunes

Step 2 Go to the Restore iPhone

Click on the iPhone icon that is present on the top left corner of the screen. A new window will appear on the screen. Find and select the Restore iPhone button.

restore deleted contacts iphone step2 itunes

Step 3 Select a Backup to Restore Contacts

Select the backup that you believe contains the deleted contacts. Click on the Restore Backup button. It will overwrite your iPhone completely, and you will restore deleted contacts iPhone.

If these methods don’t work for you, here are more solutions for how to restore contacts on your iPhone.

restore deleted contacts iphone step3 itunes

Retrieve Deleted Contacts iPhone from Google Contacts

Here is another answer to how to get contacts back on an iPhone. This method is more convenient as it does not restore your phone to factory settings. However, this method to restore deleted iPhone contacts will only help if you have initially synced your phone’s contacts to your Gmail account. Follow the steps described below to restore deleted contacts on your iPhone.

Step 1 Go to your Phone’s Settings

First, go to your phone’s Settings and then select Passwords & Accounts. A new menu will come on the screen. Select Add Account and then Google.

restore deleted contacts iphone step1 google contacts

Step 2 Enter your Gmail Address

Enter the Gmail address that has your contacts synced. Enter the correct password and select Sign in. Then tap on the Allow button.

restore deleted contacts-iphone step2 google contacts

Step 3 Save Contacts

Contacts switch will appear on the next menu. Turn it on, and then select Save. Your contacts from Google will automatically save on your iPhone.

restore deleted contacts iphone step3 google contacts

Restore Deleted Contacts iPhone by Using the iPhone Messages App

Another solution to how to restore contacts on iPhone is by using the iPhone Messages app. This method for how to restore contacts on an iPhone will not restore all of your contacts but you will be able to recover the contacts that you used to send messages frequently.

  • Go to the iMessage: Open the iMessage app and try to write a new message.
  • Type the deleted number or name: Now after writing the message, tap on the "To" bar where you are asked to type the number or select the name of the recipient. Here, write either the deleted number or the name.
  • Create a new contact: The deleted number will show up on the screen. Select it, and tap on the Create New Contact to save the number in your phone again.

restore deleted contacts iphone messages

Summing Up

Getting your lost contacts back is truly a blessing. If you are searching for “how to get contacts back on iPhone,” then use any of the methods mentioned above to retrieve the lost contacts in a few simple steps.

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Last updated on September 29, 2021

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