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How to Remove Someone From Your Favorites on iPhone

remove contacts from favorites iphoneEveryone likes to expedite the way we do things; that is why shortcuts were invented. People tend to create solutions to make their tasks more accessible and efficient. In our mobile functions, the easiest way things are done, the better. People are amiable, so our contact list is bombarded with the number of phone numbers stored to get in touch with our companies. Well, having a lot of contact lists is fun. However, browsing specific contacts with long list numbers stored on your smartphone is quite inconvenient. That's where the favorites list comes in handy. This feature is a quick and valuable function where you can store immediate contact from your contact list and access them quickly. You can favorite the contact number of your relatives, special ones, and even your colleagues. Nevertheless, nothing lasts forever. People tend to replace their contact numbers for several reasons. Thus, adding them on favorites to quickly contact their phone number is no longer necessary. If you haven't tried or do not know how to remove someone from favorites on iPhone, you can try the solutions presented below.

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Step by Step Guide to Delete a Favorite Contact from iPhone

Contacts are a crucial part of our telecommunication. Every mobile phone user uses a contact number to identify their own and friends' contact information and build connections with people around them. However, not all contact numbers last forever, and people change their phone contacts as if they are changing clothes. With that said, these contacts are no longer helpful for your favorites list. What is the best thing you can do? Remove them. Underneath is the step-by-step guide on how to remove favourite contacts from iPhone.

Step 1 Access Phone App

The first guide you must follow is to unlock your iPhone device by tapping your home screen password. On the list of iPhone applications, browse and slide on your screen to locate the Phone app. Then, tap on its icon to launch the tool and open its menus.

access your phone application

Step 2 Go to Your Favorites

Next, at the bottom part of the tool, access the Favorites option to go on its landing page. On the Favorite page, you can see the listed contacts you have on your favorites. Tap the Edit button presented in the upper right part of your screen.

access favorite on your phone app

Step 3 Remove Contacts From Favorites iPhone

Lastly, browse and scroll up on your favorite lists and choose the contacts you want to delete. Tap on the red icon beside your contact, and the delete option will prompt. Hit the Delete button to remove the contacts altogether on your favorites.

remove contacts from favorites iphone finalizing the process

How to Manage Your Contacts in Favorites

1. How To Add Contact List on Your Favorites For Voice

If you manage to know the proper ways on how to remove someone from your favorites on iPhone, adding a new favorite contact is much easier for you. We all know contacts on a favorites list can be easily accessed and do functions including phone calls by tapping their contact name. So to give you a proper insight on adding a new contact to your favorite list, follow the guide beneath.

  • First, unlock your iPhone screen and make way on the Phone app. At the base part of your screen, you will see the Favorite icon, which is at the leftmost part of the menu.
  • Next, access the Favorite by tapping on its icon. On its landing page, you will see the plus icon located at the top left part of your screen. Tap on the plus icon, and it will access the contact lists. Browse your contacts by swiping up your screen. Select the contact you want to add and tap on it to insert it into your favorite list.

add your favorites on voice call favorite

2. How To Add Contact List on Your Favorites For Messaging

In case you are not aware, the Favorites has two functions. It’s either you can add your contact list as a voice call favorite or a messaging function. This feature will give you a straightforward option on whether you want to contact a specific number. Adding a contact on your favorite messaging function, tapping on that contact will go through the messaging apps. It can also create a new message option for that specific contact to get in touch and text with the person owning that number. Follow the steps below to learn how to manage your favorites and add contacts for messaging purposes.

  • The initial guide to adding contacts on your favorite for messaging purposes is by unlocking your device. Locate your Phone app by browsing the list of your applications. Please tap on the Phone app icon to launch its menus.
  • Then, at the lower part of your screen, you can locate the Favorites option. Tap on its icon to go to its target page. Hit the plus icon located at the upper left part of the screen. Afterward, a list of contacts will be presented on your mobile screen. Select the contact you wish to add to your Favorites. Next, a popup menu will appear, and select the Message option to finish the process.

add contacts on favorites by messaging option

3. Customize Your Favorites List

We know that adding contacts to your favorites makes messaging and calling much more straightforward. However, there might be problems if you add too many contacts to your Favorites list. Too many Favorites contacts will make you hard to find the contacts that you want to call or message. With that said, the Favorites lists become useless and less helpful in expediting the process of calling and texting your contacts. So, the iPhone device enables its patrons to fix this issue. To quickly locate those contacts needing more priority, the iPhone allows users to customize the Favorites list. With this feature, users can easily drag up the phone number they always contact daily. To do the process correctly, read the following guide.

  • First, you must unlock your iPhone device and make way on your Phone app. Hit on its icon to access its menus. At the bottom part of your screen, locate the Favorites option. Then, pick its icon from the list of options to make way on its landing page.
  • Next, hit the Edit option at the top right part of your screen to allow different options. These include deleting, rearranging contact, and more. Arrange your contacts in the order in which they are prioritized. You can do this by tapping the menu bar at the right part of the contacts and dragging the contacts to organize them. Once all is settled, hit the Done option to save the changes made on the Favorites list.

customize favorites by arranging them

4. Add Favorites on Widgets

Sometimes adding contacts on the Favorites lists isn't enough and is not straightforward enough to expedite how to access these phone numbers. Luckily, we have widgets that are pretty easy to manage and add to your lock screen menu. These features will give you a much more extensive process and easier access to your favorite contacts. You will no longer have to browse your list of applications and search for the Phone app to access your contacts. What you can do is add the Favorites contacts on your lock screen. And with a simple swipe to the left, you will be able to access them more quickly than before. To know how to add the Favorites contacts as a widget, look at the guide below.

  • To begin with, light up your device by pressing the power button but do not unlock it. Swipe your screen from the left, going to the right. Then, a list of widgets will show on your screen. Scroll up until you reach the bottom part of the widgets. From there, tap on the Edit button to manage your widgets.
  • Afterward, you will see the plus icon at the topmost part of your screen, specifically at the left part. Tap on the icon to add a widget. Your device will give you a lot of options. After that, select the contacts icon to open your contact list. The device will provide you with the list of contacts that you added to your favorites. Tap on the list, and it will directly be added to the widgets you have on your device.

add your contacts as widgets

5. Allow Favorites To Call You Even on DND Mode

DND mode, or Do not disturb mode, is a function where all notifications, text messages, voice calls, and alarms will be silent. This feature is a well-known function that the iPhone provides to its users. It is helpful in some scenarios where you must eliminate all notification sounds, including when you are at the meeting, at the library, and more. Yet, emergencies might happen anytime, and we do not know when they will come across in our life. Thus, you must have a notification sound whenever someone calls you for an emergency. How can we make your favorite contacts have a notification alarm even if we are on DND mode? Luckily, the iPhone device has a function to exempt the Favorites contacts from being silent when you are in DND mode. Even if all your notification alarms are blocked, you will be able to receive calls from your contacts list as long as you add them to your favorites. To enable this function, follow the walkthrough underneath.

  • To begin the process, unlock your iPhone device and access the Settings app from the list of applications you have on your device. Then, scroll up to browse the menus on your settings and locate the Do Not Disturb option.
  • After that, please tap on the DND option to launch its processes. Go to the Allow Calls From to access it by tapping on its option. Now, there will be a list of contacts that can allow you to receive calls when you are on DND mode. Select the Favorites to enable the call notification even if you are on DND status.

enable favorites when on dnd mode

Bonus Tip: Recover Deleted Favorites or Contacts

Suppose your contacts have been accidentally removed by software issues or other software functions that eradicate your data; the better thing to do is to use an iOS utility. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery, from its name itself, can recover data files of iPhone with a high recovery rate. This feature is possible due to its advanced algorithm technology that allows users to recover lost data files. With this function as well, you can recover deleted contacts or Favorites even without the need for backup files. This feature makes this iPhone Data Recovery a prominent utility compared to applications similar to it.

iphone data recovery interface

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FAQs About Contacts on iPhone

1. Does removing contacts on Favorites delete the phone number on the Phone app?
No, the Favorites feature allows users quick access and functions needed for your contact list. If you remove a contact on your Favorites lists, the number can still be seen on the contact list you have on your device. You can always access it by heading to the Contact option, the middle icon from the menu bar of the Phone app. Also, you can utilize the search bar option to search for the contacts that have been removed from your favorite lists.
2. How to remove favorite contacts on iPhone for duplicate contacts?
Sometimes our contacts have multiple numbers as most people own more than one mobile device. Saving them on the same name and adding them to your favorites list will lead to confusion on which contact you should make a voice call or send a text message to. The process is simple; you need to ensure which phone number that person primarily uses. Or ask your contacts which number they have that they use the most to reach and contact them immediately. Then you can remove the other contacts pon your favorites by following the simple guide.

  • First, go to your Phone app and access the favorites. Then, browse the list of your favorite contacts and sort the contacts you need to remove.
  • Utilize the edit option to remove the contacts immediately. Tap the done option to save the changes made on the Favorites lists.

If you are afraid that if you delete contacts on your favorites, you will not be able to see them on your contact list. You can backup iPhone contacts to iCloud to create a reserve in case your contacts get permanently deleted on your device.

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