Best 3 Tips to Get Photos From iPhone That Wont Turn On

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Recover Photos on Dead iPhone

  • Connect PC and iPhone using a lightning wire.
  • Get the iPhone Data Recovery application on your PC.
  • Hit the Recover from iPhone option to get your files from a dead iPhone.

Recovering valuable photos is an important task that should not be taken lightly. These photos hold priceless memories and moments that cannot be replicated. Whether it's a family vacation or a special occasion, these photos capture the essence of the moment and can bring back feelings of joy and happiness. Losing these photos can be devastating, especially if they are the only copies. That's why it's important to have a backup plan and to take steps to recover them if they are lost. However, when your device is broken and not fixable, how can you retrieve photos from iPhone that won t turn on? A broken device is a misfortune that most of us do not want to experience. Your iPhone stores most of your files; we cannot access our data without it. Fortunately, you can use the methods mentioned in this article to retrieve the files on your broken device. Read them carefully and see if you can recover your photos on an unrevivable iPhone.

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Reasons Why iPhone is Being Unresponsive

Before we indulge in how you can get your photos from a broken iPhone, let us explain why your device is having an issue in the first place. When your iPhone is not responding to any process you are doing, it is not a common thing that you should dismissively shrug. Your iPhone holds important files, some of which are not stored in other devices. Therefore, you should know different signs and indicators if your device is already broken or damaged.

  • Battery Issues - When the iPhone won't turn on past Apple logo, there is a big possibility that your battery will no longer be efficient in supplying power to your device. It can be damaged or broken, leading to your device not functioning in its original process.
  • Software Glitches - Bugs and software issues are also considered the culprit on why your iPhone is broken or not turning on. These can be caused by extensive processes, including jailbreaking, updating to the Beta version, and more. You should seek a better iOS system repair tool if this error is the cause of your problem.
  • Hardware Issues - The final reason your iPhone is not turning on might be due to broken hardware components of your device. Loose wires are one of the key reasons why the iPhone is not opening as it used to. Liquid damage and broken parts are also considered hardware issues.

reasons why iphone is unresponsive

Basic Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Issue

1. Charge Your Device

Before you overreact to your device on why it is not turning on, why don't you charge your device first? The issue might not be a real issue. A drained battery is one of the reasons or factors why your device is not turning on. You might have forgotten that a media file is playing on your device, and it suddenly drains the battery. There is also a possibility that it slips on your mind, and you were not aware that your battery needs a recharge. Luckily, you can always charge your device first using your lightning wire. Make sure that the charger that you are using is compatible with your device. It is also recommended to use your device's original charger as it charges your device fully and efficiently. Let your machine set for a few minutes and see if the iPhone can turn on again. The iPhone has a function: when it is drained, and you charge it, it will automatically open its system once it has enough power on your device.

charge your device

2. Restart Your Mobile Phone

Did you know that you can restart your device without touching its screen? Yes, you can power down iPhone without touch screen. A force restart forces a device to shut down and then turn it back on again. It is usually done when the device is unresponsive or frozen and the regular restart method is not working. A force restart, also known as a hard reset, can vary depending on the device and the operating system. You can check the listed guide below to force restart an iPhone that is not turning on its system.

  • The beginning guide on how to force restart your iPhone is to check the side buttons of your device. This process is for iOS devices that do not have a physical home button. These iPhone models are iPhone X and later versions.
  • Press and fastly remove your finger on the Volume Up button on your iPhone device, which is located on the left side. Do the same process with the Volume Down button. Then, press and maintain holding the Power button on the right side of your device.
  • Lastly, do not release the Power button until the Apple logo appears on your screen. That is the only time you can release the button. If this process does not work, you can try it two to three times to ensure that you can execute the procedure correctly.

force restart your iphone

3. Fix Your Device With iTunes

Connecting your iPhone device to your computer is another solution to fix or repair a malfunctioning iOS system. With your computer, you can improve your iPhone with iTunes, the iOS utility you can install on your device. iTunes is a mobile device managing application developed and created by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital multimedia data on personal PCs running the Windows and Mac operating systems. One of the key parts of iTunes is its ability to sync with Apple's mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Users can easily transfer their music and other media files from their computer to their mobile devices and vice versa and manage their device's storage and backup. With this application, you can use different processes that your iPhone device cannot proceed with. For instance, you can restore your iOS system using iTunes. This process will set your device in default settings allowing the iOS system to repair its error. You can inspect the steps below to learn how to fix your iOS device.

  • The initial guide to fixing your iOS device with iTunes is to connect the mobile device to your computer. Get the latest iTunes version for your Mac or Windows computer. You can search for the respective computers' web stores to check the device's latest version.
  • Next, once the mobile device is linked, launch iTunes on your PC. Let the app analyze your device and get information within its system. When the connection is established, hit the iPhone icon to get into the system of your device.
  • Lastly, go to the Summary tab on the left side menu to access different options. Go to the iPhone model tab to locate the Restore option. Hit the button to proceed with fixing your iPhone.

fix issue using itunes

Ways to Get Photos Off iPhone That Won t Turn On

1. Use iTunes to Get Photos From iPhone

We already discussed the benefits of using iTunes to fix your iOS device. However, when your device is completely broken, and software glitches do not cause it, it is time to recover and save your files on your PC. Users can easily transfer their music and other media files, such as photos, from their mobile devices to their computers and vice versa and manage their device's storage and backup. You can create a backup file on your PC without utilizing any cloud data on your device. It can make a folder to access your iPhone files on your computer. When you have a new device and need to import your files, iTunes also comes with a restore process. Overall, iTunes has become a popular tool for media enthusiasts, providing a seamless and convenient way to access and manage digital media files. You can check the listed guide below on how to retrieve photos from iPhone that won t turn on with iTunes.

  • Begin updating your iTunes application by getting its latest version on different platforms compatible with Windows or Mac PC. It is a must to have the newest iTunes version, as it will greatly help expedite the backup process. Launch the tool on your PC once to access its menus and options.
  • Next, connect your smartphone to your PC with the guide of your lightning wire. Please wait for iTunes to analyze your mobile device. Once connected, select the iPhone icon for your mobile device.
  • Lastly, there will be a list of utilities that can be used on your mobile device. Under the Backups option, you will see the Backup iPhone icon. Tap its button to save your files from a broken iPhone. You can restore a backup if you hit the Restore Backup button on a new device.

backup iphone photos with itunes

2. Acquire Photos Using iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is a service provided by Apple that permits users to store and sync their photos and videos across all their Apple devices. Users can access their entire photo gallery and video collection from their iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple TV. When users enable iCloud Photo Library, all their photos are automatically uploaded to iCloud. These files include photos taken with their Apple devices and those imported from cameras or downloaded from the web. Once uploaded, the images and videos are stored in their original resolution and format, making it easy for users to access and share them anytime. One of the main advantages of iCloud Photo Library is that it allows users to free up space on their devices. Instead of storing all their photos and videos on their iPhones or iPad, users can keep them in the cloud service and access them whenever needed. This feature is primarily useful for users with limited device storage space. Another benefit of iCloud Photo Library is allowing users to transfer their photos with friends and family easily. Users can create shared albums that anyone with an Apple device can access and share individual photos and videos through email or messaging. With these functions, this feature is one of the suitable solutions to get pictures of your broken iPhone without accessing the damaged device itself. You can check the listed guide below on how to perform this process.

  • On your new iPhone, login into your iCloud account on any web browser. Input the credentials and authenticate your device. Input the 6-digit code to trust the web browser or device you use to access your iCloud files.
  • Next, go to the list of iCloud backup apps copied on your broken iPhone. Access the Photos app and check the photos saved on your iCloud. Browse your iCloud Photo Library and see the images you need to acquire.
  • Lastly, hit the download option at the uppermost part of the image. You will be able to get the photo from your iCloud. You can do the same process on the other pictures.

get photos on icloud photo library

3. Use Data Recovery Tool

Are you seeking professional guidance to gather iPhone photos on your broken device? Why pay a huge amount of money if you can do it yourself? The secret of professionals to recover your iPhone files is to use data recovery tools, one of which is AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. This application is a full-featured iOS utility providing users with vast opportunities to recover pictures from iPhone that won t turn on. You can get files on your iTunes backup and iCloud backup. You can restore and gather files from your iPhone even without utilizing your iPhone screen. However, worry not if you fail to back up your files and your photos are still on your damaged iPhone. This iOS utility can recover files even if the device is not turning on. This application comes with advanced technology which can seep into your iOS system and acquire tiny bits of information and data stirred on your device. Even deleted photos on a broken iPhone, you can get them with this tool. Check the detailed guide below on restoring your photos without backup on a broken iPhone.

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Step 1 Get the iPhone Data Recovery

Getting the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery on your device is the initial step to get photos from iPhone that won t turn on. Click the download option above to get the file installer of the tool. You can run the file on your download folder to install the app thoroughly.

acethinker iphone data recovery interface

Step 2 Connect and Analyze iPhone

The following walkthrough is to launch the app on your PC and connect your iPhone. Use a lightning wire to build a strong connection between the two devices. Then, on the data recovery app, go to the Recover from iPhone and hit Start Scan to opus through to the next page.

connect iphone

Step 3 Recovery Photos from iPhone

Lastly, access the Media tab and go to the Camera roll. You will be able to see the list of photos stored on your broken device. You can select all or choose the important ones. Hit the Recover icon/button to save the files on your PC. You can restore the photos you have saved to your new phone or once the old device has been fixed.

recover photo from iphone

If your iPhone is dead and can no longer be fixed by professionals, you must take better action to get your files instead of resurrecting your device. You can check the walkthrough on this link to learn how to recover photos on a dead iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I recover photos from iPhone that won t turn on?
If your iPhone doesn't turn on, there are a few things you can do to try and recover deleted photos. First, make sure your iPhone is fully charged and try turning it on again. If that doesn't work, you can try connecting it to a computer and using a third-party data recovery tool to extract the deleted photos. This time, we suggest using AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery as it has a high recovery rate than other similar tools.
2. What should I do if my iPhone doesn't show up in iTunes or Finder?
If your iPhone doesn't show up in iTunes or Finder, there are a few potential solutions. Try restarting your computer and iPhone, making sure you have the latest version of iTunes, and checking your USB cable and port for any damage or debris. Putting your device in recovery mode and fixing it with iTunes will help to resolve the issue.
3. Is it possible to recover only specific photos instead of the entire camera roll?
When it comes to recovering specific photos instead of the entire camera roll, it depends on whether you have a backup of your iPhone. If you do, you can restore the backup and select only the photos you want to recover. If you don't have a backup, you can try using a third-party data recovery tool that allows you to preview and pick specific files before recovering them.

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