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[Fixed!] How to Recover Deleted Data on iPhone Without Backup

feature recover iphone data without backupYou don't grasp the gravity of how much you depend on your iPhone until unexpected events occur to you. Many users have a problem that their critical data gets lost or deleted accidentally from their iPhone without backup. The stunning photos, precious text messages, and many other things have disappeared and can't be replaced or restored quickly. Yes, the loss of iPhone data without backup is an issue that is common to iPhone users. There aren't many who backup their iPhones frequently. In an accident, they discover that there is no backup that they can use to recover lost iPhone data without backup. The question is, what do we do to retrieve deleted files or data from iPhone with no backup to iTunes or iCloud? This article will describe how to recover deleted files from iPhone without backup.

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Is It Possible to Recover iPhone Data Without Backup?

This is a common query we often receive in the form of iPhone customers who've had the experience of losing all of their essential information on the iPhone device. Fortunately, the answer can be "YES"; you can still restore iPhone data without backup. You may be wondering how every deleted iPhone data can be recovered?

The reason is that the iPhone device comes with an inbuilt program called the SQLite database to backup and recover iPhone data. So, once you delete a specific iPhone file from your phone, it's not entirely removed from your iPhone device. The iPhone data is still visible, obscuring your eyes. This means that the only method to retrieve data is to use the iPhone data tool to retrieve information from the device.
The only real issue occurs while you utilize your mobile device. You save additional data of the same file, making the previous one overwritten, which can result in the loss of iPhone data, regardless of whether you employ a recovery tool or not.

You might question how far back in time you can still retrieve the data you have erased on your phone? The answer is that it is not able to be determined. There are times when, even after some time, you can recover information from an old iPhone device if the device is functioning correctly and you have not used it since the deletion occurred. We strongly suggest that you attempt to retrieve deleted data from your iPhone device after discovering that you have lost your data. It is possible to quickly download the iPhone data recovery application to help solve the issue of how to recover iPhone data without backup and save them on your computer.

Easiest Way to Restore iPhone Data Without Backup

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery software is the best tool you should use to recover iPhone data without backup. The software aims to simplify recovering data and make it easier to retrieve deleted data from iPhone if backups are not available. It runs a thorough scan of the internal memory to locate lost data and then retrieves it. Additionally, its feature for searching files allows you to quickly find what you're searching for and locate the data you require before recovering.

Feature Highlights

  • It has three different types of modes to choose from, so you can select the one that's best for your situation to have all your data back, even if you've not backed all of them.
  • The software lets you use the iTunes backup feature without needing a device or internet access.
  • It will allow you to get back almost any type of data and file from it; it will help you recover nearly every type of data and file from your iOS devices.
  • It is the most effective software that will assist you in recovering any data from any iOS device.
  • Find text messages, photos, videos, calendars, contacts, and many more from the backup files of iCloud to retrieve the data from a lost or damaged iPhone.

Try it for Free.

First, you will need to download and install the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery software from the downloading links given above. After that, follow the three simple steps to restore lost data on iPhone without any backup.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone

Begin using the connection of your iPhone to your computer and then run the application. After your iPhone has been detected, you will see the screen on the right-hand edge of your screen. Click on the "Start Scan" button to look for all deleted information stored in your iPhone. AceThinker dashboard is so simple to comprehend, so most people who face this problem choose it.

connect iphone to scan

Step 2 Check the Data Found and then Restore

Click "Scan," and the iOS software for data recovery will scan all file types by selecting the type you want to scan at the beginning. A thorough scan will dramatically minimize the time spent looking for lost information. Also, please be patient. When AceThinker discovers your lost data, it will display them all in the interface. It is possible to click every item in each category to view specific information and select the items you're trying to retrieve. Click "Recover" and create one folder on your computer to retrieve the data you have found.

recover deleted files

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Is it possible to recover iPhone information following a reset?

Yes, but only before the data gets overwritten, and this requires professional software for data recovery to complete the job.

2). Can I retrieve the information I erased one year back?

It's true, but it depends on whether or not the information is completely erased. If not, you could retrieve deleted data using the help of a recovery program. If you have a backup of your iPhone data to that point, this is an excellent method to restore your backup to recover the deleted data.


Many users face a frustrating issue about how to restore iPhone without backup. Although it is possible to retrieve lost data with backup, it's still recommended to backup your device regularly. This will spare you the burden of losing your data. AceThinker can help you deal with any potential risk of losing data, much like it has helped numerous other customers.

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Last updated on January 18, 2022

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