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How to Recover Instagram Messages on iPhone

recover instagram messages on iphone featureWe all know that photo messaging is not the only purpose for using an Instagram account. Yes, indeed, the main reason users love Instagram so much is not just because it gives them the facility to share photos with their friends but also gives them an option for private messaging. Like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct is a private messaging option that lets you send text messages, pictures, videos, locations, and send stories. Suppose you're one of those millions of Instagram users who frequently use the Direct Message feature. In that case, you can erase your important Instagram chats in error and later need the conversations back. Do not worry; you're in the right spot. In this article, we'll examine the following question "how to retrieve deleted messages on Instagram iPhone?"

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Recover Deleted Messages from the Other User

If you remove direct messages from Instagram, it only gets deleted from your side. They remain available on account of another users' Instagram who you sent the messages to. The simplest method of recovering Instagram messages on an iPhone is to contact and request the person send you messages or chats if the person still has a conversation saved in his phone.

recover instagram messages from other user

Recover Instagram Deleted Messages via Connected Facebook Account

Are you looking for a way on how to recover deleted messages on Instagram iPhone answer? Try this method first. If your Instagram messages have been erased by the person you've sent, the method above will not be effective. If you've linked the accounts of your Facebook accounts and Instagram accounts, you can access and browse through Facebook's Inbox to review the messages you have sent to your Instagram messages with ease. Here's how:

Step 1 Log in Facebook

Visit the Facebook website in any browser and sign in using your Facebook account associated with Instagram. After that, check your Facebook Inbox.

recover instagram messages on iphone loginfb

Step 2 Message

In the menu bar to the left, click on the Instagram Direct icon, and you will gain access to all of your Instagram Direct messages here.

recover instagram messages on iphone message

Recover Deleted Messages Through Instagram Data

If you have never connected your Facebook account to the account, you have created on your Instagram, No worries. You have another way to recover deleted Instagram messages on iPhone using Instagram Data. The deleted Instagram messages won't be accessible on your iPhone or Android device. However, they're stored on Instagram's servers. You can download all the information you've shared on Instagram, which includes direct messages, pictures, videos, comments, and so on.

Follow the below steps to get your account's data from Instagram:

Step 1 Log in

Go to the Instagram site in your web browser. Sign in using your Instagram login and username.

recover instagram messages on iphone login

Step 2 Settings

Go to your profile and click the account settings icon in the upper-right corner. Hit the gear symbol, and in the pop-up menu, select "Privacy and Security." Scroll down until you find "Data Download" and then click "Request Download." You'll be required to prove your identity. Next, you need to simply tap the "Log In Again" and fill in your Instagram username and password.

recover instagram messages on iphone settings

Step 3 Email

Wait for it to be sent then download the ZIP file and then locate it in the "messages.json" file. Open it using an editor that can handle text. You will see all the Instagram messages you've sent or received on Instagram. Find the desired Instagram messages using keywords and retrieve any message you'd like to.

recover instagram messages on iphone email2

Recover Permanently Deleted Messages with iPhone Data Recovery

If you want a guaranteed way to retrieve Instagram messages, then a third-party Instagram message recovery tool, iPhone, is the method for you. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery tool used to recover files that have been erased from your phones, such as Instagram, Safari bookmarks, notes, reminders calendar call history, contacts, messages, and many more. It offers three types of modes, which means you can select the most suitable one for your situation to have all your data back, even if you've not backup one of them.

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Step 1 Select a Recovery Mode

Connect your device to the PC, and depending on your situation, select a recovery mode.

iphone data recovery interface

Step 2 Scan iPhone

After deciding on the recovery mode, it's time to scan and preview your data and select the information you'd like to save.

iphone data recovery step 3

Step 3 Retrieve Messages

Select the files you want to use and begin recuperating the data you lost.

iphone data recovery step 4

To Sum Up

Instagram messages are essential to us; If you happen to erase or lose messages from Instagram, you can find out how to recover deleted Instagram messages on your iPhone from this page. These three methods will allow you to retrieve deleted Instagram messages on your iPhone in a matter of minutes. If you'd like to recover all your Instagram messages in peace and security, then you'll need to begin by using the AceThinker data recovery tool. This is the 100% guarantee to recover Instagram messages iPhone solution to your issue.

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Last updated on October 19, 2021

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