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How to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone | The Definite Guide

recover deleted voicemail iphoneVoicemails are still a great method to keep in touch with people you care about. Voice messaging may reassure your family and friends, as well as your business partners and clients, that they are not forgotten. Besides, it allows you to exchange personal messages, and to process transactions on any individual using your iPhone. In addition to that, it grants you to decide which voice messages you need to listen to and keep on your device. However, there are times that you accidentally delete the voicemail on your device. Or your device voicemail disappeared because of an iOS 15 update, software corruption, jailbreak or whatever may be the reason. The problem of data deletion is not uncommon, and many people have experienced it. Luckily, this article will walk you through how to retrieve deleted voice messages on iPhone.

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What is a Voicemail?

Voicemail systems are created to deliver a caller's recorded audio message to the intended recipient. The purpose of voicemail systems is to deliver a caller's recorded audio message to the intended recipient. To do so, they include a user interface for selecting, playing, and managing messages. In line with that, they include a delivery method for playing and a notification-ability for informing the user of a pending message. Most of the systems rely on phone networks, whether cellular or landline-based, to carry out these activities. Some systems use various telecommunications techniques, allowing recipients and callers to retrieve or leave messages using a variety of devices, including computers, PDAs, mobile phones, and smartphones.

Methods on How to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone

Method 1: Undelete Voicemail iPhone from Deleted Messages

Suppose you recently deleted important voicemails on your iPhone and now you want them back. Worry not as the iPhone has a feature that can help you with this issue. Most of the smartphones available today have developed this feature called the "Recently Deleted" folder that is really convenient. This feature comes in handy as you can retrieve deleted data from your device. iPhone integrated this feature to secure even the most recent deleted messages or even voicemails. Follow the steps provided below on how to undelete a voicemail on iPhone.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open your Phone applications and navigate "Voicemail" in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Scroll down until the "Deleted Messages" option appears then, tap it.
  3. After that, you can access the list of your recently deleted voicemail. Choose the voicemail file you need then, hit on it.
  4. From here, click the "Undelete" button and, you can listen to it before you can save it in the destination folder.

recover deleted voicemail iphone deleted message

Note: For most carriers, voicemails are stored for 30 days in the "Deleted Messages" folder. You won't be able to undelete a voicemail that has been erased for more than 30 days.

Method 2: Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone using Third-Party Tool

In this method, you need a third-party tool; there are a lot of tools that support iOS data recovery. One of the most trusted tools you can use is AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. This tool lets you recover any data from your iOS devices including voicemails, notes, photos, and more. If you accidentally deleted any of your files this iOS data recovery will be the perfect tool for you. It lets you recover deleted voicemail from your iOS devices directly. Besides, it lets you preview the file you want to recover. In addition to that, it supports all iOS devices and iOS versions. Below are the steps you can follow to recover permanently deleted voicemail iPhone.

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Steps to follow:

  1. First, download and install the AceThinker iOS Data Recovery.
  2. Once you have installed the tool, connect your iPhone to your computer.
  3. After the tool recognizes your device, click the "Start Scan" to start the process of recovering your voicemails.
  4. Select "Voicemail" from the results the tool shows and select the files you need and click "Recover" to save your voicemail files.

iphone data recovery interface

Method 3: Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone from iTunes Backup

If you have backed your voicemail with iTunes, you can easily recover them from the backup files. You have to keep in mind that restoring the backup on iTunes will delete your current files. This includes the application installed on your device and even the Wi-Fi setting will be reset. But, if you really need to restore those voicemails and you can risk your current save data on your device you can try this method. Follow the steps below to recover deleted voicemail iPhone.

Steps to follow:

  • Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • On the iTunes application, click the iPhone icon and choose "Summary."
  • After that, click the "Restore Backup" and select the backup that you want to recover from.
  • Lastly, click the "Restore" button and wait until the process is done.

recover deleted voicemail on iphone itunes

FAQs about iPhone Voicemail

How long do the deleted voicemails on an iPhone stay on the device?

If a client does not save their voicemail once it has been viewed, it will be deleted after 30 days. Before the 30-day period expires, a message can be retrieved and saved again to retain the voicemail for another 30 days. Any voicemail that is not accessed or listened to will be deleted in 14 days.

Why does my iPhone say my mailbox is full even after deleting voicemails?

Your iPhone voicemail is usually full because the voicemails you deleted on your iPhone are still kept somewhere else. Most of the time, those voicemails are still saved with your carrier. If you want to delete your voicemails permanently, you have to delete your voicemail manually. To do this, you need to call and listen to every voicemail, and before the call ends, press the number designated for deleting voicemails.

Can I retrieve an old voicemail from iCloud?

Voicemail on iPhones will not be kept in iCloud by default. As a result, you won't be able to restore your deleted voicemail from backup files. On the other hand, you can recover photos from dead iPhone using iCloud backups.

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