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5 Best Methods to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

recover deleted videos from iphoneIf you have an iPhone then you must be enjoying the quality of its camera by capturing pictures and recording memorable videos. Videos and photos are the most important data one has on their phone. That is why losing them due to one reason or another can be quite frustrating and irritating for all. We understand that frustration completely. That is why we have listed below the best five methods that you can use to recover deleted videos from iPhone.

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Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone with Fone Keeper

The best way to recover deleted videos from iPhone is using AceThinker Fone Keeper – iOS Data Recovery. Aside from videos, this versatile tool allows you to recover photos, messages, contacts, voicemails, and more. It can actually recover your lost or deleted files in three different modes or methods, and you can freely choose that suits the situation. Recover from iOS devices directly, from your iTunes backup, or iCloud backup. Besides, it supports iOS devices and versions such as iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro, iPod touch 6, iOS 14, and later. Learn the ways on how you can retrieve deleted videos from your iPhone.

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  • Download AceThinker Fone Keeper – iOS Data Recovery on your computer. You can tap on any of the buttons above. After that, run the setup wizard and finish the onscreen instructions to install the software. The tool's interface will show once done.
  • Choose "iOS Data Recovery" from here, pick the method you want to use. For instance, you selected "Recover from iOS Device," then plug in your iPhone using your charging cable to your computer.
  • Wait until the tool recognizes your device, select "Photo," and hit the "Start" button. The scanning will take some time; you have to finish it for you to view your files. Then, under the "Media" category, hit "Photos" and select the videos you want to retrieve. From here, hit the "Recover" button to retrieve your deleted videos.

iphone data recovery interface

Retrieve Deleted Videos on iPhone Using iTunes Backup

If you have downloaded iTunes on your PC and activated the automatic backup, you can use iTunes backup to recover permanently deleted iPhone videos. You can also use the Music app for the same purpose if you have the latest iPhone. Otherwise, iTube will suffice. It does not matter whether you are using iTunes backup or the Music app to recover permanently deleted iPhone videos. Simply follow the guide below for both apps.

  • Connect the iPhone to the PC with the use of a USB wire to create a connection between your iPhone and the computer. iTunes window will appear on your computer’s screen if it was installed in it.
  • Open Sync Settings. Scroll through the setting. Click on the iPhone sign that will appear on the left side of the available menu. Now press the Sync Settings button.
  • Go to the Restore Backup, a summary page will then appear on the screen. Click on the General option available in the new menu. Then click on the Restore Backup.
  • Select the backup that you think has your video and it will recover deleted videos from the iPhone. The restoring process may take some time based on how heavy the backup is. Therefore, keep your iPhone connected to the PC until the backup has been recovered completely.

restore from itunes

Get Deleted Videos Back on iPhone from iCloud Backup

Another suitable answer to how to retrieve deleted videos on iPhone is using iCloud backup. Again, this method to recover permanently deleted iPhone videos will only work if you have activated the iCloud backup. During this process, you will restore your phone to its factory settings. That is why save all the necessary stuff you have in it before starting this backup. Here's a quick guide on how to retrieve deleted videos on iPhone.

  • To recover deleted videos from the iPhone, you will first have to set up factory settings. For this, go to the Settings and then General. Now select Reset and then choose the Erase All Content and Settings option from the new menu. Your iPhone will reset its factory settings. It may take a few minutes.
  • Select Restore Data. After resetting the factory setting, your phone will ask if you are interested in restoring data. Tap on the Yes button. Your phone will show you a list of the available backups that your phone stored at different times. Make sure your phone stays connected to the Wi-Fi throughout this procedure.
  • Select the desired backup to recover permanently deleted videos on the iPhone. Make sure you choose the right backup that has the deleted videos. Your phone will start to restore the backup.
  • Find the recovered video in Photos. The backup will restore in a few moments. Now open the Photos and go to the Videos to check if you have the deleted video.

deleted videos from iphone method2

Restore Deleted Videos on iPhone from Recently Deleted Folder

One of the simplest solutions to how to retrieve deleted videos on iPhone is finding the videos from your phone’s Recently Deleted folder. You should try this method to recover deleted videos from the iPhone before trying any other method. Follow the guide below if you want to learn how to retrieve deleted videos on your iPhone.

  • Go to your phone’s Photos folder and then scroll down to select the Recently Deleted folder.
  • Tap on the Select written at the top right corner of the screen. Select all the videos that you want to retrieve from your iPhone. You can also tap on the Recover All button if you are interested in recovering all videos. It will make the whole process simpler and less time taking.
  • Now tap on the Recover button. It will recover all the deleted videos back to the Videos folder. Keep in mind that each video in the Recently Deleted videos folder will have an expiration date (up to 40 days after video deletion). You can retrieve a video any time before its expiration date.

deleted videos from iphone method3

Find Deleted Videos on iPhone Via iTunes Store

If the deleted video was a movie or a TV show that you downloaded from the iTunes Store, you can recover deleted videos from your iPhone by redownloading them from the iTunes Store. This method is suitable for videos that you purchased on the iTunes Store. Follow the guide below if you want to learn how to retrieve deleted videos on your iPhone.

  • Open your iPhone and go to the Apple TV app installed on the phone.
  • A menu and videos will appear on the screen. From the menu or categories, now select Library.
  • Now look for the video that you want to recover. Go to the Family Sharing option to find these videos.
  • To recover deleted videos from iPhone, tap on all the videos that you want to recover then select the Download button to redownload the videos. Select any of the above methods and recover permanently deleted iPhone videos in no time.

deleted videos from iphone method4


There may be a lot of reasons why you have accidentally or intentionally have deleted your videos from your gallery. Luckily, there are also ways to retrieve it with the help of iTunes backup, iCloud backup, Recently Deleted Folder, and iTunes Store. Aside from videos, you can also recover deleted voicemail on iPhone with the use of iTunes backup and tools like AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. So the next time that you are caught in the middle of this kind of situation, you already know what to do and the tools can help you.

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Last updated on June 9, 2022

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